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Libra - Mirror Mirror on Snow White’s Door 

When Snow White moves into her cottage and finds that she isn’t alone, we are looking at a Libra mind gone a little mad. The 7 dwarfs represent projections of herself, and Libra is the ruler of the 7th house, the reflective and elusive hall of mirrors. She thinks other people are threatening, or rejecting, or beautiful, and yet these are figments of her own essence revealing themselves in the outer world because she doesn’t know these feelings belong to her. The Evil Queen stands before the enchanted mirror and asks who is the fairest of them all, interesting because The Venus glyph displays the image of a handheld mirror. And sometimes the Libra looks into the mirror expecting an answer, because the person standing there can seem like such a mystery. The Queen and Libra’s own experience demonstrate the danger of the Libra mirror and its tendency seduce vanity and dilute identity. The dwarves were another feature of this mirror, and the 7 emotions and characteristics on display. Snow White was a Libra who did not know how to accept her happiness (Happy), was ashamed at her bashfulness (Bashful), embarrassed by her bodily functions like sneezing (Sneezy), suppressed her grumpy moods (Grumpy), distances herself from her dreamy sleepy state (Sleepy), was humiliated by her momentary airy dazes (Dopey), and fears harnessing her leadership (Doc). These sensations, qualities, and emotions that are inherent to her nature become features on the faces around her. And the Libra’s urgency is to create union and relationship, unbeknown that she is forming these relationships with herself. Libra is socially consuming because she must observe these qualities in other people before she recognises them in herself. Until then, there is the feeling of quicksand in her being, a lack of internal continuum and structure that can make her directionless and fearful. In no real direction she spins deliriously, meeting different dwarves everyday, operating without true value. But Snow White was beautiful because she knew how to love. This capacity to love is what truly enraged the Evil Queen. This is why she demanded Snow’s heart, and this is the only constant in Libra, the pure frequency of love, the heart they have inherited from Venus. In the Queen’s mirror, Snow White reflected the qualities of love, generosity, and sweetness that she had banished from her being, the very quality of Libra.


(art: kurtis rykovich)

Just plain odd Buzzfeed articles

This took a hell of a long time so i better get some heckin notes

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Rick and Morty: Fandom Survey
The following is a survey for an article I am writing about the emergence of Rick and Morty and how it skyrocketed into massive popularity, it will be much appreciated if you help me out with this.

I’m collecting data for an article on Rick and Morty and it would be really nice if people could help out by filling in my survey :)

In young children’s movies, romantic love is constructed as a special and incredibly powerful domain of life that is separate from same-gender friendship and other relationships. While same-gender friendships are fun or funny, heterosexual love is portrayed as powerful. For example, falling in love can break a spell (Beauty and the Beast), cause one to give up her identity (The Little Mermaid), be so special that it is off-limits even to a powerful genie (Aladdin’s genie cannot make people fall in love), or lead children to disobey a parent (all of these and Pocahontas).
—  Karin A. Martin, from Normalizing Heterosexuality: Mothers’ Assumptions, Talk, and Strategy with Young Children (2009)
Evermore: Why Beauty & the Beast lives on throughout generations

“Minutes turn to hours, days to years and gone. But when all else has been forgotten… Still our song lives on.”

Everyone knows the story: how a beautiful young woman fell in love with a hideous beast, lifting a 10-year-long curse from his castle and all who lived there. This is as the song goes, “A tale as old as time”, and anyone who’s anyone would have at least watched this Disney classic at least once. Though I’d like to believe we all managed to watch it more times that we would like to admit. 

But Beauty and the Beast is more than just a love story; a romance between two different people who at first hated each other but eventually grew fond of one another. No. There’s more to this story than what meets the eyes and the most recent live-action remake showed us exactly that and even made us realize what made us love this tale so much in the first place.

I grew up watching Disney films. These stories are the borders of my childhood; the foundation of my beliefs apart from the things taught by parents and teachers. Beauty and the Beast basically taught me never to judge a book by its cover. Funny I should say that considering Belle is portrayed as a bookworm. But it’s true that the tale taught us the value of beauty and how it is not determined by appearance but found within.

This is such a timely theme, considering we live in a world where physical beauty is so important. People strive to be beautiful—to stay beautiful. Judging by the countless beauty advertisements, movie actors and actresses that glitter under lights like stars, we have truly built a “beautiful world.”

Though from another perspective, is it really a beautiful world when there is so much wickedness going on? There are wars being fought; injustices prevailing; evil and insecurities residing in people’s minds and hearts. The world may look beautiful on the outside, but what about on the inside? In order to make this words truly beautiful, people must learn not to let hate rule in their hearts; to be good. I believe everyone is ‘innately good’, no one was born bad… much like the Beast who was only influenced by his cruel father, turning him heartless and unkind. 

