disney dinner

While this is going on, the boys were at the bar just a few short walk away.

I felt like making this after noticing the Oscar are tomorrow, so I quickly made this neat drawing of Moana and Judy greeting each with good lucks to each other.

Now, I would make it just a Zootopia wins picture ,especially since I’m a Zootopia fan. But, I wanted to be fair with Moana fans, since it’s also getting the same kind of praise. So, a compromise is being made between to two characters. Anyway, enjoy this awesome picture, and good luck to both films at the Oscars.

…Mostly Zootopia.


Craftversations is back with Jimmy Wong! Watch as we talk Poe Party, acting together for seven years now, his Command Zone podcast, and crafting, of course! And stay tuned for part two coming Friday!

headcanon: over the centuries, maui has, very deliberately, honed “making a dramatic entrance” down to a science

he can look at a scene and know that, for instance, a bad guy is about to set him up with a line like “what do you expect him to do, drop out of the sky” or the perfect angle to come in from so he’ll look suitably heroic

(corollary headcanon: when he doesn’t take the time to make a dramatic entrance? that’s when you need to start worrying.)

The Black Triangle #28
  • I'm not feeling well so I cuddled up in bed and rewatched some old Blatra. Here they were asked about what behaviour would "cool down even a 100 years worth of love". And yes, Hazuki really uses "like" all the time.
  • Hazuki: Farting.
  • Akinori: Eating habits.
  • Asanao: kuchakuchakuchakuchakuchapechapechapecha
  • All: ??
  • Hazuki: What's this, something dirty?
  • Asanao: Nooo, it's not
  • Hazuki+Akinori: Please stop onomatopoeia
  • Asanao: It's about eating.
  • Hazuki: Ah, chewing sounds!
  • Asanao: Exactly.
  • Hazuki: Well I guess mine is easy to understand.
  • Asanao: Ehh? That's totally okay!
  • Hazuki: No wait a little... so, you're okay with it?
  • Asanao: Why?
  • Hazuki: Well... if you wanna spend your time together farting... For me, it totally turns me off. It kinda ruins my dreams. Like, I have this dreamlike image about girls. Like them not doing this. I know that all of you watching this now are like "Hey, you know, girls are just humans, too!" but I really want them to preserve that dream. Farting is really like a wall to me. Like the last wall. It's okay if it's by accident, like while sleeping. Like when she's staying the night for the first time, going like *fart* all of a sudden while asleep, I'm like "mhh..", it's a little shock, but you can't help it [Asanao starts making fart noises at that point]. Yeah, like BAM. It's kind of shocking for me but then I'm like "Ah, can't be helped, we're all human" but I can deal with that. But letting it all out during your everyday life together or when like the toilet is not so far away like when you're at a hotel together and she goes in in the morning and goes all like BAMBAMBAMBABAAM... like not cancelling the noise, what are you supposed to do?
  • Akinori: I have never heard a girl fart like that. You got a trauma there or something?
  • [At this point they're all just cracking up.]
  • Asanao: Me neither, they usually don't do the loud ones.
  • Hazuki: Really..?
  • Asanao: Yeah more like "Zzzuuu".
  • Hazuki: What? "Zzzuuu"?
  • Asanao: Yeah, like [while sitting] lifting up your ass and going "sssuuuuu"
  • Hazuki: (hides his face in his hand and whimpers) That's disgusting...
  • Asanao: You're being disillusioned here, right?
  • Hazuki: (still whimpering) Yeahh...
  • Asanao: But if you keep them in it's not good for you body.
  • Hazuki: Well then go somewhere else to let them out!
  • Asanao: Ah, kay.
  • Hazuki: Aim for the dream!
  • Asanao: You know my mom, while cooking, she's usually farting freely.
  • [All of them are still laughing continuously.]
  • Akinori: You were raised with farting.
  • Hazuki: Fart-family, right... My grandparents are doing that, too. But yeah, to sum it up, I don't like my girls farting. So for you [to AK] it's eating habits?
  • Akinori: Yeah, when we can't agree on what we want to eat.
  • Asanao: So you're breaking up right away?
  • Akinori: Not right away but I can't help but think that it won't last long. Like imagine I like spicy food and she doesn't. We can't go to a restaurant together then.
  • Hazuki: Then go to one that offers both.
  • Akinori: But then its mostly just average and boring.
  • Hazuki: Then go with a friend.
  • Akinori: But I wanna say stuff like "Hey that's really spicy!" together.
  • Hazuki: Yeah but if she doesn't like it it can't be helped.
  • Akinori: That's why I'm looking for someone who likes spicy food.
  • Hazuki: You won't find someone who likes the exact things as you!
  • Asanao: How about choosing someone like that before you actually start dating??
  • Akinori: Ah... yeah.. right
  • Hazuki: You're putting food over that person!
  • Akinori: Yeah well... both is important.
  • Hazuki: But if you had to choose?
  • Akinori: (thinks for a moment) Would dump her.
  • Hazuki: ... So if food and all that was perfect but she would fart a lot?
  • Akinori: (laughs) Nah rather not. Farting is worse than liking different food.
  • Hazuki: Yay, mine won. So Asanao, you don't like chewing sounds.
  • Asanao: Yeah, guess nobody like them.
  • Akinori+Hazuki: Right. But that bad?
  • Asanao: She could be the most beautiful girl or whatever, if she does this I get angry.
  • Hazuki: Remember it's about "a hundred years worth of love"!
  • Asanao: Yes. Would definitly cool down.
  • Hazuki: But you would already notice on your first date if you would have dinner together.
  • Asanao: Yeah I'd immediately cut it off with her.
  • Hazuki: How about telling her first? Maybe she doesn't notice?
  • Asanao: Uhm, yeah but you probably notice before you even really got to talk to each other, like when you're out with a group of people.
  • Akinori: People like that also seem like the type that farts a lot.
  • Asanao: Going like "kuchakucha *fart*"...
  • [Big LOL]
  • Hazuki: That is just horrible. But you don't mind farting so much right? You could go to some fancy french retaurant and fart together while eating.
  • Asanao: Okay, while eating it's a no go.
  • Hazuki: So when is it okay?
  • Asanao: Like when watching TV.
  • Hazuki: Oh god imagine watching comedy and she laughs and lets one go. That totally happens, right?... Okay, I think we can all agree on the #1 for a 100 years worth of love to cool down is farting.