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Kaiden Russell is nineteen years old. He is currently enrolled at Walt University as a sophomore. Before coming to Los Angeles, you could typically find Kaiden in his home town of Manhattan, New York. He’s occasionally stopped on the streets for looking just like Landon Liboiron’s doppelganger but he insists he resembles Kermit the Frog.

+, wise, selfless, down-to-earth.
-, anxious, easily-frustrated, sarcastic.

background information;

Kaiden Russell might not be the most popular guy in Manhattan, but he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll probably ever meet. He is a man of few words, but when he speaks, every breath counts. Though anxious around new people, Kaiden is still an exuberant, youthful, positive nineteen year old. He has one of the biggest hearts around and those lucky enough to call the boy one of their friends knows that there is no one else like Kaiden around. Kaiden was the only child of Nick Russell, a local industry overlord of Manhattan, New York. When Kaiden was only three his mother had passed away from an aggressive form of leukemia leaving Mr. Russell to raise is son alone. Nick wanted his son to grow up to inherit the family business from him, but his grooming served only to alienate Kaiden. Despite being sent to highly prestigious school, Kaiden was never very disciplined and maintained an easygoing attitude to life as opposed to a spoiled brat.

The one thing that Kaiden and his father never saw eye to eye on was of course the future. For Kaiden, he was very adamant on choosing his own destiny. He wanted to do something more with his life - something that would bring people joy. Taking over the family business didn’t exactly fulfill that. So when Kaiden told his father that he wanted to be a comedian obviously that didn’t sit well with Mr. Russell. In fact he was quite enraged with the idea of his son wanting to throw away his life for a meaningless career choice. That’s where the riff between the two began. In Kaiden’s eyes it was a long time coming, the two have never been all that close but that didn’t mean it still didn’t hurt him. The only person that ever understood and encouraged Kaiden was Penelope Hainline, his best friend. The two of them were both outcasts in their own respects but together they found a unbreakable bond and perhaps something more. From the get go Penelope had believed in Kaiden and his abilities. Sure, a comedian wasn’t a logical job to most people but if anyone could make it, in any career choice, it was Kaiden. And he was going to prove to his dad he didn’t need the family business. He was going to make it on his own.

By the time his senior year rolled around Kaiden was doing all he could to get himself out there. He’d go to local coffee shops and try his material out, only getting an occasion chuckle here and there follow by pity laughs so he would leave the stage. For months he tried relentlessly with his dream but only ended up being discouraged in the end. The last thing he wanted to do was admit defeat and prove his father right. What only added salt to his wounds was that his rock Penelope had became an entirely different person on him over the summer. While he understood what had happened to her at prom was horrible he didn’t expect her to come back a like this. She wasn’t the Penelope he once knew, in fact she was someone he didn’t really want to get to know. As harsh as it sounded, he didn’t know who his best friend was anymore because the person standing before him certainly wasn’t so, thus Kaiden distanced himself from Penelope. With his dreams failing, the feeling of being alone slowly suffocating him and the weight of college creeping up, Kaiden decided to strike a deal with his father. Walt University was in the top ten best universities in the country, the fact that it was based in Los Angeles meant that Kaiden could flex his comedic muscles at local night clubs and possibly collaborate with other comedians to better himself. Kaiden was giving himself a year to make it in the comedy world and land himself a slot on Saturday Night Live. If he failed then he would give up his dream and get the business degree he father wanted him to get since he was a child. It was a long shot but Kaiden had faith in his abilities and he wasn’t backing down just yet. 

recently played songs;

  • drake — passionfruit
  • phoenix — bankrupt
  • two door cinema club — what you know


p e n e l o p e h a i n l i n e  ➳ Penelope has always been Kaiden’s best friend. At times she was his only friend but that didn’t matter to him because Pen was all that he needed. They were close and for a while Kaiden never saw Penelope as anything more. But as time went on and they grew closer as friends something began to develop between them. Kaiden was slowly but surely falling for Penelope but then she decided that Alec Moon was more her type and that crushed him. What crushed him even more was when Penelople returned after months of not speaking to each other as a new person. Someone who was spoiled and rude to say the least. Someone Kaiden didn’t want to be associated with. It was selfish what he did. He knew he should have talked things out with her instead of isolating himself out. But Kaiden had his own problems and it looked like Penelope had her own as well and the last thing he wanted bombarding her with his. So, he cut her out.

It's Commission Time

These will be paid commissions, so sorry to those of you who can’t afford, but I’ve gotta eat and maintain myself in the adult world. That shouldn’t need much explanation. I know a lot of us on here have muses for our role-play we’d like to bring to life as much as we can, and I’d be happy to offer that service to you guys :) This more or less applies to oc character development, since they don’t have any existing images in media, but I’ll of course help with canon characters too.

If you’re actually interested in buying please message me here on tumblr and I’ll send you my paypal info and we can exchange emails or something so I can send you your art. These will all be digital, no physical mediums. 


~ ~ ~

If you wanna spruce up your threads and asks with some reaction drawings and expressions, I offer both color and black and white: 

Full color will be $5.00 each for the same amount of color and detail as above. Black and white (including maybe colored eyes because that’s always fun) are $3.00 each. 

~ ~ ~ 

If you want just a nice concept of your character I offer color and just line work:

Colored busts are $8.00 each, with or without a plain background. Colorless line work busts are $6.00 each ($1.00 extra if you want to make it black and white, i.e. shaded). 

~ ~ ~ 

If you want a simpler but more full body concept for your character, like if you’re trying to figure out how certain outfits would look on them, I can make those with simple color and composition: 

For more detailed colored concepts they’re going to be $10.00 each (same price if you want full body length or just from the hips up). For simpler concepts like the top samples they’re gonna be about $8.00 each for just the single figure design, colored of course. 

~ ~ ~

If you’re looking for a colored painting to compose your character in a more meaningful or story telling manner with a possible background: 

These can range from $20 to $35 depending on what you want (how detailed of a background, how many figures in the painting, etc). Those prices will be negotiated with me before and after I complete the image so the labor involved matches the fairness of price. 

~ ~ ~ 

And that’s about it guys! Anything is a real help to me, and I hope I can make the roleplaying experience a more fun and colorful one :D Again if you’re at all interested message me on here so we can plot some ideas on what you want, and so we can exchange paypal and emails for the transactions. 


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