People — mostly girls should also be more accepting of themselves. A lot of girls find it hard to tell themselves that they are beautiful, even more so to accept compliments from others. It is sad but this world has made its own standards of beauty which we have fooled ourselves into believing. If you think about it, it’s quite ridiculous to have a common standard for beauty since it’s subjective. We all have different perspectives. Best to keep that in mind next time you look into a mirror. 

Apart from that main message of this story, Beauty and the Beast actually teaches us more things about life—and ourselves—which was very evident in the live-action remake.

One being: girls can be heroines too.

It’s always the knight in shining armor; Prince charming who sweeps us off our feet or defeats the might dragon and saves the damsel in distress. Belle was actually one of the few Disney princesses who didn’t act like a “princess” and did more than just stand there and look pretty, hoping for Prince charming to come and save her from that so-called “provincial life”. Belle was a very active character and even ended up saving everyone in the end. She should definitely be a role model to young girls as she embodies a strong and independent personality which women need to take note of in order to break through ongoing inequalities in society. 

If Belle can save the day, why can’t you? And it’s actually quite amazing how recent Disney princesses like Moana and Elsa from Frozen—or even other classic princesses like Mulan are taking more active roles. 

Beauty and the Beast also has one of the most beautiful — and meaningful songs ever composed in Disney history. So when I discovered that there were going to be new tracks, I was simply overjoyed!

“Days in the Sun” was a beautiful track filled with much hope and longing. Although I adored “Human Again” (and I’m not going to lie, I was a bit saddened at first when I found out that it wouldn’t be in the film), I thought Days in the Sun fitted really well into the scoring and storyline. 

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure
I was innocent and certain
Now I’m wiser but unsure

- from Days in the Sun

Belle’s part in this song really stood out for me as it can be related to our world and how amidst all the sadness and hardships we go through, love and hope are the two things that thrive and keep us going. Also, is it not true that when we were younger and innocent, we were always certain of the things we wanted? Our dreams were pretty clear then and we had it all figured out on who we wanted to be like or what we wanted to do. But as we grew older, we changed—dreams change which often left us unsure. Being wiser doesn’t mean you would know everything…it simply means learning to question things—learning to doubt even.

“Evermore” was my favorite track for this film simply because the beast was humanized through this song…making us see that he is truly indeed a person underneath that beastly appearance.  

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inspire me
Be a part of everything I do
Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in…

And be with me forevermore

- from Evermore

It such a sad song and I loved how the Beast was able to show his sorrow at Belle’s departure and express his feelings for her through this scene. His act of letting her go was already a clear sign of his love for her but this song took it to a whole new level when he practically sang how he’d only love her forevermore and that no matter how far she may be from him, he would always be reminded of her.

While watching that scene, I couldn’t help but cry (yes I cried twice when I saw it for the second time) and its not only because I felt through the Beast’s pain but also because I realized we were all the Beast in a way. We’re all flawed, we’re all hurting, and we’ve all lost someone along the way; be it a loved one, a significant other, or a friend. But the memory of them remains and no matter how sad it makes us when we think about them and all that might have been, our experiences with them inspire us and has made us stronger. You know I’ve always believed you can’t un-love someone whom you “truly loved”. Because that love we gave was real, and you can’t really take it back. To move on, you can only love someone more. 

“How Does a Moment Last Forever” basically captured the essence of this beautiful tale. The whole song practically breathes and lives on quotes so I’m not going to mention my favorites because I would end up writing the whole thing. It’s a beautiful song about life and the beauty of its imperfections; and how love is what binds everything together.  

Beauty and the Beast truly has a lot to say about real life and it’s amazing how a fairytale can affect us so much. We fell in love with it in the books… when Disney released the animated version in 1991…and today as we witness it come alive in 2017. Beauty and the Beast taught us that beauty is found within and that love is a powerful catalyst. Most importantly, and I’d say this as it is not said enough, this story taught us about second chances and that it can be granted to those who try to change and become better people.

“Bittersweet and strange, finding you can change, learning you were wrong.” - from Beauty & the Beast

I truly enjoyed watching this film again and dare I say it was as good as watching it for the first time back when I was a little girl. Now that I’m an adult, it became more meaningful and the experience was spellbinding. This is why I think Beauty and the Beast will continue to live on throughout generations… because it is a story with depth; one that teaches us so much about ourselves… 

Teaches us that amidst all the sorrows and hardships, there is love and there is hope. And that’s basically all you need for wonders to happen. 

