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Camila, being nostalgic as she introduces OT4 on Radio Disney
  • C: and here are my girls, Fifth -- or wait, fourth? Umm, Harmony!
  • N: girl, I wanna like you but it's better if you just don't speak..
  • D: *mumbles* yeah, shut up.
  • C: I know you don't want me anymore, by the look on your face...
  • A: Mila, we could have reached the top, as high as a Skyscraper, but you left us. We were hurt..
  • C: won't you give me a chance? No no no, no no nooooo oh oh oh!?
  • L: sorry Camzzi, but We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.
  • C: Anything Could Happen..
  • L: Impossible!
  • C: I miss you, Lauren.
  • L: Give My Heart A Break.
  • C: *sighs* Let it be... Let it be let it be let it be...

Alice and Dinah

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland 1951

This is important guys. Another proof of how shitty their label is… SPREAD!

Apparently Dinah had already gotten the role for Moana but she was forced by Epic to reject it. The whole explanation is on the image, go check it out…
Do I believe this? Yes.
First Dinah is basically the most famous Polynesian girl at the moment. It would make sense she was originally the chosen one to represent the culture.
Secondly all the time she spent with Dwayne Johnson, the audition calls she once mentioned on a Facebook post, the interest in acting, the way she would get excited about Moana every single time they got asked about Disney princesses on interviews, etc… I believe she actually got the part. She had the voice & charisma to get it.
But I’m not surprised they made her drop it for the reasons written above. Moana is a blockbuster movie, indeed one of the most talked about this year. Definitely Dinah would have made some coins out of it.

Also, this is a small theory I just formulated (might not even be relevant at all but I want to point it out):
Disney always announce their casting choices several months ahead recording the film. So I imagine, by the time she would have been announced by Pixar, Camila’s first solo project wouldn’t being on the scene yet so go figure… If the fandom had known about Dinah working on Moana, then have Camila release IKWYDLS none of the solo BS & OT4s claims about “treachery” would have happened. Let’s remember that’s all their team have wanted since 2015 to this moment, the fans against the girls & without the emergence of OT4s back in the IKWYDLS era, things would have remained the same.

Alice in Wonderland by Al Dempster


This past week, one of the girls of Fifth Harmony worked with an acting coach, but he did not disclose which one.

Last night Dinah and her family visited Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s mansion.

Dwayne Johnson happens to be the only KNOWN cast member of the new Disney animated movie Moana.

The movie is about a Polynesian princess named Moana and as we all know, Dinah Jane is Polynesian.

Dinah was invited to attend The Rock’s new movie premiere, San Andreas, tonight as well.

There has been talk that she may become the voice of Disney’s new princess, but there has been no confirmation yet.