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Bibbity bobbity boo!

I had my own fairy godmother this weekend at comic con. So magical.

IT’S OKAY. I DON’T HAVE TO BE AT D23. After all, I have my Disney collectibles, figurines, sketches, prints, postcards, buttons, pins, comic books, art books, theme park maps, trading cards, stickers, stamps, dollars, VHS, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Tsum Tsums, Vinylmations, plush toys, Happy Meal toys, booklets, photos, soundtracks, records, etc. to make me feel better. Aw, who am I kidding? It would be cool to be there!!! Next time. Next time.

Concept: Gafou con, where all of us just meet at Gaston’s Tavern at Disney World for three days, squeal together over Gaston and Lefou, drink Lefou’s Brew and sing the Gaston song. Bonus if Josh and/or Luke attends too  

How to be a Disney Princess

Or, more specifically: how to handle getting mistaken for a real disney princess at a convention, or while out taking photos! 

When you’re cosplaying a highly recognizable character, little kids are going to spot you! So here’s some ways to prepare for being mistaken for a little ones’ favorite princess/prince in public:

1. play along! Come on, there’s no reason to ruin the magic, and running into your favorite disney princess is the sort of thing a little kid will probably never forget.

2. try and get eye-level with them- aka, kneel or lean so that you’re addressing them more face-to-face that face-to-knee. Makes it more personal and it’s just a good way to sell the “princess” routine. Obviously not all costumes allow this, but it’s something to keep in mind. 

3. If they ask why you’re there, the answer depends on location, but here are suggestions for common locations:

at a park/out and about: I’m out enjoying what a lovely day it is! (Or, if you’re in the middle of a photoshoot) I’m posing for my official Royal Portrait, isn’t that so exciting? 

at a cafe/restaurant/etc: It’s the castle chef’s birthday, so we’re out enjoying some delicious [insert food here] around the town instead! 

At a comic convention: Oh, I love [comic books/Batman/Supergirl/etc]! Heroic deeds like theirs are just so inspiring to read about, you know? 

4. on a similar note, try and reference things from your movie, or even just the general disney princess mythos. It helps with the illusion of princess-hood, and specifically that you’re the princess the child remembers. (”What a lovely dress, it looks similar to my friend Belle’s!” for example.) 

5. Try and compliment the kid. Nothing better than having your favorite princess tell you that your hair-bow is cute, or that you have the perfect princess wave

6. check with the parents if they’d like a photo, if you have the time for it. Most parents I’ve run into in situations like this are ecstatic to get a memorable photo, especially those with the kids where it’s normally hard to get them to look happy in a photo, or hold still long enough to take one. 

It’s over! 🤗🎉 Thank you so much everyone for stopping by this weekend! 😀💕 I had a great con for the second weekend in a row because of you lovelies! 😊 I really appreciate the support and enjoyed getting to meet and talk with everyone! 😁❤ I hope you all had a fun at the live painting event as well as the Pop Manga Coloring book panel! 🖍❤🖌 I know I did! 😊💞 Thank you for having me Calgary Expo! ☺ I look forward to seeing you again next year! 😀👋😙💖

OH MY GOSH!!!!! 😲😲😲 Look you guys!👆 My art is on the badges for Comicpalooza!!! 😆😍💖💖💖 This is so amazing!😄💕 I’m a thousand times more excited for this weekend now! 😀 I can’t wait for it to be Friday already! 😊 Please stop by and say hi at show! 🤗 I’ll be at booth #41 all weekend. 😊 I brought a lot of fun goodies so stop by early to check it out! 😁 Now I’m off to settle in for the night so I can get a jump start on set up tomorrow. 😉 Have a great evening lovelies! 😙❤❤❤


Another photo set of Mulan (me) x Shan Yu (my husband, @risingfox) from Youmacon 2015. Shan Yu tried lifting up Mulan’s skirt so he got beat up. XD

Check out the other Mulan & Shan Yu photos set from Youmacon here! :D

Photos by @donnylb

My husband’s Shan Yu cosplay made by Lorigami

My Mulan cosplay made by AliceStyles on Etsy… I just went to their page but they no longer exist!? O_o

My Mulan comb: Click here to look at the info and full details