disney dream casting


So I was talking to @orchidsandsparrows about live action Disney remakes, and it got me thinking about who my dream cast would be in a live action remake of Pocahontas.

Ashley Callingbull as Pocahontas
Chris Hemsworth as John Smith
Gil Birmingham as Powhatan
Tim Curry as Governor Ratcliffe
Q'orianka Kilcher as Nakoma
Daniel Radcliffe as Thomas
Martin Sensmeier as Kocoum
DJ Qualls as Wiggins
Saginaw Grant as Kekata
Gerard Butler as Ben
Tantoo Cardinal as Grandmother Willow
David Wenham as Lon


My dream cast for The Lion King,  considering that Disney’s doing a new one.

  • John Boyega as Simba
  • Idris Elba as Scar
  • Morgan Freeman as Mufasa
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Rafiki
  • Kerry Washington as Nala
  • Anthony Mackie as Timon
  • Chadwick Boseman as Pumbaa
  • James D’Arcy as Zazu
  • Viola Davis as Sarabi
  • Michael B. Jordan as Banzai
  • Octavia Spencer as Shenzi
My Last Night as a Disney Cast Member

aka. That time the cast members at Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream made me cry.

I don’t think I’ve written about this before, and it’s definitely a story that deserves to be told. So, here’s an account of my last night as a Disney Cast Member!

My last ever shift was as a Character Attendant for Buzz and Woody at Pixar Place, Hollywood Studios. The shift itself was unfortunately nothing special, as I wasn’t particularly close to the performers (most of my friends had finished their programs two days earlier). We had a lot of fun though, and a couple of Make-A-Wish families came through, which is always heart warming. And nothing went wrong, which is probably more important for a last shift haha. So the shift finished, and that was it. I clocked out for the last time. 

The other attendant was super lovely and took some photos with me around the hat and the park’s other icons. It was a night with Extra Magic Hours, so the park was pretty dead but it was open for resort guests an extra hour after my shift was done. I wanted to make the most of my time there, so once we’d got some good photos I said goodbye to the other attendant, put on a jacket and headed into the park as a guest. 

I did a full lap, just looking at everything, taking photos and trying to memorise the layout and how everything looked. And after that I did one more lap, not quite ready to say goodbye. By now the park was pretty well deserted. 

I came up to Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream, which is a beautifully underrated attraction, sort of a little museum tour through the history of Walt’s life and the Disney company, full of awesome trivia and a collection of amazing artefacts. I decided that it might be nice to stroll through there one last time, totally forgetting that it was Extra Magic Hours and only resort guests were meant to be allowed in/on the attractions.

However, the cast members at the door recognised me! We got chatting, and I told them that I’d actually just clocked out for the last time and I was leaving in two days. As soon as I said that, everything changed. Other cast members were called over, I was given hugs from all these people that I’d smiled at most days but had never even spoken to before, and I was ushered into the entrance hall. They shut the door behind me, and told me that I was getting a private tour.

That was when my eyes started to water.

So I was led through the attraction with my own private tour guide, who told me extra information that wasn’t on the information plaques at each exhibit. He pointed out hidden Mickeys and extra little details that most people skim over. He’d been working at One Man’s Dream for years, so I felt particularly blessed to have him sharing all this knowledge with me.

Once we’d walked through the museum we came to the little holding area where you wait before heading in to watch the documentary about Walt’s life. I had thought that my tour would end here, thought that they would have already turned off the projector and be packing up for the night - but I was wrong.

It seemed like every cast member that was working at One Man’s Dream that night was there to usher me into the theatre. They handed me a box of tissues (yeah I was already crying) and led me to a seat right in the centre. Another cast member got up on the podium they usually use to introduce the film, and she welcomed me, and thanked me for helping to make the magic.

They played the movie for me and I sat there, feeling like a VIP, bawling my eyes out as I watched Walt’s life story before me, narrated by Julie Andrews.

Afterwards there was a lot of clapping, a lot of hugs, a few more tears and many, many thank yous. I left that theatre with the biggest smile on my face, totally overwhelmed by their kindness. 

Those CMs didn’t have to do that for me. They could have packed up a little bit earlier, relaxed a little bit earlier, maybe gone home a little bit earlier. But instead they went out of their way to make sure I had a magical final night as an official Cast Member. They showcased the true spirit of Disney, and I can never thank them enough for that.


