Babies: 0-2

Child: 3-9

Teens: 10-18

Adults: 19-…

Seniors: white hair resulted by the age (not by ice powers or their culture)

some characters have more ages like Anna, but I just included in her kid’s category when she’s 5 and excluded when she’s 8

no sequel characters like Nina or Jane, but characters from original movies and their appearances in the sequels like Kenai and Kronk

Kida should get a category “the ones that should have already died but have a powerful energy that keeps them apparently young” but she seems to be in her 20’s so she’s just in the adult category

I assume Franny is the same age as Lewis since she’s in the science fair, but I think Goob is younger than them

animals not included

just humans (and mermaid)


most of them are here

The Signs as Disney Dudes (princes, parents and such)

Aries: Kristoff

Taurus: Gaston

Gemini: Flynn Ryder

Cancer: Hiro Hamada

Leo: Hans

Virgo: Dr. Facilier

Libra: Prince Naveen

Scorpio: Kuzco

Sagittarius: Rafiki

Capricorn: Li Shang

Aquarius: Peter Pan

Pisces: Mr. Smee