Originally posted by ewatson

PS: And to all the hopeless romantics out there…or to those simply looking for their one true love, don’t lose hope. I think everyone thinks they’re not worth it but hey, if Belle can love someone who was as flawed as the Beast … someone can love you too. No matter how crazy or imperfect you may be. 

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UPDATED MASTERPOST hope you guys like this! i spent at least two weeks gathering the info so please use this as much as you like. much lovexxx <3


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I’m a little late for the Apollo 11 anniversary, but it’s still the Apollo 15 anniversary, so enjoy this classic Disney Adventures article about the moon landings from the November 1993 issue! The weird coloring is because this issue was intended to be read with 3-D glasses. (I was nine months old at the time and didn’t start reading DA until 2001, but I bought this issue at a used bookstore.)

Most of the facts are still true, but the reference to “a mysterious Soviet ship” on the final page probably refers to Luna 15 and illustrates how little was known in the West about the Soviet space effort before space historians were able to examine the declassified archives later in the 1990s.

A Damper to the Fandom.. Sorry  (8-14-15)


So we all love Disney’s Descendants….

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

BUT.….I kind of had a thought and It bothered me. So I’m writing about it for more thoughts.

Its not good. 

SO I’m a huge advocate for Ben X Carlos. Cute guys in tight clothes in love… 


But what if we are just assuming that the actors are Ok with playing characters with different sexualities.

Originally posted by realitytvgifs

I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt but, what if Mitchell Hope (Ben) isn’t ok with being the first Gay main charcter in a live action Disney Movie. A lot of us are preaching about how Kenny Ortega should have the movie feature some Gay characters more specifically Ben x Carlos or Carlos x Jay and I love it but what if we are just assuming the actors are more comfortable with the idea  then they would be. 

I’d tried thinking about it in their shoes. Potentially, they could be up for a boost in their careers, playing such a huge role in Disney’s development as a network, but also putting themselves at huge risk for more work in Disney. 

Originally posted by s-a-e-c-u-l-u-m

We have to face facts. 

Not everyone is ok with the LGBT community. Sad but true. Disney is beyond the most popular children’s network on earth. So if all these parents stopped allowing their kids to watch Disney, because some of the programming doesn’t follow their belief system, parenting style, acceptance policies, wouldn’t that put the actors themselves, the network, in a tough spot? Sure they would catch the attention of the older kids, but If all parents of 12 year olds who can watch descendants but, parents deem are too young to question their sexuality stop watching Disney all together based on the movie… Where is the network.

This might just be the reason this hasn’t happened yet. Disney probably doesn’t want to have to flash the ‘Viewer Descretion is Advised’ label on their movie, causing parents around the world to question what their kids are watching when they’re in a different room. 

Listen, I am rooting for Descendants 2 to incorperate these themes but I can’t help but wonder If what we are asking for is a little too risky. I know times have changed, but we have to be considerate of the actors themselves and who they are. I want to believe they’d take the risk, but we are talking about pretty young kids as far as Cameron Boyce (Carlos) goes. Will he really say yes, when Kenny Ortega asks him to be the center of an entire LGBT Disney revolution? I think thats a big deal.

All of this aside I think it’s a good idea to take the risk considering the vast number of kids between the ages of 14-20 who would watch the movie knowing there are gay characters, but not everyone thinks the same way and are going to agree. I’m sure if asked today, Cameron Boyce would worry more than once about the opinions of his friends, since he is in highschool. Mitchell Hope probably doesn’t want his girlfriend to suddenly think he might be gay, because he agreed to the role. (Honestly I’m praying he is because I can move to Austrailia real quick). Anyways, Its weighing the positives and the negatives. There are a lot of things happening in all of our lives and all of the aspects fit just well enough to keep us sane. That being the case, there are a lot of factors going into play before agreeing to a movie role. We can’t assume the actors we love are gonna put their careers on the line, for a potential evolution of Disney.

Originally posted by wreckitjennica

This was a disturbing thought I had while searching Ben x Carlos on fanfiction.com 

We can’t make assumptions about people, and we have to be considerate. 

In all honesty, Ill be pissed If Disney doesn’t take this opportunity to evolve or  at least try to start TEEN DISNEY LLC.’, but there is a lot to think about. The idea plagues my mind. 

I hope this is something you guys at home can ponder, and at leats understand where I’m coming from. Feel free to add on and do your own thing. I support everything…

except Carlos X Jane




Animating Dinosaur II. - Aladar

This article contains an interview with Mark Austin (supervising animator of Aladar and Aladar’s mother). Among others, he talks about his experiences with animation, his enthusiasm for dinosaurs, and about the development of  Aladar, how the character and his design has changed during the evolution of the film. 


