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The Dasey Scene I Never Noticed

I highly recommend that everyone rewatch or reread all the source material for their adolescent ships and fandoms, because when you are young and innocent very important stuff just flies right over your poor, uncorrupted little head.

Stuff like this:

This scene from The Venturian Candidate might be the most blatantly inappropriate thing ever shown on a kid’s show. Derek hears that he will have an office if he’s Class President and IMMEDIATELY launches into a fantasy of his stepsister as his adoring, submissive secretary, ever so eager to serve his every whim.

His entire concept of power is Casey willingly calling him sir while wearing a tight white shirt and glasses. And my middle school brain saw nothing remarkable about that at all. I shipped Dasey. I noticed the UST. I felt worldly and grown up for recognizing all the eye sex for what it was. And yet I never even thought of this as a Dasey scene until now.

Which is unfortunate because this scene pretty much proves that Derek’s brain is basically Casey Land. If he isn’t thinking of ways to make her mad or hearing her voice in his head telling him what he should do or wracking his brain to find a way to fix whatever’s hurting her without looking like he cares then he’s dressing her up in kinky little fantasy outfits. If he’s NOT in love with her, then nothing in this show makes any damn sense.


This was hard to draw considering how much Ford trusts Dipper. The man who literally said “trust no one” finally opens up to someone he sees as a friend. Then this. This would hurt him so much.