disney best friends

Evie doesn’t want to be stuck on the Isle again, but as soon as Mal says she’s not leaving, Evie says she’ll stay.

Evie will stay in a place she doesn’t like, that’s connected with bad memories, perhaps a place where she feels scared, a place she was happy to escape, for her best friend. She won’t let her be there alone. Mal’s happiness is more important than her own.

Pardon me while I cry.

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Raven and Chelsea looks from the very first That’s So Raven episode. 2003. 

reasons to watch andi mack if you haven't already

- cyrus is almost definitely gay and its amazing (he. looked. back.)
- every female character in this show is portrayed as strong and independant, while still having flaws and insecurities, also only two of the main female characters are white (iris and amber)
- the good hair crew is made up of two girls of color and a gay boy, like 👌
- jonah beck
- cyrus goodman
- andi mack
- buffy driscoll
- marty
- bex mack
- bowie quinn
- literally its such a good show and i love it

EDIT: a couple people pointed out i forgot to add in that cyrus is jewish and yes!!! that is so important!!! and yet another reason to watch the show!!