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Things I need

1. Attention
2. Paci
3. Stuffies
4. Pillow and blankie
5. Sippy cups and cute plates
6. Juice box, string cheese and cookies
7. Mac and cheese
8. Disney movies and cartoons
9. More attention please
10. Crayons and craft
11. Toys, dolls, play sets
12. Cute clothes and fluffy socks
13. Ok my happy now thank you

Dove’s Follow List

I thought I’d make a list of some of the collecting based blogs that I follow, to help anyone else looking for collector friends.

  • @yodawgiheardyoulikeponies (Ariana specializes in all manner of MLP collecting, as well as collections of plushies, Calico Critters, LPS, and more)
  • @mandesevilkingdom (Mande specializes in a great number of collections, including MLP-thought to be the largest collection in the Netherlands-Care Bears, Monster High, Ever After High, Disney collector dolls, etc.)
  • @disneytradingpins (This blog specializes in Disney pin collecting and trading.
  • @paradise-estate (Paradise Estate specializes in MLP collecting.)
  • @fairytalejello (Lady Northstar specializes in MLP collecting.)
  • @shelvesofwhimsy (This blog specializes in the collection of MLP, LPS, Kemmer, Charmkins, and other vintage toys.)
  • @all-the-plastic-ponies (This blog specializes in MLP collecting, especially G1.)
  • @ponyguru (This blog specializes in the collection of MLP, Barbies, Monster High, and Tsumtsums.)
  • @amaltheadeluna (This lady specializes in collecting Japanese toys and candy, along with anything considered kawaii! I mostly visit her for the photography.)
  • @toyparadise (This blog posts pictures of all manner of toys, although it’s been inactive for several months now.)
  • @zombiemiki (Miki specializes in Pokémon collecting, merch photography, and news, especially plushies)
  • @sapphire-shores (Euphie specializes in MLP collecting and also blogs aesthetic posts.)
  • @ladywaterfall (This blog specializes in MLP collecting, especially G2.)
  • @pokemon-merch-news (This blog specializes in Pokémon collecting and helping fans keep updated on the latest merch)
  • @tsumtsumdisney (This blog specializes in TsumTsum collecting, although it is inactive.)
  • @tsumtsumcorner (This blog specializes in TsumTsum collecting.)
  • @disneypins84 (This blog specializes in Disney pin collecting and trading.)
  • @practicallyperfectpins (Rachel specializes in Disney pin collecting and trading.)
  • @asrisponies (Asri specializes in MLP collecting, especially restoration, with her datemate @agendercadence)
  • @agendercadence (Cadence specializes in MLP collecting, especially restoration, with their girlfriend Asri @asrisponies)
  • @rileyspones (Riley specializes in MLP collecting and photography. They also have a seperate toy blog.)
  • @glownshowpony (StarGlow specializes in MLP collecting. Blog has been inactive for a few months.)
  • @runaway-rainbow (Shay specializes in MLP collecting, especially G3 and restoration.)
  • @poniesthatsparkle (Amanda specializes in MLP collecting.)
  • @valerieponyrainbow (Valerie specializes in MLP collecting and also makes her own custom ponies and accessories. She also hosts lovely photoshoots.)

I also used to follow a lot of Alpacasso blogs, but the large majority of them are inactive now. :(


these two live in the back of the shelf I was reconfiguring to add some others to, so I thought I’d pull them out and take some quick photos.

These came from the Disney Store in the early 2000s when Disney was really obsessed with Tinkerbell movies. They were having some kind of special like buy one get one half off while I was walking around with a bunch of college friends and I was utterly powerless to resist. As is my usual I picked up the artsy one and the gothy one. They felt very exciting and special when I picked them up and I think that was partly due to my waning interest in Barbie because of the changes they were making in the line around that time frame. Something about the way they moved in the way they looked really excited me.

I thought their facial skulpts were really interesting in that their eyes were pretty deeply carved for dolls that didn’t have inset eyes. I feel like you don’t often see you such a pronounced lower eyelid. It was sort of especially interesting because then it meant that they weren’t reusing face molds for all of them. You can see these two have vastly different eye shapes and since they’re so deeply carved you can’t substitute one for the other. It was an exciting jump in quality because I think at that point I was used to the really ugly old Disney princess dolls that they used to have in that store.

I think I’d like to give them a nicer spot to live in doll shelf land.

Hey, i absolutely love your Disney limited edition dolls blog that’s why i really wanted to share my newly finished Alice through the looking glass LE OOAK doll repaint based of Mia Wasikowska!

I took of her original paint and repainted her using using high quality artist acrylic paints and soft pastels for shading.Everything is sealed.
I rooted Alices Hairline a bit lower since her forehead was quite big and restyled her hair.
With an electric file i filed a dimple in her chin that she has.

I removed her old lashes and gave her new ones, which i trimmed short.

I hope you like her :)

Hey, thank you! I love your repaint! Your doll looks amazing and the changes you made to Alice look fantastic! I love her :)