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Alright, friends.

My blog was getting a bit messy so I started a couple new ones.
@Davielisgay is for my more gay related things.
@Davielsdolls is for my collecting side. So with that said I follow enough stuff to fill my gay blog but I need more doll blogs to follow. Also Disney is great. 😊 that’s all.

Hey, i absolutely love your Disney limited edition dolls blog that’s why i really wanted to share my newly finished Alice through the looking glass LE OOAK doll repaint based of Mia Wasikowska!

I took of her original paint and repainted her using using high quality artist acrylic paints and soft pastels for shading.Everything is sealed.
I rooted Alices Hairline a bit lower since her forehead was quite big and restyled her hair.
With an electric file i filed a dimple in her chin that she has.

I removed her old lashes and gave her new ones, which i trimmed short.

I hope you like her :)

Hey, thank you! I love your repaint! Your doll looks amazing and the changes you made to Alice look fantastic! I love her :)