disney dumbo double dare


Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare Weekend - Part 1

Friday was a busy day with a trip down to Disneyland to get race bibs and shirts. With the exception of a parking fiasco the pick up went well and I was back home in time for Robb and I to attend an engagement party. Then after the party back down to Anaheim and in bed by 12:30 I think it was. Then up bright and early to meet our friends and get our Mickey Mouse Club shirts.

It was already quite warm the minute we stepped outside the hotel room. We knew this would be a tough day weather wise so we decided to stick together for the 10k. This course was primarily inside the parks which makes it fun and the time fly. Humidity was brutal and by the end of the run our shirts were soaked. It was the slowest 10k for me but I have to say quite fun and that’s what it is all about.

After the 10k some of decided to meet up after we cleaned up for some breakfast.  Then we were off to the expo to get 1 day Park Hopper passes to spend time at Disneyland and California Adventure. I have to say I had a great time exploring the parks and going on some rides that I hadn’t been on before. Tower of Terror was awesome, Splash Mountain fun and slightly wet too, Raiders of the Lost Arc bumpy and fun, Jungle Cruise funny due to our tour guide, Train Ride around the park, Radiator Springs Car ride was fast, and the best, Grizzly Rapids was even wetter. We even had a nice stop at a “winery” for a glass of wine. So fun. Tired feet. Should make for an interesting Half Marathon………


Disneyland Dumbo Double Dare Weekend - Part 2

I was exhausted…between the 10k and a 10k worth of walking in the Parks I was done. My feet hurt. I got back to the hotel room and propped my legs up against the wall. Then I heard all these booms and realized the fireworks at Disneyland was where the noise was coming from. Not easy to fall asleep to so I went out to check it out. We had a great view and it was the best fireworks I’ve seen in a long time. We had to get to bed as soon as they were over since 3am comes early…and it did. We allowed for more time so we could eat and take our time getting to the start line. My feet were still hurting so I knew this half would be a little more difficult than normal.

We made our way over to our group’s meeting point to meet a few friends as well as hubby’s former student whom we would be helping run her first race as well as first half marathon. After meeting we made our way to the corrals and between the late start and our “D” corral assignment, we kind of got a bit screwed in our placement and ultimately turns out we ended up in E actually and it made for a more crowded experience pretty much the whole course. Not that it really would have mattered. We had planned on 1:1 intervals but since the start was so crowded we did a longer warmup and then started in with the 1:1 intervals. We tried our best but it was difficult to keep a constant interval going with the crowds, due to so many more walkers in the last corrals. We kept going though and were doing well till about mile 8 and then we slowed down a lot. I didn’t mind really as my feet were burning from the long hours on our feet the day before. My Garmin’s database became full at mile 4 something and by 6 I had to stop it, delete some past runs and then start over. I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to my data on the Garmin, but I know better know and will start keeping it all freed up. Anyway we had the best time along the course despite the weather and our feet hurting. We all saw people along the course we knew from our amazing running community. It was great. We did have a great time despite not having ideal conditions. As much as I was hurting I tried to remain optimistic for Kaley too. She was a such a trooper and hung in there to finish…a truly emotional day for her. So proud of her and hubby for being such an incredible person to help someone achieve a goal.

We made it and all crossed the finish line, meet up with friends who finished earlier and then made our way back to the hotel to clean up and head home. A super great weekend. So happy to have today off!