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Things you must never say to the fandoms
  • Doctor Who Fandom: I stopped watching that after David Tennant left
  • Sherlock Fandom: You only have nine episodes?!
  • Supernatural Fandom: I don't ship Destiel
  • Merlin Fandom: Knights, castles, magic, aren't you a little old for that
  • Hunger Games Fandom: The fight to the death concept is stupid
  • Divergent: That's just a Hunger Games rip off
  • The Mortal Instruments: Vampires, werewolves, I know Twilight when I see it
  • Harry Potter: I love those films, no I haven't read the books, no I don't plan on reading them
  • Percy Jackson Fandom: I love those films
  • The Big Bang Theory Fandom: I don't like Sheldon
  • How I Met Your Mother Fandom: I don't like Barney
  • Disney Fandom: Aren't you a little old for kids films
  • Me: Go sit on seraph blade, you pudding brain
Things that were on my kill list as a child (according to an old piece of paper I found in my drawer)

-All the classic Disney princesses
-All those fuckers who thought I liked pink and dresses
-All of those same fuckers who gave me pink shit and dresses when all I wanted were dinosaurs and cars and trains
-My music teacher
-Most Disney movies other than the classic princesses that didn’t have animals/had romance/ ended stupidly (aka too happily)
-My forced-friend’s mother who always replaced all the fun activities in things with stranger danger
-Those people who always tried to make me share my toys with other kids because of their stupid ‘sharing is caring’ bullshit
-My third grade teacher
-My sister (who liked all that stupid pink girly shit and cried when I didn’t want to join in)
-Collaborative activities
-Ballerinas (pink shit)
-Those stupid timed math tests that I always got punished for when I failed them
-Forced reading books
-The librarian’s assistant (who wanted me to read novels more suited for 'girls’ instead of what I liked to read, which was Harry Potter and Eragon)
-People who tried to teach me to read
-People who then tried to get me to read lower-level books when I learned to read and advanced over everyone in my grade
-Math in general
-Jesus with the spikey hair (I have no idea)
-Those girls who walked around in poofy dresses and cried when the boys threw sand at them (I remember wishing I could do that but being too afraid to)
-My P.E. teachers
-There was a part 2 but I never found it

Conclusion: I was an angry little fucker as a child. To be honest, nothing much changed.

Baby Bump

Harry: He might have gone a little bit over board with the whole ‘pre-natal vitamins’ thing. But he just couldn’t help himself. He was going to be a daddy. He was obsessed with running his hands over your baby bump, learning the curve of your skin and how quickly his little peanut grew. His favorite thing to do was take pictures with you, his hand over yours proudly saying; “heck yes this gorgeous woman and baby are mine!” He’s so excited he can’t stand it. He spends most of his day texting you baby names for boy or girl, wondering which works best or what the middle name should be. He even wondered if he should name the baby after your dad, you know, just cause Harry thought he was a great man and he wanted his son-if that’s what the baby was- to be great like he was. He had the nursery planned, with cream colored walls and warm wooden floors. He wanted it to be safe and cozy so that way his little peanut could relax and dream sweet dreams. But still, each night as he curled into bed and ran his fingers over your bump he grinned. “I love my little peanut already,” he sighed, earning a grin from you. The baby wasn’t even born yet and Harry was already the worlds greatest dad. “I’m sure she loves you too,” you said, your hand tangling in his curls as he pressed a kiss to your belly. “She, huh?” He asked thinking it was just a term you used instead of saying ‘it’. “Yes, she,” slowly he brought his eyes to yours. You found the sex of the baby. “It’s a girl?” He immediately had tears in his eyes as he pressed his lips to yours. “Yes, we’re having a girl.” He was thinking of pink dresses and frills and tea parties, something he was more happy to take part in. He dropped his lips back to your baby bump and kissed it all over. “Daddy’s little girl,” he murmured, his eyes closing.