Dinosaur Movie Magazine, 60-64.


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Frustrations with Neurotypicals who run Disney Blogs and guides

I’ve been working on a guide for autistic adults at Disney, along with alexeidarling (the primary writer) and other unknown contributors. I recently sent emails and comments to multiple Disney Blogs to ask that they post about it or simply add it as a reference link in their guides. I only asked people who had Autistics at Disney sections in their guides. I genuinely would have been happy to see it added as a comment or link at the bottom of a larger “Your autistic child at Disney” article.

As previously stated, all of these guides assumed that the reader was a neurotypical parent of an ASD/ND child. Sometimes they would have titles like “Taking a Family member with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Disneyworld” (Allears.net) and the entire article refers to that family member as a child who can’t plan. Is “family member with Autism” a euphemism for “Maybe it’s your grandkids or nephew or niece, but it’s still obviously just a child”?

I really want this guide to become a resource that adult autistic people and those with sensory issues can actually find, and more people can contribute to.

None of these online Disney guides will post it, not even as a link on a page of links. Most don’t respond at all. One told me it was good and maybe worthy of a guest post, but have not asked for more info or posted anything about it. I really want to change this, but I’ve written to so many guides and blogs I can no longer remember who I wrote and who I didn’t.

I posted about it on Disboards (a Disney enthusiast forum) and while many people seemed to like the idea, I also got a fair few AutismMoms ™ talking about how it wouldn’t work for many autistic people, as they can’t read or make their own decisions (I’m summarizing). You know what though, THEY ALREADY HAVE ALL THE GUIDES! On the other hand, guides for adult Autistics who can read and plan amount to exactly one: this one. And the online guides won’t even post it as a link, like this one here.


Most of these online guides have tons of first hand experiences and advice from Moms of autistic people. Not one did I find with us being allowed to speak for ourselves! I know the Moms are trying to be allies, but you don’t do that by speaking for all of us and drowning out those of us who can speak. You certainly don’t do it by trying to silence me because I don’t have the exact same presentation of issues as your child.

I understand that some of us are nonverbal. I understand some of us will never understand written words. My little brother is also autistic, and he is a nonverbal, nonreading non-planner. Those guides would have been great for my neurotypical parents. But that doesn’t mean that I would enjoy someone using one of those guides to strip me of my autonomy and plan out my day for me - especially when I could do a much better job of it. (I quite enjoy planning, incidentally. My parents loathe it.)

I understand advocating for those who can’t advocate for themselves. Those moms are trying to do that too, but it’s not Highlander, there can be more than one voice for those of us without them. But I think at the end of the day that’s my biggest issues with some AutismMoms. To them, autistic people are a “them”, and to me they’re an “us”, and I think that’s a pretty telling difference. There’s a difference between managing an autistic person and being one.

Many autistic people have written me or told me that they are happy this resource is out there. Some have stated they had also tried, unsuccessfully, to find an autistic guide for Disney written by autistic people. Not one neurodiverse person has told me they find it offensive, unnecessary, or wrong.

So clearly this is something that can help people, we just need to help them find it. Any ideas on how to do that?

markhamillz  asked:

Apparently, if my limited research into the topic is anything to go by, Disney itself doesn't exert much control on the comics overall beyond standard corporate stuff. Apparently, the one responsible for the F4 being treated so badly is Ike Purlmutter, who is in charge of Marvel Entertainment ie the comics/tv shows/cartoons, which is separate from Marvel Studios, who does the movies. Purlmutter is rumored to have a personal vendetta against Fox, because they own the rights to F4

As a person who has spent many hours researching this extensively, let me tell you that until 2015 – i.e., the year the Fantastic Four comics were canceled, the decision being made, according to Hickman, in 2014 – Marvel Studios was a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment, which has been a subsidiary of the Disney Company since 2009. Feige reported to Perlmutter, who reported to Disney, at the time the F4 comic was canceled. It’s only been since 2015 that Marvel Studios, like Marvel Entertainment, became a direct subsidiary of the Disney Company. But still, let’s not kid ourselves, Disney retains full control of both of their subsidiary companies. Nothing happens that they don’t okay or order.

There’s an article where Marv Wolfman explains that Disney got immediate and full control of the comics the moment they bought Marvel Entertainment:

What does Disney actually get for their $4 billion right now? Maybe television and comics? Former Marvel editor-in-chief and Disney Adventures creator Marv Wolfman thinks so, even if he’s not too hopeful about that whole “comics” thing:

Publishing. Well, that’s the big one, isn’t it? At least for us. Actually, only for us.

