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Top 5 Childhood Girl Crushes Tag

So I had an idea for a new tag for sapphic girls that I thought would be a really fun way to share and get to know everyone a little better. Hope you guys like it!

Rules: If you get tagged, or just want to participate, copy and paste these rules into a new post and share your top 5 girl crushes from growing up! You can tag other users to participate or just leave it open. Basically, have fun reminiscing!

1: Shego 

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2: Paris Geller 

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3: Jennifer (Cadet Kelly)

4: Phoebe Buffay

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5: Jo March

I tag every sapphic girl who reads this and wants to do it! Have fun!

whenever marginalized groups complain about the lack of content highlighting their stories and issues, they are told to “create their own content, then.” however, when they do, they are faced with overwhelming critique, overwhelming ignorance, or a mixture of both.

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Top 10 Disney Disasters

#10. Renewing Pickle and Peanut: I acknowledge from a business stand point, if a show is popular, it should get another season. Pickle and Peanut, however, is not that popular. Not only have ratings declined since it’s premier, but less and less people are talking about it, and when they do it’s not positive. But apparently, no one at Disney Television give a shit as it’s been renewed for another season. If you thought less people were watching it by the end of Season 1, then no one is going to watch it at the start of Season 2.

#9. Giving up on John Carter: After being in development hell for over 80 years (I’m not kidding, Hollywood’s been trying to get this character of the ground since the 30s), Disney finally gave John Carter his cinematic debut. Despite under performing at the box office and getting mixed reviews from critics, audiences were very accepting to it and wanted more. However, instead of let’s say attempt to make an animated show based on it like one of their other cult films, Tron. or having the character find new life in video game form, Disney just gave the film rights back to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ estate. Really? After decades of being stuck in development hell, John Carter is just thrown back in? I know Disney lost money on the film, but they could’ve saved the character from falling into obscurity again by making a tv show. But, that’s reality I guess :/

#8. Ripping Off Ren and Stimpy: I’ve talked about this before, so I’ll keep it brief. Disney is a company that has made a name for themselves in pushing the boundaries of animation and story telling. So they should be more than ashamed of themselves for mooching off the success of their competition instead of making their own Goddamn show -.-

#7. Ending Wander Over Yonder: Just, why? About a year ago, Disney decided not to renew Wander Over Yonder. Why? Honestly, I don’t know. I know Craig McCracken said they “felt 2 seasons and 80 cartoons was enough,” but he never explained WHY they felt that. And no, it wasn’t because of the ratings nor was it because Disney didn’t like it. It really does baffle me how Phineas and Ferb got 4 seasons and 222 episodes before getting the axe (not bashing the show, I actually like it, I’m just trying to prove a point) and yet they felt Wander Over Yonder was just a 2 Season show and a 3rd would spoil it. What?!

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#6. Canning Potentially Good Sequels: I know the direct-to-video sequels are notoriously unpopular, but that doesn’t mean they’re all without merit. Cinderella 3 told a fairly sold story and had some genuine stakes involved. Tarzan 2 you could argue is just filler, but kid Tarzan does go through a real character arc in this movie. And Return to Neverland is my personal favorite of the bunch and that’s mainly because of Jane. Disney Toons had plans for sequels to Dumbo, Chicken Little, Meet The Robinsons, and Pinocchio among others before John Lasseter shut them all down. I respect his dislike for these films, but I honestly believe some of them could have been more than just run of the mill. Like, more adventures with Pinocchio or The Robinsons; I actually wanted to see a Mulan 3 (Mulan 2 isn’t in my top 10 Disney sequels, but I don’t think it’s that bad). At the very least, these movies could’ve been decent with the right amount of effort, but like with Circle 7, John would like the rest of the world to pretend these ideas never happened.

