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Brother Bear is a truly heart-warming tale that for *ahem* “unknown” reasons tends to be forgotten by the masses. It’s time to spread the word about this stunning film as far as we can get soooooo mark your calenders Disney fans! Brother Bear appreciation week officially begins on July 13th through the 19th! Express your love of this completely underrated film through gifsets, edits, and text posts all week.

As with all appreciation weeks you’re free to show your support in any way you’d like, but if you’d like some guidance I’ve selected some prompts you can do each day!

  • [SUNDAY 07/13] Fave main character - show your love for any of the major characters (yes I understand there aren’t that many that would be classified as major just take your pick from the few that would be)
  • [MONDAY 07/14] Fave minor character - pretty self explanatory I’d say! Pick your favorite secondary character and show your love
  • [TUESDAY 07/15] Fave quote(s) - this film is full of silly, sad, and/or inspirational lines. Pick your favorite(s) and show us!
  • [WEDNESDAY 07/16] Fave scene - a scene in the film that never fails to move you in some way
  • [THURSDAY 07/17] Fave pairing (friendship, family, romantic, etc) - which 2 people in this film have a bond you aspire to have? 
  • [FRIDAY 07/18] Fave thing about or in the film - do you love the message Brother Bear tells, the music? Or physically do you love the drawings on the caves, Koda’s smile, the fish at the salmon run? Of all the things in the film, what tickles your fancy the most?
  • [SATURDAY 07/19] Anything you want! - anything you’re just dying to share? Share it! The more the merrier!

Finally, we don’t want your voice not to be heard! Tag all your posts and track #brother bear appreciation week so you don’t miss any of it! (If you tag your posts be sure to put the above tag within the first 5 tags or it won’t show up in the tag!) And if you are doing a gifset or edit be sure to tag #disneyedit and #brotherbearedit (is that a thing? i’m not actually sure let’s make it a thing)