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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Padmé deserves so much better than that shitty treatment Disney is giving her. She is the mother of Luke & Leia and she was a badass senator & Queen of Naboo. She was the person that Anakin loved so much to the point of being capable of anything to save her. She had done so much things and Disney ignores her almost completely like she has never existed and we are supposed to just accept that?


Imagine making Theo watch Classic Disney movies with you.

Request from @tayla139

Theo had none that every second Thursday of the month belonged to you. You never had your phone on and you stayed inside all day, he never knew why, but he was certainly curious.

Well it came to the second Thursday of the month, your phone was off and you were shelled up inside.

You were inside your house, all the curtains closed, the lights off and VHS player hooked up to the TV. You put in the first tape, Cinderella. You smiled as the tape started to play, the intro music playing as you sat down in excitement.

You looked down at your table, you had popcorn, m&m’s, Reese’s pieces, some
Brownies and milk duds.

Out of all of them, the milk duds were your favorite, you put your hand in the bowl and took out a giant hand full. You were half way through the movie, Cinderella’s dress had been transformed into a glorious ball gown.

A knock came from the door, you let out a long exhausting sigh and stood up, pausing the movie as you did. You walked over to the door, looking through peep hole.

Theo stood there with a smile on his face, leaning up and down he down on his feet as he did. You pulled the door open and looked at Theo with a irritated smirk.

“Theo, I told you I was busy today.” He only bit his bottom lip and looked at you with those puppy dog eyes. “I missed you.”

You smiled, “you saw me yesterday.”

Theo looked to the left, trying to come up with another excuse to why he is at your house. “Every Second Thursday you lock yourself up in the house. I wanted to know why.”

You pulled the door open further and let him in the house, he walked in, seeing the Disney movie paused. “You watch movies?”

“Disney movies.”

He sat down on the couch, looking at the multiple snacks placed in front of him. “Why Disney movies?”

“They are amazing. My father, when he was alive, would watch Disney movies with me every second Thursday. When he passed away, I held that tradition.”

You felt awkward telling Theo this only after 3 months of dating. You moved your hair behind your ear as a sign of uncomfort.

“Mind if I join you?” You were shell shocked, you didn’t expect him to react this way. You thought he would judge you about this, but instead he was open.

You smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek, “I’m going to turn on dad’s favorite movie.”

Theo reached for Reese’s and nodded at you, you pulled out the VHS tape and put it into the player.

You stood up and sat down next to your boyfriend. You pressed play on the tape, watching as High School Musical flashes onto the screen.

Theo reached for you hand as he continues popping Reese’s pieces into his mouth, “ what’s this one called?”

“High School Musical?”

“Does that mean they are gonna start singing?” You nodded turning to see your boyfriend shaking his head.

“No. No. No.” Theo was preparing to stand up and walk out, but you quickly laid on him, resisting him from standing.

“What are you doing?” You smiled and looked up. “You are watching this movie.”

“They are gonna sing!” You nodded, “yah that’s why it’s called a musical!!”

Theo, again, tried to stand up, you kept pushing your weight on him. Hoping he would want to stay, he looked down, smiling at you once more. “Nope you can’t force me.”


Theo knew the word bet was one of your most used words. You then put your butt on his lap, not allowing him to move what so ever.

Soon after, Theo and you had gotten comfortable, Gabriella and Troy were about to watch Sharpay and Ryan perform.

Theo laughed at the outfits they wore and made occasional comments about Mrs. Darbis, only about her style choice or how she looked like a 60’s hippy.

Theo had actually been pretty into the movie, he was humming some of the tunes like a tiny child. His favorite has been Getcha Head in the game, he would occasionally say, “getcha head in the game.”

Theo reached for the remote and paused it, “so wait. Sharpay is like actually a victim.”

You turned to look at him, confused on why he thought so. “She has been doing drama for quite a long time and she only wants the best for arts, yet gets judged harshly for it. Not only that, she was in the arts before the cool Jock dude was.”