#5. Bad Timing on Release Dates: Winnie The Pooh, Muppets Most Wanted, The Rescuers Down Under, The Rocketeer and Treasure Planet. You know what these movies have in common? They were all released at the worst times for their respected genres. I’m not a box office analyst (check out Grace Randolph for those statistics; yeah, yeah I know “she’s a whore” “kys” blah blah blah -.-), but last time I checked, you shouldn’t put something as innocent and family friendly as Winnie The Pooh up against something massive like Harrry Potter. Nor should you release a goofy family comedy like the Muppets in the spring if you expected similar results like its predecessor. Also, who’s idea was it to release one of, if not THE best Disney sequel the same week as Home Alone? I don’t know about you, but that’s not very smart if you ask me. Why? Really think about it; this was Disney’s first sequel and it’s set in the desert of Australia. They put in alot of effort to make this an improvement over it’s predecessor; from the animation, to the characters, to the story, even down to the humor. All that effort and yet they decided to release it around the holiday season, as opposed to, I don’t know-SUMMER?! I know no studio is perfect, but there should be no reason why they fucked up these release dates so bad.

#4. Sitcom Overload: You know how many sitcom are on Disney Channel right now? 6. And they’re all about preteens or teens going through their everyday lives with wacky hijinks and some character bonding along the way. To be fair though, they are better than the Stupid Sitcoms on Nickelodeon, but the quality of them isn’t the problem. The problem is that there’s so many of them and not enough animation. Like I said earlier, Disney has made a name for themselves in pushing the boundaries of animation and storytelling. So, where the fuck is the animation on television? Answer: Disney XD. The reason why this is bothersome is because when people think of Disney, they think of the animated content first and the live action stuff after. Disney has made some good live action movies and tv shows for sure, but they’re not nearly as remembered as the ones that are animated. As such, the Disney Channel is generally regarded as the Disney Sitcom Channel. Yes, from a business standpoint, sitcoms are profitable, but too many sitcoms can damage you brand as an animation company and in a sense it has. Also, on a minor note, can we change Disney XD back to Toon Disney? I’ve honestly never understood the name change so can we turn it back? No? Worth a shot :/

#3. Controversial Jokes: I know comedy is subjective, but that doesn’t mean joke’s can’t cause an uproar if handled poorly. And boy were these handled in the worst way possible. Making a joke about models barely eating on paper, sounds exactly what you think it sounds like: a joke that inadvertedly sounds like an eating disorder joke. And it was. The joke was from an episode of Shake It Up and while that joke was removed, this wouldn’t be the last time Disney did something like this. Did you know Jessie has a character who eats a glutten free diet and they made an episode revolving around this? No? Because alot of angry parents saw that and Disney was forced to change it or risk getting doxed. Disney should really remind themselves that they can’t make light on topics like these as it does more harm than good. They didn’t joke around with racism, so eating disorders should obviously be a no no.

#2. Producing Dumb Ideas for Bad Movies: Mars Needs Moms, Alexander and the God Awful Title, The Santa Claus 3, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Prom. All of them were terrible ideas made into equally terrible movies. Mars Needs Moms, from the title alone is their worst film, no contest. You know it’s bad when the fucking title sounds like a 4 year old thought of this film. The plot is nonsense, the characters are awful, not even the animation does it any favors. This isn’t the first time I’ve ranted on this film, so let me explain the biggest problem with this movie: the concept. Why would an alien race need our human mothers to grow the species? They were doing just find before. Alexander, meanwhile, is based on a kids book. Wouldn’t be so bad if A. The title wasn’t shit and B. The plot wasn’t a light version of Everybody Hates Chris. I’m aware The Santa Claus has its fans, so it wouldn’t be fair to put it on the list because of my hatred for the film. Objectively, however, The Santa Claus 3 should not have been made with the generic It’s a Wonderful Life plot. I don’t care if It’s a Wonderful Life is a classic, it should not be remade and retold over and over again. The other two were based on a joke or dare, I swear. Who was asking for a movie about going to the prom? And don’t people hate Lindsay Lohan? And drama queens? Especially if they’re teenagers? I’ll refer you back to my point at #s 4 and 8 because I hate repeating myself -.-