Niall: When his son or daughter came out, they’d come out kicking if he had anything to say about it. “That’s what you call a goal and that’s the craic,” he said to your stomach as he pointed to the screen. “Derby got one and that’s good and it makes daddy happy.” You scoffed, batting his hand away. “Stop corrupting our child,” you said playfully. “Give him a chance to fend for himself.” He just stuck his tongue out at you and kept watching, yelling when one of the derby players got a penalty. “That’s not what we want,” he said back to the bump like you weren’t even there. He couldn’t wait to share his love of football with his kid. He wanted to take him/her to games and kick a ball in the back yard. He wanted to buy him his first set of cleats and a ball for Christmas. He couldn’t wait to be a footie dad and take his kid to their games. And of course if he had a daughter ( and if she didn’t like footie) he’d be the first one on the floor to play dolls with her and let her put makeup on his face. He wouldn’t complain and all he imagined was a blonde headed child with your eyes and smile and his heart just stopped in his chest. If he had a son he’d raise him on pints and derby, showing him how to treat a girl properly. Niall was a huge believer in treating women right so if he had a son he would be raised to be a gentleman and that was the end of that. And if he had a daughter, god help the poor bloke that came calling for her. Niall was toying with the idea of maybe never letting her date because what boy could be good enough for his little princess? He day dreamed constantly of what it would be like to have a child and he was so excited. You had names picked and the nursery ready, you just had to wait for the due date and Niall was impatient. “Whoa!” He jumped, his hand on your belly. The baby was kicking. “Babe I think it likes soccer!” He exclaimed, the little feet going a mile a minute in your belly. “Oh wonderful,” you groaned, the pressure in your stomach uncomfortable. “Yeah!” Derby scored again and the baby kicked. Niall would have his football player and his beautiful wife. He had everything.

Zayn: He didn’t think there was anything sweeter than coming to bed and finding you asleep, one hand protectively wrapped in front of the little bump protruding from your belly. He heard you singing to the bump, talking to the bump. It was ridiculously tender to see how much love you had for your unborn child and Zayn fell further in love with you because of it. You had talked about maternity pictures, but Zayn had a better idea in mind. In charcoal he drew you, smiling in the kitchen and asleep with your arms wrapped around yourself. He didn’t think a photographer could capture the essence of who you were in a field. He could though, he knew you. He knew the way your eyes crinkled in the light and how you had to have four sugars in your tea or else you wouldn’t drink it. And he saw how you took care of yourself, staying strong and healthy for your baby. He loved you for it, adored you for it. So he’d spent the last few weeks sketching you at random moments when you weren’t looking, doing something motherly. “You’re gunna be such a good mom,” he whispered as he slid into bed beside you. You smiled, curling into his chest. “And you’re going to be the best dad.” It gave him a boost of confidence knowing that you had faith in him that he’d be a good dad. He thought he would too, but Zayn had always needed your approval. “The best parents of the year,” he teased giving you Eskimo kisses. “This baby is going to be so loved they’ll never want for nothing,” you said quietly. Zayn nodded, his hand gently curving to the bump. “It’s already more loved than it could ever know.” And it was true. Zayn couldn’t imagine loving him more, but he knew that somehow it would happen when that little nugget was placed in his arms and his little fingers curled around his own.And Zayn knew that he would have an obsession drawing his kid, their eyes and smile and the way they laughed. The child already obsessed him and it hadn’t even arrived yet, but that was okay. Zayn’s life seemed fuller somehow, and he was impatiently awaiting the day he’d get to hold his kid in his arms.

Liam: He tended to sing to it when you weren’t conscious. It was kind of like a bonding he had with the baby. He couldn’t fall asleep without telling him/her about his day and how he couldn’t wait to meet it( he normally said him because ‘it’ reminded him of the clown and that freaked him out.) He had read that the baby likes the sound of their parents voice and it comforts them so Liam thought what better time to soothe his baby than right before he fell asleep? It wasn’t like a secret or anything, he didn’t purposely keep it from you. He just kind of liked that he already had a bond with his bab and that it was becoming their thing. Something he wanted to keep going when the child was born and couldn’t fall asleep at night. Liam dreamed of just leaning beside the bed, his hand stroking his child’s head as he helped him relax. He would sing whatever song he wanted, Barney, Disney, Liam didn’t care he would learn them all.  And Liam knew that when his kid got older, they wouldn’t nee him to sing anymore, so he figured he should do it as much as he could now before his kid got to old and too cool for him. “How was your day, bud?” He whispered, his hand caressing your skin. “Was it good?” Maybe it was stupid, but he felt closer to the little heart beat in your tummy like this. “I can’t wait to meet you,” you had heard him talking and you opened your eyes careful not to move your body as you listened to Liam talk to your baby. “I’m gunna teach you how to throw a ball or I’ll play dress up with you and when Mommy’s mad I’ll show you the kinds of flowers just like,” you laughed before you could stop yourself and he flicked his eyes to yours. “Want kind of flowers do I like?” You teased, your fingers running through his hair. “Lilly’s of course,” he said breezily, kissing your belly button. “I’m gunna teach this little guy- or girl- everything I know,” he curled up beside you, his arm wrapping around you. “God help us all then,” you joked earning a growl from him. “Gods gunna need to help you when I’m done with you,” he said grabbing your ass and nipping your neck. 