You smirked at his opinion, soon realizing he might be right. You unpaused the movie and watched as They sang the ending song, you hummed the tune under your breathe. Theo noticed but he didn’t want to really say anything, he watched you in awe.

Now that he knew of your love for Disney movies, it was almost like you had changed. To him, you had become more attractive. Once the movie ended, you turned to look at Theo, he only sat there.

“Can we watch it again.”

“Nope, it’s not a marathon if you watch only one movie. Onto Beauty and the beast.”

“Can we at least talk about it.”

“What would you like to talk about?”

“Why do all of Troy’s friends have a damn stroke when he wants to do something other than basketball?” Theo threw his hands up in the air, he was angry at the basketball boys.

“Because, unfortunately, back then it was out of the ordinary for a jock to be a nerd as well.”

“I mean Chad was an MVP until I heard his opinion.” Theo actually got into the movie and it made you smile, “Who was your favorite character?”

“Ryan.” Theo stated blankly.

“Why?” You laughed lightly, wanting to understand why.

“He gave no shits.”

You smiled at him, “can you go get me a bottle of water?”

Theo nodded, moving you off of his lap, he stood up and you then heard it. He started to hum the familiar beat to “getcha head in the game”

You laughed at him, which only made him louder. “Are there any sequels to High School Musical?”

You nodded and Theo instantly had a smile to his face. “Can we watch them?”



hopes for descendants 2
  • emeraude toubia as snow white (and despite her hatred for evil queen, she befriends evie and maybe even takes her under her wing, and can you imagine them giving each other makeup and fashion tips and talking about all the cute princes(/princesses) in auradon?)
  • zendaya as the daughter of ursula
  • some gmw cast member joining the cast (my ideas would be: corey as the son of peter pan, sabrina as the daughter of elsa, rowan as the daughter of hook??? (maybe w/ some forbidden romance w/ corey’s character, or peyton as the son of rapunzel & eugene)
  • some descendant of hercules, hades, etc (maybe a daughter of hercules bc literally strong female character??? and son of hades who ends up befriending her but obviously everything is platonic bc they’re related)
  • appearance by anthony tremaine (played by ??? … i picture greg sulkin bc of that one photoset but he might be too old, idk)
  • all the additional characters from the ‘wicked world’ cartoons played by their respective voiceover actors (though i don’t really like allie too much, it’d only be fair)
  • higher budget aka better special effects, costumes, sets, etc
  • a more consistent soundtrack; like, it’s either all cheesy pop, electro/dance pop, or showtunes/broadway-type music, not all of the above
  • more adult characters (bc we didn’t see enough of them in the first film - like we saw the villains, belle & beast, the fairy godmother, & aurora’s mom but like i wanna see aurora and ariel and jasmine and, like, other princes & princesses, you know? or, like, other villains, bc who doesn’t want to see hades in a disney channel movie?)
  • some appearance by the son of aladdin & jasmine - like, weren’t we supposed to see him in the first film???? i swear i once saw a guy taking a selfie in costume claiming to be playing their son, but he probably ended up being an extra or something and like, sigh. he has to have some interaction with jay…
  • carlos being canonically confirmed as not straight (but hopefully gay)

2.02 || 2.22

Im back home from disney and… i think that trip was a mistake. 🤕 It did more harm than good. So i have some more pics to upload, but later i might make up some questions for myself to post periodically to try to make the memory better. And ill try to get back to regular postings in the next dew days.

Honestly Mulan and Disney’s treatment to of that character is so fascinating to me bc like to me it’s like 2 separate Disneys

there’s the Disney that made and distributed a movie for kids that encouraged them to not let their full potential go to waste by worrying about what makes others happy or comfortable, or underestimate themselves or others

aaaaaand then there’s the Disney that only sells the image of Mulan in her matchmaker outfit. The outfit that represented how impossibly hard it was for her to conform to expectations that others forced on her.

Like, even little kids understand “this is the outfit she wore when she was the most sad” Tbh it made no sense to me as a kid I was like “Why did they make THIS the doll and why is she suddenly so content in this outfit now?”