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 La persona de la imagen es Wendy Carlos, abuela de la música electrónica y mujer trans. En 1968 se hizo un sintetizador Moog, un instrumento desconocido para la época, y con él reconstruyó temas de Bach en un álbum al que llamó “Switched on Bach” (Bach encendido), gracias al cual ganó tres premios Grammy el año siguiente. Más tarde se dedicó a componer las bandas sonoras de películas como La Naranja Mecánica, el Resplandor y el Tron de Disney. Su innovadora mente musical fue la responsable de que la música electrónica llegara al gran público.
― Solidarity: a socialist, feminist, anti-racist organization.


I’ve always loved the music of this show, so I decided to write a tune in the style and also celebrate its philosophy.

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Anon requested some crossover between Nivens and Eckert. Kind of took a couple of personal preferences when doing Eckert, such as keeping the white/grey skin because I’m a fan of the first installment of the Tron series… and I may or not have used other type of references for his face, so, yeah.

From ElecTRONica to Mad T Party, DJ Adam Auburn brings everything full circle as the Mad T Party at Disney’s California Adventure comes to a close.

I cannot tell you how many memories I have standing where I am in this video. So many tears, laughter, smiles, and good times, birthdays, Sundays… I hope Mad T comes back in May. I don’t know how you can’t bring back a show that has this much love and fans who support it and bring about this kind of crowd!

Thank you To the Mad T Family who gave us 2.5 years of amazing entertainment!