Cartoon Movies Live Action Fan Cast: “BIG HERO 6”

Yuta Koseki as Hiro Hamada, Donald Faison as Wasabi, Amanda Seyfried as Honey Lemon, Aaron Paul as Fred, Rinko Kikuchi as GoGo Tomago, Show Lo as Tadashi Hamada, Lauren Graham as Aunt Cass, Charles Dance as Callaghan/Yokai, Lena Headey as Abigail Callaghan and Daniel Craig as Alistair Krei.


Mulan - Zhou Xun

“You don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty.”

Other Names: Ping
Treacherous Snake
The Soldier from the Mountains
Birthday: July 27
Zodiac: Leo
Personality: Generous, Attractive, Unselfish, Flexible, Charming, Unconditional, Clever
(qualities pursuant to the Actor)
Height: 1.60
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Occupation: Farm girl, Soldier, Heroine of China

Mulan is a free-spirited outcast, clumsy and unable to follow rules, regulations, or traditions. Nevertheless, she has a warm heart, and wants nothing more than to uphold her family honor, while keeping true to herself. Because of society, however, this is difficult to accomplish, often bringing chaos and embarrassment into her life.
The driving force of Mulan’s journey is the love she has for her father, whom she joins the army in order to protect, as well as her desire to prove her own self-worth. She was seen having difficulties with self-confidence, due to society’s mistreatment towards her, as well as the pressures of the society she was born into—particularly in the lives of women. Early in the film, whenever she went against sexism and injustice, or simply handled a situation in her own, unique way (such as shouting “Present!” when the matchmaker called her name), Mulan was greeted with anger or some form of annoyance from those around her, thus furthering her socially-awkward attitude.
During her time in camp, Mulan’s personality takes a shift. She proves to be fierce, physically and mentally, as well as self-reliant, impressionable, and persistent. As she learns the ways of strength and agility, she becomes the top of her class, setting an example for the men surrounding her, eventually garnering their respect and friendship. Over time, Mulan’s quirky ways, and comedic elements are faded, symbolizing her growth, as she becomes more of a mature woman by the third act of the film; one who has the ability to perform successful tactics through quick-thinking and mental observation, as opposed to mere brute strength (something that is idealized in her camp) which would eventually result in saving her fellow soldiers, as well as China, on notable occasions. Nevertheless, she retained her humble nature, not once becoming overconfident and boastful, even after becoming a beloved heroine and receiving countless amounts of praise and respect from the very society that continuously opposed her. It wasn’t until Mulan returned home and received a loving welcome from her father that she truly emoted her satisfaction over her previous successes, proving her goal, overall, was to uphold her family honor, while being true to herself; this being visually and thematically represented by her relationship with her father.
By the sequel, it is shown that Mulan’s personality, seen during the latter half of the first film, has remained. Mulan is a responsible young woman, seen as a fearless warrior, leader, and beloved role model amongst her people, both men and women. Nevertheless, she is also fun-loving and jovial, especially when seen with Shang, whom she had developed a strong, romantic relationship with by the start second film. The sequel also shows her to be rather laid-back, open-minded, and philosophical, believing in the practice of following one’s heart.


I am so RIDICULOUSLY glad they let them do this. I’ve talked to Research Cast who are retired Entertainment Cast and they’ve told me that when shows close they don’t normally let the Cast who ended the show come back out and do a final good-bye. One CM even got a reprimand for just doing a bow at the end of a show he closed (I’ll leave out which one for his sake).

But this show means a lot to me and many others. The Cast deserved their bow and final good-bye. Hopefully many of them will be back in the new show!


The Aristocats Live Action Dream Cast

Betty White as Madame Adelaide Sandra Bullock as Duchess Michael Keaton as Thomas O’ Maley Francesca Capaldi as Marie Ryan Potter as Berlioz Cameron Boyce as Toulouse Jim Carey as Geroges Hautcourt Robert De Niro as Edgar Jaime Foxx as Scat Cat Ken Jeong as Shun Gon, the Siamese Cat

My Dream Cast for the Wicked Movie

1) My first choice is obviously the original cast. Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth are both so cute, powerful, and talented.

2) If for some reason the TPTB want a younger cast, then I demand Lea Michele and Dove Cameron. Both have played Idina’s and Kristin’s daughters in Glee and Descendants, respectively. They both have beautiful voices and are talented.

3) Someone needs to make this happen.