Why are people trying to make Josh the bad guy? Excuse me but Lucas did nothing but prioritize Riley over Maya in front of Maya many times (on girl meets texas part 3, girl meets the New Year and girl meets ski lodge part 2) by getting jealous of every guy that talked to Riley. He got so jealous of Charlie that Maya had to ask him “why do you care?” on girl meets the new year and also Lucas “likes Maya so much” and he says all these amazing things about Maya when she’s not around but when Maya says the reason that she thinks Lucas likes her and Lucas says she’s wrong he can’t even tell her what he likes about her to her face? Like? Do you guys really think Maya deserves a guy who not only prioritizes her best friend over her but can’t even tell her what he likes about her? Lucas is a coward. He never tells her anything sweet to her face meaning it (except for the “you’re a good artist Maya” thing) whenever he did it, it was to even it up Bc he complimented Riley first or it was something directed at both Riley and Maya. This isn’t me talking as a Joshaya shipper, this is me being realistic. Lucas doesn’t deserve Maya or Riley. They’re both too good for him. And the truth is, Josh was better to Maya in girl meets ski lodge part 2 than Lucas ever was to Maya in 3 seasons, he told Maya all the things he admired about her, made sure she would know how special she was and helped her figure out her true feelings in the end, said that he will always want her in his life and most importantly he was the first boy that looked her in the eyes and said he liked her back, which is something she’s been waiting to hear from him for a long time. So stop making Josh seem like the bad guy when Lucas has been acting like a dick to both Riley and Maya. Lucas called Riley a loser in girl meets permanent record, and he made Riley explain herself to him even tho she owes him nothing, he gets crazy as hell and possessive whenever Riley talks to someone even tho he was not even dating Riley. And don’t even get me started on how he treated Maya on gm ski lodge part 2 because that will make me lose my shit. He’s ridiculous for doing those things and should just stay friends with them. He honestly doesn’t deserve any of the girls. It shocks me how people still want Lucas and Maya together after the way he treated Maya in girl meets ski lodge part 2 (by that I mean prioritizing Riley over Maya in front of Maya and not liking her rebel side and fighting her over it even tho Maya accepts Lucas bad side) and girl meets the new year. And stop saying that Josh doesn’t know things just because he’s not around much, he knows what was going on with Maya and the triangle Bc Riley told him, and both times that he gave his advice was because he was asked to by both Riley and Maya. Stop trying to find reasons to hate on a Josh, he’s a genuinely nice guy, he’s a way better guy than Lucas after the things he said and done.

Help Me - A Rilaya Imagine

Prompt: Riley is being harassed and Maya is upset that she asks Lucas and Zay to help instead of her.

A/N: This might make you feel uncomfortable or bring back unpleasant memories, so please read with caution. 




Riley gripped her phone and plugged in her headphones and started to walk down the halls after cheer practice. She dialed Lucas’s number just in case he tried something.

“Hey, babydoll.” Alec creepily whispers as she walks past. Riley tries to keep walking before she is pulled back into his arms. She pressed the call button and hoped that Lucas would pick up.

“Hey, Riles. What’s Up?” Lucas says and she hears Zay scream in the background,

“Hey Riley!”

“I’m starting to believe that you are avoiding me little one. But then I thought, why would my sweet little Riley Matthews want to avoid her favorite senior?” She flinched as he kissed her neck.

“Alec, please don’t do this. I have a girlfriend.” She pleaded but all he did was place his hand over her mouth.

“So, you’ve been refusing me for a silly little girl?” He turned her around to face him and slapped her right across her face before she dropped to the ground, and he hovered over her.

“RILEY, WHAT’S GOING ON? RILEY?” She heard Lucas yell into the phone.

“Don’t tell me, it’s that girl you are always around. What’s her name again…” Riley quivered in his hold, hoping that nothing would happen to Maya. She would do what this creep wanted if nothing happened to the best thing in her life. “Maya Hart? Is that right? I guess it is from how much you are whimpering. Well, if she’s the only thing standing between us, I may just have to take care of her.” Shivers were sent down her spine as her captor cackled.

“Please, do what you want to me, just don’t hurt Maya. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she got hurt because of me.” Alec slammed her back on the ground before going to pick up Riley’s backpack that she dropped.

“RILEY!! DON’T SAY THAT. *muffled* ZAY! Riley’s in trouble, we have to go help her! *regular* Where are you? We’re coming to help!”

“I’m at the high school.” Riley tried to whisper into the microphone of her earbuds.

“Who are you talking to?” Alec yelled as her strutted over and ripped the phone out of her hand. “Whoever this is, there is nothing to worry about. Riley just realized that she was much better off with me, and we are running away together. Bye, bye.”

He dropped the phone and pulled Riley up and started dragging her down the hallway. Riley couldn’t hear him, but Lucas said, “Zay, call Maya and tell her what’s happening. We have to go to the high school before he takes her anywhere else.”

Alec turned a corner, and went down a hallway, and then turned another corner, and another, and another. “THIS SCHOOL IS TOO CONFUSING! Where are we?” 

“Alec, you are a senior and you don’t even know how to get out of the school?”

“Shut up. Riley! I barely ever go to school.” He scoffs as she rolls her eyes but sequels once his grip tightens.

