disney direct to video movies

It takes a moment for the eye to adjust to that image, because it makes no goddamned sense. That there is a huge, furry spider hanging out with his tiny little frog pal, ready to go on adventures together like they’re in some awful direct-to-video Disney movie. But that shit is happening out in nature, right this moment.

As an aggressive, venomous, and trouser-ruiningly huge tarantula, Xenesthis immanis has no trouble murdering just about anything it wants. Small, furry mammals are nothing more than fast food, and it can even kill and eat venomous snakes simply by biting first. It’s pretty much the last animal you’d expect to keep a loving, loyal pet. And yet, Xenesthis immanis has made itself a best friend in the form of a tiny, adorable, dopey-looking frog named Chiasmocleis ventrimaculata.

This frog is so teeny and vulnerable, even Kermit could slap it around. They’re aware of this, too, doing just about anything to survive, from living under massive mounds of elephant shit to living under the figurative thumb of an eight-legged murderer.

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