disney dj

is achievement hunter even real though? They really are like a sitcom cast of characters.

You have:

Geoff, a military journalist turned tech support guy turned internet personality who is drunk 98% of the time and covered in tattoos who’s also probably the biggest softy you’d ever see

Jack, a radio dj turned disney land worker turned, again, internet personality, who, despite his awkwardness and peoples’ inclination to bag on him (IDIOTS) is the kindest and most generous person ever omg

Gavin, a grocery store worker turned cinematographer who is simultaneously the dumbest and smartest person on the planet, who also uprooted his life to move halfway around the world for his job, which includes shows and movies and he and his american girlfriend half a british flag and american flag pillow on their respective sides of their bed okay ugh (cuties)

Michael, an electrician who gave up his entire life on a chance and moved halfway across the US for it and became a movie star like…??? oh and met his now-wife because of it like aww

and Ryan, an every day dad with a veterinarian wife and 2 kids who also happens to be a pseudo psychopath and really super crazy smart about the most random stuff ever??