disney animators' collection sketch


Daily Sketch: Toddler Cinderella with dress inspired by her mother’s dress (probably the only possession she had of her mother’s), Toddler Prince Charming and Toddler Cinderella head studies. Disney Fanart by Eleazar Del Rosario. Cinderella has still got to be my most favorite princess Disney film.

I really wish the Disney Store will come out with Disney Animator’s Collection princes. I think it would complete the collection.

Do you think I should sketch more toddler princes? If so, which one? :)

Daily Sketches: Baby Prince Charming (Cinderella) fanart by Eleazar Del Rosario. With costume variation. Colored versions coming soon.

Dear Disney Store Design Team, Please, please, please develop Disney Animators’ Collection princes dolls (or figures. whatever). We would so appreciate it. Sincerely, Disney Geeks worldwide.