#1. Ignoring Song of the South: In the Tom and Jerry Highlight Collection, Whoopi Goldberg did an introduction explaining why the cartoons featured in the DVD included Mammy-Two Shoes despite her being criticized as a racist stereotype (I’m with BenTheLooney in that this criticism is bullshit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl01VhWbC74). Whoopi said that taking her out of the DVD would be the same as pretending she didn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong, racial stereotyping is bad, but so is pretending films and cartoons involving black characters didn’t exist. Case in point, Song of the South, I feel, is one of Disney’s underappreciated films simply because of the portrayal of blacks in the Post-Civil War era. I get it, slaves were miserable after the war; that said, that’s not what the film’s about. Its about a boy living on a plantation who listens to the stories of Brer Rabbit, told by Uncle Remus. The film was last seen in theaters in 1986 and never received a home release in the U.S.. Bob Iger calls it “fairly offensive” and you can debate all you want, but not giving this movie a home release isn’t helping your case. That only makes people want to see it more. Whoopie Goldberg herself wants this movie to have a home release. Sure you can just bootleg it or watch it online, but if you were to own it on Blu-Ray, you could get some insight into the process of making this movie, a brief history of racial stereotyping in movies. They still play the Zip-a-dee-doo-dah song, and they put alot of effort to the theme park attraction. This movie should not be ignored because the company wants to stay family friendly. Families don’t keep things from each other, just saying.

Conclusion: I love Disney, just about everyone loves Disney; but they’re not perfect and to think otherwise would be foolish. Pointing out their flaws and criticizing their actions is the only way they can get better. I’m aware of the Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar problems, but I wanted to focus on Disney specifically. Know any other Disney fuck-ups? Let me know in response to this post. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon.


I just wanted to give a sum-up of how every modern disney show is exactly the same.

SVT Cute Jobs; Joshua!!

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ok so yall knew this was coming

i hope

also i got inspiration from Shawn Mendes’s new song cause the guitar work in the song is making me sCREAM YES (i might be a lowkey stan)


-Joshua Hong



-guitar dad (who shouldn’t have acquired a nickname that his related to his religion thanks)

-it all started when his parents opened up a music shop before he was born

-then the brightest sunshine on the whole planet was born

-and the rest is history 

-sort of

-so when he was old enough his parents gave him his first guitar

-at first he had no idea what to do with it

-he used it as a lightsaber once oops

-in the long run he actually started to learn how to play guitar and it was really cool cause he could play all these different songs on the guitar

-he tried to replicate the opening to Still Original by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

-it actually went really well damn kid you got talent

-he also owns a small channel on youtube but doesn’t upload often rip

-after working in the shop for a while he had a genius idea

-he noticed that a lot of kids were getting guitars from his family’s shop

-but wouldn’t know how to play

-so he offered to teach the kids

-for free

-what a kind soul

-his parents suggested that he did it for money and to earn it as a job but it didn’t appeal to him as much as seeing little kids smile after mastering twinkle twinkle little star on guitar

-he also asked if he could hold sessions in the shop and his parents agreed

-so everywhere he went he put up flyers about free guitar lessons in the shop and 1 on 1 sessions too

-at first the parents weren’t too sure about a teenager teaching kids how to play songs like Toxic by Britney Spears and Its Gonna Be Me by Nsync 


-but after they came in to see him

-they soon realised that he is a gentle soul and cannot hurt anyone at all

-not even a fly

-except for that one moth in the 7th grade but that was because it flew into his face

-but that’s not the point

-speaking of parents

-your parents and little brother have been talking about taking guitar lessons and after seeing him with the other kids they soon agreed

-but you didn’t exactly know what was going on

-so one morning

-you wake up before anyone else

-it was like 10 am and your parents were out of town

-what amazing timing 

-your little brother was dressed before you

-and it was a saturday morning

-w      h      a     t

-”dude why the hell are you dressed before me??”

-”i’m practising guitar today”

-”since when did you start guitar??”

-”i started a while ago”

-”thats why im finding note sheets i thought i was losing my mind wow okAY”

-you shook it off as it was nothing because

-a. your little brother was weird as hell and b. your life was like a really cringey and cool 2000′s Disney Channel sitcom 

-you continued eating your breakfast as it was nothing special because it was nothing special

-ding dong

-just as you put your plate in the sink someone rings your doorbell

-as you’re walking to the door you’re thinking about who it could be

-shit maybe your mum and dad came back early cause you and your brother alone in the house spelt out the word trouble in big fat fucking letters

-or its the mailman 

-you’re at the door in your pjs holding a cup of tea

-you’re ready to fuck shit up if it’s not the mailman or your parents

-did i mention you had great bed hair like you looked like you just came out of a Pantene commercial 

-you open the door

-its a dude

-just holding a guitar


-like wtf

-he’s incredibly handsome

-and hes just smiling to you

-like he doesn’t notice the fact that you’re in your god damn pjs



-can that be his nickname instead of the reference to his religion thank

-if he has notice them


-you’re just praying that hes just like awww thats cute

-you give a blank stare like what are you doing why are you here what’s your name hi are you single and ready to bingo


-”hi is y/b/n in? i’m joshua and i’m here to teach him guitar. whats your name?

