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Indeed there are not many OT5 stans nowadays and it gets worse since 2015. I really love the caption of this video. And the fact that the screenshot of Syco congratulating Fifth Harmony and Camila being put together just proves that they are working under the same roof. They work for the same company and for the same “parent”. Us fans fighting against each other is like fighting with a sister or brother? What for actually? They are supporting the same big machine. So why should we fight against each other?

How many times should we be reminded that by fighting against each other, throwing shades and hates towards the other girls is just an act of eating what they feed us? We are like stupidly fulfilling what they want. Should you be reminded that we hurt the girls during the process as well.

It’s not a must to like the other girls when you only like one. But it is a must to respect the other girls even if you only like one.

Why I hate “Angel” by Fifth Harmony.

It glamorizes emotional abuse. It is literally about pretending to be into someone when you aren’t and then getting cold on them talking about they were wrong for thinking they’re an angel in the first place. The old them “wouldn’t fuck with you” but they started to fuck with you and you “never knew the real” them. 


Really. For people who have been through it, we’ve seen it all. You talk about a future together, you’re made to feel special. You’re told they aren’t having sex or talking to other people. You’re with them 25/8 and all of a sudden POOF. Everything is your fault, you get blamed for the whole thing! Not only that, they lie to everyone saying they were never into you, it was “only for sex” or because they were “ just lonely and bored”. They rip you a new asshole calling you every name in the book and you’re just there confused because you have no idea what went wrong or how its your fault. (The part where they said “you should’ve kept your word it would have been easier for me to keep mine” is what they’ll say to you too and you will have no idea what they’re talking about.) You feel so hurt and emotionless, numb af. You start searching around for love anywhere to prove to yourself that you aren’t as worthless as they’ve convinced you you are. You drink, you party, anything to feel good again. It feels like you’ve fallen on the floor and trying everything in your power to get back up again. Everything hurts and your heart is so broken it physically aches. Here they are though, glamorizing such a fucking act.

There is nothing cute about doing this shit to people. If you don’t fuck with someone, you leave and stay the fuck gone. This song is literally about being proud of being a narcotic bitch and I’m not here for it..

DOWN literally glamorized being a hooker/hoe. So far the only thing I like about this era is the Angel video. Its genuinely a good video visual wise but the message can get ghost.

ETA: Since a lot of you don’t understand what I’m sayin ill point out other scenes. The part where Normani literally sang “bet you thought wrong huh” after they repeated they weren’t an angel in addition to “You never knew the real me”. The man in the beginning of the video was sitting in bed appearing to be emotionless and restless. They also sang “we were nothing serious, I never paid you no mind”. I know the girls personally don’t think this way but I take into account that they’re representing a label. Both the down video and this one give off direct messages. Of course Down is about being a “ride or die” type of girl but in the video they’re literally dressed as hookers at a motel. When I first started paying attention to the girls I was attracted to them for their independent women vibe. None of these songs speak any kind of way towards that so I’m disappointed at the recent messages of the songs they’re coming out with. You’re entitled to your own view as a fan but this is mine and I’m not telling or asking you to see it how I do. I’m stating my own opinion based on my view as someone who’s followed them since MMO.