And, after Marvel Studios moved to the Disney Company, another article said:

Indeed, this new structure puts Feige much closer to Disney’s corporate inner-circle, so it’s possible he leaves Marvel sometime in the future for another big position under the Mouse House’s insanely large banner.

And, also, this article points out that Disney ordered that no new X-Men characters be created in the comics to prevent Fox from owning the film rights and ordered the cancellation of Fantastic Four for similar reasons – the films make more money than the comics ever could:

Disney doesn’t want Fox to develop its own MCU because it wants to profit from those properties, and it doesn’t want moviegoers to be confused by two rival MCUs that are expanding at the same time. Therefore, Marvel believes axing the Fantastic Four comic book and eliminating new characters in the X-Men could disrupt Fox’s long-term plans and possibly force Fox back to the negotiating table.

So, yes, Disney DOES have the power to make decisions for Marvel comics, films, television shows, etc. They own Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, Marvel everything. Disney is definitely responsible for the cancellation of the F4′s comic, regardless of Perlmutter’s “vendetta,” which I frankly think is a convenient way of shifting blame off of Disney for an unpopular decision in the press. This smells to me of a deliberate plot cooked up by Disney/Marvel execs (yes, including Perlmutter) to get the rights to the F4 back for next to nothing. And, yes, Disney’s avaricious business policies have proven repeatedly that they are fully capable of exactly that.

The fact of the matter is that a single F4 film produced by Marvel Studios – between box office and merchandising – will net more money for Disney than the comics could earn in YEARS. Maybe decades. The cancellation of the F4′s comic is all about film revenue for Disney, and it always has been.

So, yes, personally I blame Disney for all of this. Disney, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Studios, it’s literally all the same company. They’re not separate entities at all. I don’t think we can or should think of them as such.

coladad  asked:

Hey I'm currently writing a conference paper abt modern gender affirmation surgery and its parallels with medieval religious pilgrimage for a Big Research Project about possible medieval outlets for people we might consider trans to publicly transition between genders socially and spiritually. I think it was you who inspired this paper w a post wondering if anyone had written about it yet a while back so a) thank you for that and b) I was wondering if you had any thoughts irt this whole subject

wow that’s awesome!! I would love to read that paper when you finish!!
idk if these are helpful but a couple of things that come to mind r

-the writing on disneyland as analogous to medieval pilgrimage:


-the anthropology of water by anne carson which is her account of her pilgrimage to compostela and also her discussion of it in this paris review interview:


-janet mock’s account of her srs in her memoir redefining realness

-and everything in my friend margaux’s pilgrims tag:


Count On Me: Remembering Disney’s The Proud Family

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The Proud Family was a staple show in the early 2000s, part of the many memorable shows from Disney Channel programming. The show was among others that promoted diversity, inclusion and jokes you could actually laugh at. The Proud family came in the era of That’s So Raven, Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens.

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How do I convince my parents that a career in the animation industry is worthwhile? My parents say I'm weird because I like cartoons at my age and have said if I don't become a doctor or lawyer, I'm a disappointment to the family! I like art and animation but I don't want to disappoint my family! Do you have any advice?? Thanks!!

At Disney TV, many of my coworkers pay a mortgage on a house, have kids, contribute to a 401k, have employer-provided healthcare, and can support themselves comfortably. (I have all of those except the mortgage and the kids, but I do pay rent!) Not to mention they get their families into Disneyland for free! In other words, making cartoons is not some magical process done by a computer; they’re made by people. It’s a real life 9-6 office job. 

Ask your parents if they have any questions about how a movie or cartoon is made. Maybe they just don’t know! Maybe they think it pays the same as trying to sell caricatures at the fair. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the same. Look up some cool facts that might inform their perspective (I’m sure you can dig up some salary info (as mentioned before, big studios like Disney pay well!!), some articles on directors, some statistics from the top schools, etc). Just try to have good conversations where both sides are listening equally. There’s no use trying to change the way they “feel,” but you can educate them with anecdotes and facts. Maybe that will help them empathize with you, to see why you care so much about it, and how it’s maybe not such a bad thing to be passionate about a career which calls for skills you’re already showing strength in.

Good luck. I hope you and your parents can find a middle ground where you can follow your dream (ie: your strengths) and also have the blessings from them. They are only looking out for you and want you to succeed, so of course it’s a sign of love (and perhaps over-protection, haha). But I hope some day they will be proud of you no matter what career you choose to succeed in.

(And just fyi–i think it’s really great that you’re interested in this career so early. I started to learn about animation in high school, and I think that really helped get me onto the path I’m on now.)