disney and misogyny

How the heck are there still people out there trying to say that Amy Adams is a nobody??? Like she’s the definition of unproblematic, she’s been through so much in her life, and now she’s a 5 time academy award nominated actress, who is a part of a huge franchise and is the OG live action princess. Not to mention she was just the lead of one of the smartest alien arrival movies that I’ve ever seen, which made a bucketload of money at the box office, which is massive for a female actress over 40.
Like I get it though, you hate women who don’t punch people in superhero movies, but chill the fuck out.


let’s work through some internalized misogyny!

it’s time to do some healing!

who is your favorite Disney princess and why, and also, who is your least favorite and why??

Most favorite: Jasmine, she wore pants, refused to take the easy way and decided to pole vault just like Aladdin, she runs away from home, she has a freaking pet tiger OH AND she wears pants

as a child she was my favorite Disney princess because she was the most tom-boy-ish and independent.

Least favorite: Cinderella. She was always being shoved down my throat and my parents kept buying me Cinderella crap and I just … didn’t connect with her at all. When my parents tried to get me to learn how to do housework, I was learning pretty well until I discovered that my younger brothers weren’t going to be learning how to do chores, because they are male. So I rebelled and I still resent domestic labor because of how hard my parents tried to push that on to me as a woman’s role. Cinderella and Snow White always seemed to lack any real personality to me as a child. I felt like they mindlessly accepted their place as domestic laborers–though Cinderella did desire to have a night off, it’s just it doesn’t seem like she really expresses any plot driving intense desire, she seems to just kinda be doing what she’s told, whether it’s by her step mother or by her fairy god mother. She needs external validation for her feelings of rebellion, unlike Jasmine, who has her own ideas about things and doesn’t need anyone’s approval to go where she wants when she wants.

I guess a part of me dislikes Cinderella because I felt like her, like I was becoming her and I didn’t want to be her.

The Beauty and the Beast Game

Scoring System

10 points for a criticism of Emma Watson based on a misrepresentation of the Disney hype advertising the movie Beauty and the Beast.

20 points for a criticism of Emma Watson’s choices which is worth a conversation, whether it ends up being true or not.

30 points for a valid criticism of Emma Watson’s choices, which is based on a reputable news source and is not misrepresented.

40 points for a valid, fact-based criticism of Emma Watson’s choices that you would also make for a film which had a white male lead.

50 points for a valid, fact-based criticism of Emma Watson’s choices that is respectful of her as a woman working in a misogynist industry that is keen to exploit her.

100 points for a discussion of Hollywood as sexist institution which exploits young actresses, and how those actresses can try to make ethical choices while pursuing a Hollywood career, with a focus on Emma Watson’s current role in, and the PR surrounding, Beauty and the Beast.

Problematics within OUaT:
  • Their disposable (and scant) POC characters.
  • Their many non consensual relationships.
  • They make villains say the “feminist” quotes.
  • They make hero and “partner goals” out of an abusive, misogynist man.
  • They have a villain voice the criticism they receive from their audience.
  • They invalidate said critique by having heroes justify or dismiss it.
  • They make a “healthier” suitor for a wicked villain than they do for their precious Savior— their princess and female lead.
  • They romanticise threatening your partner with suicide.
  • They have parents choose to beheroic” over raising their children.
  • No “outed,” happily ever after LGBTQIAP.
  • They call themselves progressive.

A fairytale — specially one endorsed by Disney — should have a “moral” to their story, but theirs is sending all the wrong messages. The only way this can possibly have a moral is if they finally address it and call ONCE a cautionary tale. This “fairytale” is even labeled a family show. It shouldn’t be.