disney culture

you know what we need to talk about more

first of all we’ve got these four talented and racially diverse ladies with healthy body types singing and dancing to songs about female friendships 

and empowering women

they literally have a song called “cinderella” about not needing a man

and in the movie sequels they travel to spain and india 

where supporting characters have actual character arcs and aren’t just “cultural decoration”

oh look bilingual songs

it doesn’t hurt that the whitney houston produced the first two movies

it’s so important that we had something like the cheetah girls to be primarily targeted towards young girls on disney channel

Small things I love about Moana
  • There is no talk of finding Moana a husband. SHE is going to be chief of her village. No one can take that from her.
  • How Moana is a competent leader before she even sets out on her journey.
  • The village seems to have more or less a hereditary monarchy that disregards gender and the matriarchal influence is clear: Moana is mostly inspired by her grandmother and the major deity in this movie is a Mother Goddess.
  • “Crazy” does not mean worthy of ridicule.
  • The central questions: “Do you know who you are? How do you know who you are?” Those cut deep.
  • The sibling relationship between Moana and Maui.
  • The vision about the ancient wayfinders. And “Know the Way,” which makes the entire sequence a million times more emotional.
  • This might be a Disney Princess movie, but it is also solidly an action movie.
  • Moana doesn’t like being called “princess”.
  • The goddamn gold-plated glow-in-the-dark giant crab. Who sings well.
  • Forehead touches. Between a human girl and a goddess.
  • The fact that Heihei manages to do ONE USEFUL THING in the entire movie.
  • Moana is so sturdily built. She managed to clock Maui, of all people.
  • Nature has agency.
  • How Gramma Tala’s passing is quietly understated. Her last words to Moana are those of sincere encouragement and her death is not explicitly shown. But you see the huge luminous manta ray a couple minutes later and you just know.
  • The entire sequence at the beginning that depicts island life. And Chris Jackson’s singing. Everyone’s singing, really.
  • Moana gulping deep lungfuls of air the first time her canoe overturned is so realistic, I could feel myself choking on ocean water.
  • The coconut pirates. They are VICIOUS little fuckers.
  • Moana earning a place among Maui’s tattoos.
  • Gramma Tala’s spirit is solid enough to hug. No more “LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF SIMBA” from the clouds.
  • Disney smashing the fourth wall and throwing shade at their own Princess story formula.
  • Romance is never ever ever even hinted at. Because Moana is all of 16 years old and she has bigger things on her mind.
  • All the songs. ALL OF THEM. They hit just the right emotional cues.
  • How culturally rich Disney managed to make this movie.
  • The sheer vividness of the animation. The wealth of expression on the faces of these characters. The colors.

I heard that people did not like Coco and critize it

As a mexican I must say:

  • The movie portrays the mexican culture almost perfectly
  • The Mexican Towns are like this.
  • In the streets we do see sellers and craftworkers.
  • The houses do have this architecture
  • The facial and body features are like mexican people. I was honestly surprised of the accuracy in the hands, expressions.
  • Mexican families do behave this way and it shows perfectly that our families are matriarchies
  • The Land of the Dead has buildings with porfirian architecture that can be seen in every city’s downtown.
  • The story of how family needs to support your decisions really touched me
  • The fucking ending man
  • I cried
  • I legit cried
  • I never cry
  • It is beautiful and it broke my heart twice
  • Throughout all the movie ibwas screaming YES THIS HAPPENS HERE YES I KNOW THIS YES YES YES
  • As a mexican I felt really proud of my culture
  • It has nothing to do with the Book of Life
  • Nothing!!!!
  • I was expecting the same
  • It wasn’t
  • Las Flores de Cempasuchil looked real
  • Wow
  • Just
  • Wow
  • Go watch it

The only thing that sucked from this movie??

The Frozen clip

  • Aries: Mickey Mouse, Jasmine, Moana, Prince Hans, Sherriff Woody, Dash, Yzma
  • Taurus: Belle, Prince Ferdinand, Kristoff, Winnie the Pooh, Syndrome, Hades
  • Gemini: Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Lilo, Kanga, Mike Wazowski, Elastigirl, Alice, Jafar
  • Cancer: Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Nani, Piglet, Boo, Marlin, Ursula, Pacha
  • Leo: Pluto, Merida, Eugene Fitzherbert, Hercules, Jessie, Jack Jack, Gaston, Simba, Kuzco
  • Virgo: Elsa, Prince Charming, Jane Porter, Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Lady Tremaine
  • Libra: Daisy Duck, Fa Mulan, Prince Eric, James P. Sullivan, Cruella de Vil, Queen Grimhilde
  • Scorpio: Pocahontas, The Beast, Tarzan, Owl, Buzz Lightyear, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier
  • Sagittarius: Goofy, Anna, Aladdin, Stitch, Tigger, Randall Boggs, Nemo, Captain Hook
  • Capricorn: Donald Duck, Tiana, Li Shang, Eeyore, Mr. Incredible, Mufasa, Claude Frollo
  • Aquarius: Ariel, Prince Philip, John Smith, Roo, Violet, Cheshire Cat, Scar
  • Pisces: Snow White, Aurora, Pinocchio, Christopher Robin, Dory, Kronk, Mother Gothel