Louis: There was nothing more he liked than making you laugh, because when you laughed, the baby kicked. And that, he thought, was the most amazing thing of all. It was like he wanted to be apart of the action too, and wanted to remind his mommy and daddy that hey, he wants to laugh and be apart of their conversations. Louis was glad that his child already had a sense of humor. When he found out the baby was a boy, he’d immediately went out and ordered a Rovers jersey in toddler size. Louis demanded that the baby wear nothing else for a year and you had just shook your head, telling him not to be ridiculous. He didn’t think he was being ridiculous at all. In fact, he thought it would be adorable for him to take his son to the field and teach him to kick a ball around, both of them proudly wearing their Doncaster jerseys. You had to agree, it did paint a lovely picture. “He’s really kicking,” you said holding onto your stomach. “That’s because he thinks daddy is funny,” he cooed, his finger tickling the bump until you laughed again. Louis had other dreams too. Family movie nights and letting his son curl into bed between you both when he had a nightmare. Louis might have his immature moments, but damn was he ready to be a dad. And you, wow, he couldn’t wait to see how you would be with him. You were already wonderful enough but Louis couldn’t wait to start his family. Another kick broke him from his thoughts and he pressed his lips to your skin. “He’s already fighting for Mommy’s attention,” he said to the bump. “She’s pretty great, I like having her attention too. I hope you don’t steal all of it,” he muttered as an after though. “Never,” you admonished softly, kissing his lips softly. “Both my boys will get equal attention.” He laughed, pulling you into his arms. Louis had everything and he couldn’t have been happier. 


This has been bugging me all day so like hi rant time

You have accused us of cheating in the best lyrics votes, you have demanded a recount, you are now telling us to kill ourselves.

Both our idols have been tweeting ” #vote5sos ” & ” #votedemilovato ” after their tweets, so both have played the part of trying to win as much as every other nominee. Now, don’t come telling us that it isn’t fair to Lovatics for Liam Payne to vote for 5SOS. They are friends with One Direction. They are the opening to their worldwide tour, so yes he will support his friends.

Your idol may have more followers than ours, but it doesn’t mean you need a recount. Like you, we also had many ways of voting (drafts, many accounts, endless voting), it was an equal voting.

Your idol has also shaded our idols. Actually, so have you fans. You say that Demi kisses fans’ wrists if she saw scars, but so does Calum, Ashton, Michael & Luke. She said that no one else had fans in their lyrics video, but it doesn’t mean she was the only one to do it. Because 5SOS did a whole fan montage video for Try Hard KOKO & One Direction have done it as well, in their actually music video. (I don’t watch many music videos but name more)

Your idol is also agaisnt bullying & you go and trend ” Lovaticswants5sosfamdead ” how ashamed would she be of you fans? She is 100% agaisnt it and now you want us dead?

You have also hated on us because ” 5SOS wouldn’t be here without One Direction “. Hot Chelle Rae have brought them on tour as well, FYI. But Demi wouldn’t be here without Disney, Jonas Brothers or Barney.

You can hate on us all you want, but when it comes to Michael, Ashton, Luke & Calum, don’t you dare start critising them. They have not done anything wrong but make music for us fans & I understand you might not like it. But don’t bash on them, calling them ugly and worthless. Don’t you even try and compare them to big, big stars because they are just beggining to be some.

This is their first year of having awards and actually being nominated for something so big. So yes, the 5sosfam voted like crazy for this. For them, because after 3 years of trying to make it big by their own, they have finally made it to where they wanted, where they belong.

What dissappoints us the most (or maybe just me), is your idol saying that an american should win. The award was about the video. The lyrics. The music. Not the race, how they look or where they come from. Because at the end of the day, they are all in the music industry.