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Pascal’s (A triumphant) Story

By far one of the best episode Tangled Series has produced to date.  As if written with the same pen as Tangled itself.  From the heart racing chase, to the death of Pascal’s mother, the sweet, sweet, lyrical love of the Healing Incantation.  (Whoever they got to voice Young Rapunzel preformed the Incantation perfectly.)  We are quickly drawn into Rapunzel through Pascal’s eyes.  His love for her, and the vast difference between his life before and after the events of the movie.

In all honestly, we didn’t need a montage on how much Rapunzel’s life was disrupting the friendship between Raps and Pascal.  From the beginning of the Series, Pascal has taken the back seat for a lot of royal duties, new friendships, the mystery of the rocks and the return of her hair, adventures, and a whole lot of frivolous nonsense.  Yet we are given the straw to break the camel’s back which is fine.  Rapunzel breaking a promise, which has far more meaning then one would think.  Remember, Rapunzel NEVER EVER breaks her promises, yet she does with her first friend, her most loyal, Pascal.

We are given true characters after Pascal ran away.  Rapunzel broke a promise, and her horror at Pascal’s loss was felt deeply.  No matter his feelings about Pascal, it took Eugene just one glance into Rapunzel’s panic to see he needed to help her.   It was at that moment, everything about the kingdom, about their lives was erased, it didn’t matter.  It was down to the original crew, Rapunzel, Eugene, and Maximus, to find their missing fourth, Pascal.

Cassandra blindly tried to insert herself into the trio, and Rapunzel quickly showed that, Cassandra, the Castle, and any thing bout being a princess, did not matter.  Cassandra reaction was less scared and in away hurt, and I think this fits into the building tension brewing between these two.  Cassandra, would never be on the same level as Eugene, Pascal, and even Maximus.  It was clearly a divide with in her life.  This episode clearly showed this.  We are brought into the divided world, something that this series needed.

Then we reach the tower, the level of detail was superb, it was just as the movie left it, minus a pool of blood, but this is Disney.  (Even if someone was stabbed just below the ribs through the kidney, liver, and most likely puncturing a lung, maybe nicking the heart.) Seeing Rapunzel and Eugene in front of the tower again and their reaction was perfect.  I would like to note that now that it is cleared up that Cassandra has known Eugene DIED for Rapunzel yet she is still an ass to him, builds on her asshole personality from the beginning. Cassandra’s lack of reaction to Eugene’s comment shows she knew what he was talking about.  Rapunzel wanting to go in alone, showed her devotion and love of Pascal.

The Rapunzel Pascal reuniting in the tower was fitting, the snake encounter acted as a good final MacGuffin to bring this about. Both faced their fears, Pascal the killer of her mother, Rapunzel, the prison made by her so called mother.   It was a great way to end as they enter their second hiatus, as they play production catch up.  This was the Episode the series desperately needed.  The episode wasn’t ‘Random Adventures of Rapunzel and Friends’, it was ‘Tangled: The Series’.  

The Series is going well, and every hiatus should come with powerful episodes like this. If you are not going to weave in the series plot, we need something like Pascal’s Story that loops the original movie back into series, or at least major character arcs.  

“Rae listen, we have been through so much together. You know, high school, divorce… That summer we spent crewin’ that oil rig…

Literally anyone: they don’t make cartoons like they used to :/

Me: DARN TOOTIN THEY DON’T. We’re in a renaissance of American animation with some of the best cartoons we’ve ever had. I’m talkin art styles, I’m talkin clever and heartfelt writing, I’m talkin voice actors, I’m talkin diverse casts and characters, I’m talkin new animation techniques. All I watch is cartoons and I’ve got a list of shows for you to watch if you think kids don’t have quality shows to watch these days. And if you think they’re only enjoyable for kids, then woooo boy I’ve got some shows for you.


15 Years ago today Kim Possible premiered on the Disney Channel. The show went on to become the most successful Disney animated series for a period of time. It broke boundaries and gave us unforgettable characters and amazing action sequences. Many of us fans will always love this show and it will always have a special place in our hearts. <3

June 7th 2002