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A cheap debt.
A cheap debt.

Poor Bendy can’t ever get a break. 
I’m still working on finding a voice for Bendy, so sorry if the audio’s a bit offkey in some bits. 

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Mickey mouse belongs to Walt Disney. (@) 
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Undertale Disney Parody Song Ideas

you ever just hear a Disney Song… and then want to make a parody or cover of but with Undertale… 

Some Examples.(some of these i will probaly do)

“Gaston” changed to “Papyrus” (Sans Singing about how Great Papyurs is, and Crowd and Papyrus join in)

“Under the Sea” changed to “Under the Ground” (Chara singing to Asriel about how shitty the surface and how they are better off underground)

“Colors of the Wind” changed to “Colors of the AU” (Ink singing to Error about how great AU’s are)

“Make a Man out of You ” Changed to “ Make a Guard out of You” (Undying training Papyrus and other Guards)

“Cant wait to be king” no song or lyric change, just sung by (Asriel, Chara and Gaster)

i know i had other ones. i just cant think of them…. maybe add them later…

Artist YouTube Repost PSA

This is an informational post of sorts to explain how the YouTube monetization and strike system works for artist who have had their art work stolen and used in YouTube videos.

For someone to monetize a video on YouTube the account must:

  1. Have at least 10,000 lifetime views on that channel (this was actually added recently because so many people were making videos with content they did not own)
  2. Have earned collectively at least $100 across all their videos.
  3. If $100 is not reached by the end of the month, the money earned will rolled over to the next month and then the next month until $100 is reached.

This can be a good thing for artist. 

Say a small channel reposted your comic, without 10,000 lifetime views you don’t have to worry that the YouTuber made money off your art. Even if they can monetize, it may take a while for them to accumulate $100 and you can report them before they reach it.

Of course there are ways around this.

Sometimes a YouTuber will ask you to retract your claim on the video and ask if they can keep the video on YouTube but as Private.


By retracting your claim, the strike on their account will be removed and it will be harder to get their account deleted if they continue to monetize without artists permission. All an account needs is three strikes and it’s out.

Videos with a copyright strike to them will not be included in the accumulative $100 so they may be denied any money that month. If the claim is retracted then the video can be monetized again and it will count towards the $100.

There are three types of videos: Public, Unlisted, and Private. Public is simple, its the videos everyone can see. Unlisted are videos that do not come up when searched but anyone can see them if they are given a direct link to it. Private are videos that will not come up when search and that can not be seen unless the creator of the video has allowed your account to view the video.

While Privating a video will make it so other people can’t see it, it will still be on YouTube. They could be just keeping it up long enough for the end of the month to come around a collect the ad revenue. Or they will keep it private until you forget about them and then unprivate so they can monetize again. 

Once someone has monetized your video without your permission, it is most likely they will do it again. They did not respect you or your hard work enough to follow your rules so you should not have to retract your claim just so they don’t get their account deleted. 

It may feel mean to report them even if they say they will stop monetizing but they have broken the rules of your repost policy and should face the consequences. 

If you are not sure whether or not the video has been deleted or if it has just been privated @hchano has this neat and simple trick to make sure your video is deleted.

Make a playlist and add the video with the stolen art to it.

A video that has been made Private will look like this in a playlist

While a video that has been deleted will look like this 

If you want to know whether or not a video using your art is being monetized, there is a Google Chrome extension call Heartbeat (not linked since external links seem to make posts not appear in the tags)

It allows you to do a lot with YouTube but the most important part is

  1. Estimated earnings for each video
  2. Who monetizes each video

If they try to lie and say someone else monetized the video (sometimes a 3rd party will monetize the video, usually its if they used music then the company that released the music will monetize it), you can catch them in the lie with this extension. You will also be about to see the estimated earnings so you can tell whether or not they will be getting paid that month for the stolen content.

Please be careful when dealing with reposters. Some can get really nasty and try to attack you but remember they are the ones that violated your rights first and you have every right to protect your hard work.

Small disclaimer: I do not monetize YouTube videos, this is all info I have gathered from friends who do (they do it all legally) and while searching for YouTube’s policies. 

I’ll be tagging random fandoms as this post is for any content creator from any fandom. These are not the only fandoms with these kinds of repost problems but the only way to get a post around is to tag the hell out of it so yeah. I’m not trying to call out any one fandom specifically. 


get to know meme: favorite movies {5/5} » the hunchback of notre dame (1996)

see there the innocent blood you have spilt
on the steps of notre dame
now you would add this child’s blood to your guilt
on the steps of notre dame?


