disney child star

Did i ever tell you about the time my cousin went to Disney?
Well she went in like 2007 i think which would make her 8 at the time I think? Anyways so she went to the starwars part of it and they had the thing where the character’s danced and after that they would choose a random kid to fight a bad guy.
Well she was chosen to fight Darth Vader and so she walks up, gets the lightsaber and the guy playing him will tell u what you do so it looks cool and so no or gets hurt,
So afterwards they went to the starwars parade and once again, she didn’t give a single fuck about what was going on and she stole a picture of Luke Skywalker off the wall of the Cafe they were sitting in and she has the picture to this day.

Relationship Goals- Cole Fluff

Request:  May i ask for a Cole imagine? where YN like Cole is a former disney child star,but she stepped out from the spotlight for some time for herself and reunited with Dylan and Cole in college where they started to date The fans LOVE them together( they’re couple goals) and when it’s revealed that she’ll play Sabrina Spellman on Riverdlae, even the cast (also fans) freak out. what do you think?

Warnings: Mild language, fluff.

Notes: btw, J.B. Moranville is the actual producer of the show and Lee (Toland Krieger) is one of the actual directors too :) The scene that she’s shooting is when Veronica and Cheryl have a sleepover, but instead of Veronica, it’s Sabrina (your character) 


My head was buried in a book, at the library of NYU. A tap on my shoulder disturbed me from my intense study. Probably another fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when a fan comes up to me and asks for a photo or autograph, but it’s times like this -when I’m stressed for exams- when it’s not a good time to disturb me. I turn around though, and was faced by Dylan Sprouse - my best friend from when we were kids. Dylan, his twin Cole and I were the best of friends -inseparable even- when we were kids, because we were all childhood actors. We drifted apart due to life being thrown at us from all different directions. 

“Dylan! Oh my god! What are you doing here!”, I ask, leaping out of my seat and embracing him tightly. 

“Oh this and that”, he laughs. “Nah, Cole and I study here”

“Holy shit! How did I not know this”,I laugh. 

“Hey, sit with me at lunch? I’m over by the Washington Square Park”, Dylan smiled at me. I nod and agree. We said our goodbye’s and I went back to studying. 

– Lunch –

I made my way to the park area of the uni where Dylan said he’d be. As I got closer, I saw Dylan and a couple of his friends. 

“Ayee, look who finally showed up!”, Dylan laughed, getting up from his seat and embraced me.

“Cole, look who studies here too”


“Cole!”, I shrieked in excitement and embraced him in a tight him. I sat down in between Dylan and Cole and joined in on the conversation they were having with their friends.

– 5 years later –

Cole and I started dating a few months after we re-united at NYU. We announced it to the fans too; they absolutely love and support us, and we’ve been called “relationship goals” a lot. A Majority of our fans ships Cole and I.

Cole is currently working on a new tv show called ‘Riverdale’. The producer, J.B. Moranville, has asked if I would like to play the new character that’s being introduced named ‘Sabrina Spellman’. Of course, I agreed and have been filming for about two weeks. The whole cast and crew even call Cole and I “goals”. When we announced it to the fans, they went insane (in a good way of course). They came up of lots of theories about Jughead -Cole’s character -  and Sabrina getting together in the show, and most of them have even started shipping them.

“Oh, Y/n. Are you ready for the scene now?”, Lee, the director, asked. I nodded and placed myself on Cheryl’s bed and we shot the scene. 

“And cut!”, the director called out. “Take 15 everyone”. I got up and saw Cole and K.J messing around behind the cameras.

“Great job today, Y/n”, K.J smiles and high-fives me. I laugh and thank him.

“Do you get off early tonight?”, Cole asks me.

“Yeah I think so. Do you?”

“Yeah. Do you wanna do something?”, Cole asks. K.J laughs and smirks at us. I roll my eyes and reply;

“Nah, I’m too tired. Sleep is the only thing I want to do”

“Besides Cole of course”, K.J winks. I laugh and agree. 

“Sleep’s fine with me”, Cole says after laughing for a bit. 

After a few more hours, I get dressed into some sweatpants and one of Cole’s jumpers and wait for him to arrive back from set. I heard the door open after a few minutes of waiting.


“In here”, I call from the bedroom. Cole comes in within a matter of seconds and plops down on the bed, releasing a sigh of relief. 

“Relatable”. Cole laughs at my statement. 

“Let me go get changed and then we can cuddle”

“Sounds good to me”, I smile at him.

Side eye...

… seriously? Riverdale should suck.

Hear me out. It is like they took Sweet Valley High and added murder then ran it through some sort of David Lynch Twin Peaks plot generator and used find and replace to add in the names of characters from Archie Comics.

It’s overacted at a daytime soap opera level and all the adult cast members have been culled from 90s prime time. Jughead is played by a Disney Channel child star. Archie is either in a red wig or the worst drug store hair dye….

And yet I am hooked.

The fuuuck?? I cannot stop watching this beautiful train wreck of a production. 6 episodes in and I have to pry myself away from the tv to sleep.


Every SVTFOE related post I make gains a bunch of notes, so thought I might share this video I made on youtube. Every time Marco says Star’s Name. I’m making every time Star says Marco’s name next :)

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