-”ah, yeah hes in. i’ll get him quickly. and my name is y/n.”

-so that’s why the brat is dressed up so nicely

-and why he has a guitar

-that also explains the sandwich you had that was wrapped in music sheets

-thanks dad

-you let him in and you let him sit in your front room

-and you slyly watch from the sidelines

-and you think

-theres an angel in my god damn house

-oh m y   g o D

-so you just go upstairs and call your brother

-”why is there an angel in the front room??!!!!”

-”oh you mean Joshua? yeah hes pretty cool! you should hear him sing too! he sounds like one of those dudes on the voice!”


-inside you’re breaking down

-f u cjokjsdkwjd


-okay calm down y/n

-you finally get dressed after spending like 10 hours in your eevee pjs i want some so badly 

-and you just wear a normal jumper and a pair of jeans 

-nothing fancy

-and you just brush your hair

-but when you go to check up on your brother and his new guitar teacher


-he just


-like he stops after you ask them if they want a drink and hes just looking at you

-like wow


-you bring the two drinks in and place them on the table

-”let me know if you want anything to eat, okay?”

-f  r   o      z     e   n

-hes just screaming on the inside

-after a while you hear them play a really popular song

-ok it’s There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes

-aka it’s the song you kind of like

-take away the kind of 

-you like it a lot

-so you’re just in the kitchen

-you hear them play it

-and you just hum

-then you quietly sing 

-then you just sing

-and boi your voice is nICE CHILL FAM

-and joshua hears you laugh a little


-”you hear that?”

-”oh it;s just y/n singing. she does it a lot.”

-”her voice is beautiful.”

-and as he said that



- W  H   A   T 


-Joshua is also shook that you’re in the room too

-”y-you heard me? i swear we need to get that echo fixed in the hallway omg you know what i’m gonna call my mum about that now–”

“no, he said that your voice was really nice.”

-”i said beautiful”

-”what he said”


-you smile so much


-“i have an idea! i’ve been thinking–”

-”bro thats a little dangerous”

-haha very funny but my idea is that you sing and Josh can play the guitar! just once, please?”

-joshua smiled to your brother then to you 

-”that sounds like fun, what do you say y/n?”



-”y/n are you okay?”

-”i-i’m fine…could you excuse me for a moment?”

-you run out the room

-you run upstairs to your room

-you jump on your bed

-and you sCREAM 


-you calm down and then go downstairs again

-”that sounds really cool”

-but you always thought

-maybe theres a catch


-maybe not

-so your brother just sits on the chair 

-and you two are sitting on the sofa



-you two finish

-and smile to each other


-you genuinely made him happy with his voice

-so at the end of the day

-you say goodbye at the door and he just gives you a piece of paper

-with a number

-”what’s this?”

-”it’s my number. we should sing together more often.”

-”it’s a date.”

-“wait iS IT A DATE??”



-and then your little bro is just in the other room like

-”i swear to god they’re made for each other….”


Tamera takes a trip down Disney memory lane in this ‘throwback “Sister, Sister” moment’ clip!

disney channel sitcom mh episode concepts since i cant sleep as usual

💀draculaura tries converting people to veganism
💀spectra intro ep where ppl at high school start noticing strange paranormal things happening and the monsters have to straighten her out
💀frankie doesnt charge enough one morning and falls asleep in the middle of class. Lala and clawdeen put sunglasses on her to try and make her seem awake since they cant recharge her like that drake andjosh episode
💀deuce accidentily stones someone. He and frankie panic and hijinks involving trying to hide the statue occur and they decide to tell the person that they got paralyzed by a bug sting or something and say bye before the victim can question this
💀double date episode w cleo/deuce and frankie/holt. Lala clawdeen and lagoona are all 3 trying to coach frankie through an earpiece. Cleo looks like shes abt to scream


Y’all always talk about how good Disney was back in the day but you SLEEP on the famous Jett Jackson, aka one of the first ever live action Disney Channel original sitcoms aka THE FIRST Disney Channel original sitcom with a black lead (RIP Lee Thompson Young). 

