Rhys holding Feyre in his arms, flying over Velaris
  • Rhys: I can show you the world..
  • Feyre: oh no..
  • Rhys: Shining, shimmering, splllleeeendid.
  • Feyre: please, stop
  • Rhys: tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide?
  • Feyre: put me down
  • Rhys (getting louder): I can open your eyes, take you wonder by wonder
  • Feyre: please, not again
  • Rhys: Over, sideways and under
  • Feyre: ok, now you're talking
  • Feyre: do you have to ruin it?
  • Feyre: *shakes head* you're lucky I love you.
  • Rhys: can we do the duet?
  • Feyre: no.

Have some Tiana as a mermaid! :D Look how the bra sparkles!! <3 Her hair was inspired by her early concept art. <3

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A Disney Crossover AU no one asked for: Mulan and Jasmine

When a challenge is issued to find the princess a suitable husband, men from all over the kingdom attempt the near impossible feat: Climb the palace wall and if you succeed, marry the princess. Mulan, a peasant from a nearby village hears of the challenge and, deciding that it is an unfair rule, takes it upon herself to make the climb for the sake of Jasmine’s freedom.


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

One of the arguments against Moariel that I see a lot is “but Moana loves the sea and Ariel wants to get out of it, how would it work?” I see this as a great dynamic between the two characters.

Maybe they initially disagree on some things. “How can you want to go to the sea this much? There’s nothing interesting here” “Well how can YOU want to be on land, when there’s literally just this tiny island that you’ll have finished exploring by the time the sun sets?” Something like that. But by seeing how the other is fascinated with the place that they long to be in, they not only offer to show it off, but find new reasons to fall in love with the place where they’re from. Moana excitedly gushing over how beautiful the underwater landscapes are makes Ariel smile and agree that yes, they are quite stunning. Ariel being fascinated by basic human things like cooked meat, flower crowns and elaborate clothing pieces makes Moana want to tell her all about the way her mother cooks meat, how their people decorate their garments, and while doing so, realize how many beautiful island things she’s been sort of taking for granted. In the end, they realize that as the sea is inseparable from the shore, so are they, and they learn to love both the sea and the land equally, regularly spending time in both of their homelands. They swim and sing with Ariel’s sisters in the sea, they sit by the fire and have dinner with Moana’s family. They go on adventures, Moana on her boat and Ariel always in the water beside her, and they tell stories to all of Motunui when they get back. Because often, when you fall in love with someone, you also fall in love with the things they enjoy, the things that they’re passionate about, the things that make their eyes light up. I think it’s a beautiful concept.