disney dinah

Alice and Dinah

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland 1951

Alice in Wonderland by Al Dempster


Indeed there are not many OT5 stans nowadays and it gets worse since 2015. I really love the caption of this video. And the fact that the screenshot of Syco congratulating Fifth Harmony and Camila being put together just proves that they are working under the same roof. They work for the same company and for the same “parent”. Us fans fighting against each other is like fighting with a sister or brother? What for actually? They are supporting the same big machine. So why should we fight against each other?

How many times should we be reminded that by fighting against each other, throwing shades and hates towards the other girls is just an act of eating what they feed us? We are like stupidly fulfilling what they want. Should you be reminded that we hurt the girls during the process as well.

It’s not a must to like the other girls when you only like one. But it is a must to respect the other girls even if you only like one.