disney and tattoos

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ID #73684

Name: Jada
Age: 16
Country: Australia

I`m an art nerd who likes to draw as well as watch cartoons and anime. Some of my favorites right now are: Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, Tokyo Ghoul, Disney movies and pretty much everything by Studio Ghibli. I also love piercings and tattoos, I have a few of them myself, most of my tattoos are from, or are based on studio ghibli movies (cause they`re so damn good). I like any movies by Tim Burton, or anything scary, and odd independent films are great too. I also have a sometimes strange sense of humor and dark jokes and out dated memes are kind of my forte. I also spend most of my life on Youtube and I freaking love musicals like DEH and Hamilton. Also as a weird side note I`m bisexual. I think finding someone to share some interests with in another country sounds really cool and adventurous.
I`m looking for someone who I can relate to and who doesn`t mind talking about the bad stuff as well as the good. I`m kind of looking for someone in the same shoes as me, so if you`re looking for someone to send you stupid dog pictures and just generally share the burden of anything you feel like talking about, then I’m your girl. I don`t mind using the internet or written mail to communicate, So uh, yeah.

Preferences: 15-20


The best of being a pre-teen in the late 90s/early 00s