Did anyone take note of this? He’s talking about Toni Bevell, but more to the point: Dean’s seen Frozen. Do you know how happy this makes me? It’s not just Dory. Just how many recent Disney movies have you seen, Dean? Please tell me you’ve watched Cars

The Gaston Curse

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 *Curse to knock someone off of their high horse and make them feel the pain they have inflicted upon others and/or you*
**pretty strong curse as most of the few curses I have written are, so beware and keep track of the reversal in case it is needed**


-a jar or container of some sort that seals well
-red candles (optional but not absolutely necessary) (you can change the colour if you wish red just reminds me of Gaston so-)
-a small piece of bread or something that can get mold (or has mold if you have something like that around-)
-Something that can rot (I usually use a part of a banana peel)
-Salt water (think of putting salt in a wound and the sting that it brings, especially in deep wounds)
-two pieces of paper
-Pen to write with (permanent marker works better or water proof makeup if you have any)


~on one paper write the name of your target very clearly, then below it write what they have done wrong or what quality of theirs is the worst (write them pretty close together no space in between)

~ on the other piece of paper write out Gaston, then underneath that write down a quality that the target shares with him. (preferably the worst you can think of, like his ego, his anger etc)

~use the scissors to cut around the words, cutting as close as possible without cutting through the words, imagine boxing that person in tightly, making it hard for them to escape the energy of the spell

~put the papers into the jar, folding them if necessary

~put the mold catching object into the jar along with the rotting object

~ you can add some additional things if you wish (cigarette or incense ash, rusted nails or pennies)

~ pour the salt water into the jar, enough to cover most of the objects

~Close the jar and shake the contents a bit, putting all of your negative energy into the jar

~ if you really want you can make lyrics to the Gaston song but rather than naming good qualities, name bad qualities of the target as you shake the jar. You can think it, say it or sing it whichever works for you

~If you have a candle lit, pass the jar over the flame (but be careful not to scorch the jar or burn it or anything else!! remember your fire safety!) imagine it sending your energy it the target

~if you did the above step, seal the jar with the candle wax

~put the jar in a dark, isolated space and do your best not to come into much contact with it

~put up wards and such if needed

~remember post cursing cleansing etc

**In order to reverse or remove the curse simply retrieve the jar, and bury its contents as far from your home as possible**

✨ Disney Magic ✨

✨  flower gleam and glow - rapunzel’s sun-inspired healing spell

charming beast glamour - to make you appear more charming to others

✨ ariel singing glamour -  a glamour to help your singing voice

✨ alice tear jar spell - a  jar spell to help keep you afloat in your sadness

✨ the smoulder - glamour to spark “love at first sight”

✨ once upon a dream - to share a romantic dream with someone else

✨ go to the ball cinderella - to help you go out and have fun

✨ charlotte’s entrance glamour - spell to make an entrance 

Voice Theft Curse (Disney Inspired)

A curse to stop someone who has been spewing hateful speech and words and return that negativity they put out back into their life.

You Will Need:

  • Sea Shell (preferably a clam shell)
  • Paper
  • Black Marker or Pen
  • Black Candles
  • Taglock (if you can manage)
  • Pencil
  • Sea Water (sea salt in water will suffice if needed)


  1. On your small slip of paper write down your target’s name in pencil.
  2. With your black marker write in large letters covering the name “SHUT UP!”
  3. Crumple up the paper between your fingers, rolling it and squashing it. Put all of your frustration and anger into this action.
  4. Place the crumpled piece of paper into your sea shell. To release more negativity and return it to the target spit onto the shell and paper. If you have a taglock place it in the shell as well.
  5. Place your candle onto of the sea shell and light it, let it burn down and cover the shell and paper in wax
  6. Once it is sufficiently covered take your sea water and pour it over the candle drenching it and the shell. Take the shell and bury it in the ground or into a planter. If you cannot do this then store it somewhere dark.
  7. cleanse your space and yourself afterwards and rest.
🌺 Rapunzel Healing Spell 🌺

🌺 gather: a lily, sun water, gold glitter, white and purple thread, vanilla

🌺 sprinkle the inside of the lilly with the glitty and vanilla

🌺 close and wrap the lily up with the white and purple thread.