“Let her go Alec!” Zay yells with Lucas right behind them as they run down the hallway.

Help me.” Riley whispers before Alec punches her till she’s knocked out,” 

When she wakes up she’s sees Maya cradling her as she cries. She notices that she is in her room and that all of her friends were spread around her room, asleep. She tries to sit up but she has a pounding headache that makes her let out a groan.

“Honey? Thank goodness you are okay! Why didn’t you tell me that he was harassing you? I could have helped!” Maya quickfires before Farkle puts a hand on her shoulder.

“Let her breathe, Maya. She just woke up, give her some space!“

“But I need to know something!” Maya cries as Riley caresses her face.

“I’m okay, Farkley.” Riley shuffles up on her bed until she’s resting against her headboard. “What do you need to know, Peaches?” In that moment, Maya realized that Riley was an amazing person, because no matter what just happened, she would rather hear Maya out than admit that she’s in pain. She did that because she thought Maya was more important than the pounding she felt in her head.

“Everyone else, out now. I need to speak to my girlfriend!”

Isaiah jumped up and ran out of the room wanting to give the girls their space, but also not wanting to deal with angry Maya.

“But Smackle is still sleeping,” protested Farkle.

“I got this.” Lucas yelled as her carried her bridal style from the bay window. From the hall you could hear Isadora say,

“Lucas, put me down! I am dating Farkle! No matter how tempting you are…”

Then Farkle groaned, “SMACKLE!” He raced out after her, shutting the door behind him.

Maya sat against the headboard and positioned Riley so that her head was in Maya’s lap but she was looking up at her. “So, what did you want to know?”

Maya stroked Riley’s hair as she asked her, “Why did you call Lucas and Zay instead of me? DO you know how much it hurt to find out secondhand from Huckleberry that my girlfriend was being attacked and had been verbally and physically abused? Why wouldn’t you tell me? I should be the first person you trust with something like this!”

Riley noticed the tears slipping from Maya’s face and she wipes them away as she pulls Maya’s head closer to hers.

“Lucas and Zay were the first ones I called because I couldn’t stand the thought of you being hurt trying to protect me. He threatened you and I lost it. Every emotion came rushing out. I was a mess. And of course I couldn’t do anything, because if I tried, I knew that you would be harmed. I always want you to be safe, so that’s why you weren’t the first person I trusted. That is why I called Lucas. Not because I want them to get harmed, but because I knew they could handle it, not that you can’t. I would just rather know that you were safe and sound. 

“Don’t ever doubt my love for you or my trust in you. You are, always have been, and always will be the most important person in my life, and I love you so much, Peaches. No matter what we go through, I will always come back to you, because you are mine Maya Penelope Hart, and I am yours.” 

“I love you so much, Riles.”

“I know.” They exchanged a loving and sweet kiss before Maya decided that her neck hurt from being in that position. She spent the rest of that day holding her girlfriend very close as they watched movies with their friends (yes they watched The Notebook, because Zay kept begging for about 15 minutes). Maya and Riley knew from that day forward that from then on they would always be the person that each other trusted the most.

A/N: That turned out way longer than expected but I hope you like it! If you have a request for an imagine, or one-shot for a ship or if you want a preference send it to me here

Love you guys-Angelina

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Selena Gomez guest starred on Hannah Montana as pop star/rival Mikayla Skeech in three separate episodes. But she also was Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place. We know that Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana take place in the same world because of the 2009 crossover special "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana". Both characters can't exist simultaneously unless Alex Russo created a pop star alter ego and used magic to never be recognized for it, yet this is never addressed and the series move on


mark your calendars…

10 am – Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
11:20 am – Read It and Weep
12:55 pm – Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
2:40 pm. – Jump In!
4:15 pm – Lemonade Mouth
6:15 pm – Zapped
8 pm – High School Musical 2
9:55 pm – The Cheetah Girls 2
11:45 pm – Zenon the Zequel
1:25 am – Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge
2:55 am – Twitches Too
4:25 am – Alley Cats Strike!

6:25 am – You Wish!
8:05 am – The Proud Family Movie
9:50 am – Quints
11:25 am – Horse Sense
1:10 pm – Cow Belles
2:50 pm – Twitches
4:30 pm – The Even Stevens Movie
6:15 pm – Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
8 pm – Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
9:50 pm – Princess Protection Program
11:30 pm – The Cheetah Girls: One World
1:05 am – Zenon: Z3
2:40 am – Halloweentown High
4:20 am – The Thirteenth Year

6 am – Right On Track
7:45 am – Full-Court Miracle
9:35 am – Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off
11:20 am – Brink!
1:10 pm – Double Teamed
2:55 pm – Rip Girls
4:35 pm – Motocrossed
6:20 pm – Cloud 9
8 pm – Teen Beach 2
9:55 pm – Bad Hair Day
11:40 pm – How to Build a Better Boy
1:20 am – Pixel Perfect
2:55 am – The Other Me
4:30 am – Genius

10 am – Stuck in the Suburbs
11:30 am – Halloweentown
1:05 pm – Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
2:55 pm – Smart House
4:25 pm – High School Musical
6:15 pm – Camp Rock
8 pm – Descendants
10:05 pm – Teen Beach Movie
11:55 pm – Cadet Kelly
1:50 am. – The Cheetah Girls
3:35 am – Johnny Tsunami