Y’all especially sleep on this extremely important and still extremely relevant episode from 2000 called ‘Food for Thought’.

See, The Famous Jett Jackson is about a boy who stars on a very popular tv show who convinces his show runners to move the show from Hollywood and back to his home town and how different his life is. 

But in this particular episode it starts with Jett doing an interview in Charlotte where he is really troubled when the interviewer starts to remind him about the privilege he has being a successful young black man and how that isn’t the reality for most young black men where they’re from and how he’ll never really understand that. Jett is really bothered by this so he decides to brave the city alone and see what the interviewer was talking about. He encounters another young black man around his age who is experiencing a very different life than he is and helps show Jett what black people without the privilege he has really go through

But most of all I want to highlight a specific scene that really struck me when I was rewatching this. Jett is trying desperately to call his dad on a pay phone after losing his wallet and is frustrated when the phone is broken, so he slams down the receiver. That’s when two cops show show up and force him to the ground, physically hurt and try to detain him.

F o r    s l a m m i n g   a   r e c e i v e r. 

The only reason they let him go is because a taxi happens to drive by with an ad for his show on the side and one of the cops recognises him. It felt so real. 

Here are some quotes from the episode that really struck me and are still so relevant:

‘The fact is, despite how far we’ve come in the last 40 years, a young black man living in the community is still far more likely to find himself in the back of a cop car than the back of a limo,’

‘Just another black man dead in the streets, you know. TV news didn’t even bother to cover it.’

‘Why you harassing the boy? The kid’s just tryna call his dad.’

‘You think I don’t know what it means to be a black man in America?’

‘If those people who can help, don’t, who will?’


This is the kind of shit Girl Meets World needs to be addressing. This is what I want on the show. This is what Disney used to be. This is what Disney needs to be showing now.

Who the fuck puts that fancy of chairs at their dinner table? Who the fuck puts nice upholstered chairs at their dinner table? Seriously, those are some sodmething nice chairs. those are the kind of chairs that go in your living room, not your dining room. What if you accidentally spill or drop something on it? That shit will take some serious elbow grease to get that stain out. Though if they’re rich enough to have such nice chair at the dinner table, they can probably afford to get them professionally cleaned.

Hell, maybe it’s just me and my personal experience. Hell, my house doesn’t even have a dining room - we just have a kitchen with a big table in it. And 2/3 of that table is used for storage 90% of the time because the house is so sodmething small.

I’m curious, though, about what you guys think. My house - the one I’ve lived one from birth - has always been a crapfest surrounded by million-dollar houses that I’ve never set foot in. Hell, my basement is basically one giant room with no walls (lots of support beams, though) with a cement floor. Is this type of furnishing common among the upper middle class/upper class? I don’t go to others’ houses pretty much ever, so I don’t have much to go off of.

What’s your opinion on the matter? I’d love a bit more insight into stuff like this.

ok if nobody else is gonna say it then i have to… there is literally already a Disney channel sitcom about a team of superheroes and their non-super support team, living on a floating water base from which they monitor/protect the earth

and im so fucking grateful someone with more talent than those writers is gonna produce content around that concept

keep this Chelsea ♡

Ok wow, what a difference they made in Chelsea in only two episodes. Episodes 1-5 she was too dumb, almost annoyingly stupid, episode 6 she was dumb, but just dumb enough, kinda like the Chelsea we all know but episode 7, my god!!!! I loved her in this episode!! Finally they are showing a Chelsea who is able to take care of things without destroying them, who is being an adult and who is being responsible. She was amazing. She didn’t say one stupid thing but it was in my opinion still the best episode, funny yet (very) important and valuable. Finally they are showing that Chelsea can help Rae as much as Rae is helping her. That is what was lacking in the previous episodes, she just felt like a burden, until now. She took care of the kids, the dance and Raven. Sure she can say some dumb stuff every now and then because that’s who she is but keep this mature and responsible Chelsea. I mean it was still her, some puns here and there, still so kindhearted, everything was her except the dumb stuff she says and I am so fine with that tbh I would have no problems if they kept her this way. I loved it. I could easily get used to this Chelsea.