🌺 lay the lily in the sun water,, and sing/chant

“Flower, gleam and glow, let your power shine
Heal what has been hurt, change the fate's design
Make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine
What once was mine…” 

🌺 drink the sun water. take precaution not to consume glitter. 

🌺 brush you hair, comb it with the remaining sun water. 

“Confession: I really love what Disney is doing with movies like Moana, but I feel like I’m such an outsider. It’s a beautiful movie and really made me interested in the cultures it was inspired by, but then I see people telling me I shouldn’t name my kid after the characters or get a simple tattoo. I know it’s their culture and history, and I can respect that, I just feel so isolated and discouraged from celebrating a culture that is so beautiful and historically rich.”


sooo my sister just sent this to me and I am pissed tf off 

as someone who is Native American, I would be thrilled to walk into the Disney store and see Pocahontas merch. she was one of my favourites as a kid, still is my hero - for being brave, strong, wonderous, selfless, and teaching a lesson that most adults today can even begin to grasp (love is more important than hate). I have 2 Disney stores within driving distance of me and neither of them ever carry merch from this movie (if they do, it’s the rare, rare Meeko plushie) but if I saw some, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.

the real point I’m trying to make here: it’s Disney. it’s for children. willing to bet the dress in the photo wouldn’t fit anyone over the age of 8, and if you’re going to hound them about cultural appropriation, then you’re just a childhood ruining asshole. 

when a child would put on that dress, it’s likely after seeing the movie - after seeing a beautiful, strong, wonder-seeking woman on screen and wanting to emulate that themselves. they don’t do it with the malice intentions of making fun of all Native American people 

I understand there’s a lot of bigger stuff at play here, but please, let kids be kids, let adults enjoy stuff from their childhood when they want to, and all you fucking bitter adults please stop projecting your inner depressions and political agendas onto harmless children’s cartoons 


“Kiss the Girl” Glamour Spell (Disney Inspired Spell)

A spell to encourage the person you like to kiss you (under their consent). Wonderful for dates~

You will Need:

  • Lip Gloss or lipstick (preferably red or a vibrant pink)
  • Rose Incense
  • Pink paper
  • Red Marker or Pen
  • Rose Water or Rose Quartz Gem Elixir
  • Mirror (preferably on the wall)


  1. Set up your area in front of the mirror you will be working with. Light your rose incense. Let it burn during the entirety of the spell.
  2. Do your make up as you would normally though leave your lips for last.
  3. Take your lip gloss or lipstick and hold it up and view it in the mirror. “Tonight will be the night, for me to meet your lips.” Uncap/open your lipstick/lip gloss and apply it to your lips. While doing this visualize drawing a heart on your lips in pink/red energy and it entering your lips and leaves them glowing, beckoning someone to partake.
  4. “Tonight, I will be kissed by (name of date/person of desire).” On the paper write the person’s name. Kiss the paper to ensure you leave a kiss mark on the paper, imagine it glowing and fading into the name.
  5. If needed touch up your lipstick again but be sure to still be visualizing them glowing in a beckoning manner
  6. Place the piece of paper into a bowl of rose water/rose quartz water and leave it there for the duration of the date. 
  7. Before leaving wink at yourself in the mirror and blow a small kiss at it to close the spell and boost yourself with a bit more confidence. Also be sure your incense is out before you leave.

Note: this is to encourage a kiss, not force someone to. Please, don’t forcibly kiss anyone, that is not okay. This spell is to help set the mood and boost the likely hood of you both sharing a happy kiss.

💋 Ariel Singing Glamour 🐚

a disney-spiried a glamour to help your singing voice be like a mermaid’s

🐚  gather: a seashell, full moon or ocean water, a pinch of glitter, a necklace chain and a song that makes you confident in your singing voice.

💋  mix the water with the glitter.  rinse the seashell in the water.

🐚  play the song and sing along with it as you mix the water clockwise. 

💋  when the song is over, dry it out and make it into a necklace. 

🐚  wear the necklace when you feel you need a boost with your singing voice

Anyways since I’m still upset about Tiana how about the fact that she’s the only Disney Princess since Aurora to literally only have one animated feature centered on her? Besides a 3-5 minute cameo on Sofia The First, Tiana has not been seen in any other animation (or live action for that matter).

Aurora had a straight-to-video short

Cinderella and Belle had multiple tv/straight-to-video movies

Ariel and Jasmine both had multiple movies and TV series based on their movies

Mulan and Pocahontas both got (admittedly bad) animated sequels

Rapunzel had an animated short and is getting a tv series, and I don’t even have to mention Anna and Elsa’s copious media.

They literally??? Could have addressed all the issues they had with the first movie (displaying their leads of color as frogs ¾ths of the movie, Tiana having to work during the entire thing, her hair never being out, etc) with a short, tv movie, or a series

Explain that.