“This is a story from long ago, when the great mammoths still roamed our lands. It’s the story of my two brothers and me. When the three of us were young, we were taught that the world is full of magic. The source of this magic is the ever-changing lights that dance across the sky. The shaman woman of our village told us that these lights are the spirits of our ancestors, and that they had the power to make changes in our world. Small things become big. Winter turns to spring. One thing always changes into another. But the greatest change I ever saw was that of my brother. A boy who desperately wanted to be a man.”


Don Bluth’s The Secret of NIMH was first released on July 2, 1982.

Don Bluth, John Pomeroy and Gary Goldman all left Disney to pursue this project, which had originally been rejected by their former employer as “too dark” to be a commercial success. They were followed soon after by 20 other Disney animators, dubbed “The Disney Defectors” by the trade press. (x)

Disney Songs in German

Disney songs from some popular Disney films dubbed in german! Music is a brilliant way to immerse yourself in your target language, and what better way than the Disney way? Many of these songs are from our childhoods, so it’s some nice nostalgic immersion. 

*The english titles next to the german is not necessarily a translation, but rather the english title. Also the year next to the title of the film is the year that the initial english film was released, not necessarily when it was released or dubbed in german.

Some notes: I apologize if your favourite Disney film or song didn’t make the list, I definitely didn’t get all of them. Maybe a part 2 is in order? Also, I tried my best to find videos that had subtitles and a translation, but unfortunately not all of them have it. You can always do a quick google search if you want the lyrics and/or english translation. Be sure to check the descriptions as well, some of them have the lyrics in there. Some videos are better or worse quality than others, but they’re all generally listenable.

I’d also like to give a huge thanks and credit to the creators who translated and subtitled these videos! They did all the work, afterall.


Mulan (1998)

Pocahontas (1995)

Dornröschen [Sleeping Beauty] (1959)

Tarzan (1999)

Cinderella (1950) 

Note: While the german name for ‘Cinderella’ is ‘Aschenputtel’, she goes by Cinderella in the german-dubbed Disney version. Aschenputtel is also an alternative title to the film.

Aristocats (1970)

Schneewittchen und die sieben Zwerge [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] (1937)

Note: Disney’s Snow White has been re-dubbed a couple times in german for some reason, so the particular year a song is from may differ from another. They’re all from the same movie though.

Arielle, die Meerjungfrau [The Little Mermaid] (1989)

Note: Same situation as Snow White.

Aladdin (1992)

Der König der Löwen [The Lion King] (1994)

Der König der Löwen 2 – Simbas Königreich [The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride] (1998)  

Küss den Frosch [The Princess and the Frog] (2009)

Rapunzel – Neu Verföhnt [Tangled] (2010)

Die Eiskönigin – Völlig Unverfroren [Frozen] (2013)

Das Dschungelbuch [The Jungle Book] (1967)

Alice im Wunderland [Alice in Wonderland] (1951)

Hercules (1997)

My other Disney compilations: French Arabic  

anonymous asked:

can i have a prince daichi who sneaks out from the castle every satnight to meet his lover sugawara? this idea stuck up in my mind for a while now haha. thank you!

i watched sleeping beauty again today so have this doodle

EDIT: @rinoa11 wrote a fic “Only In My Dreams !!!

Meeting Mads Mikkelsen

Me: Hi!

Mads: Hello! What’s your name?

Me: Katie. I just have to say, I’m a Fannibal, I love the show… and I have to say, I love your Danish dub of Randall in “Monsters Inc.” 

(He looks up at me with this shock like he NEVER saw that coming).

Mads: You saw that?

Me: I saw the clips people put up on youtube, but you made the character so damn scary, it was amazing. Steve Buscemi kinda made him the office jerk, but you, you made me terrified. I was like “Oh my God, get me a shovel, this thing will kill me.”

Mads: Well, actually, I got a note from Disney saying my dub was TOO scary and we had to do another version.

Me: (baring in mind, I love Disney) WHAT!?!? No! NO! No! Not okay! You were brilliant! It had to be scary! Come on Disney! 

Mads: *laughing a little* Well, thank you so much.

Me: Thank you. It was an honor.

(We shook hands)


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7PKYZGo1Ms)

Art @dreamingbuttons

Video Edits/Voices @lonelyblackwing-kt

I don’t own anything, except the video edits and my voice (even though it sucks…)


To the BH6 fans,

I’m sorry, but this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day 😂


Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind was first released on March 11, 1984.

After the heavily re-written and edited 1985 release of this film in the United States and Europe (as “Warriors of the Wind”), which substantially changed the movie in addition to cutting nearly 25 minutes of footage, Hayao Miyazaki was hesitant to release any of his films outside of Japan. Miyazaki demanded that any new licencor for his films be contractually bound to do no edits whatsoever aside from a straight translation and dub. Disney (who bought the rights to all of Miyazaki’s films except The Castle of Cagliostro (1979)) has honored this stipulation. (x)