disney afternoon cartoons

Schedule for Disney XD, from this weekend to next Friday (SAT 24/6 to FRI 6/30), since their July schedule hasn’t been updated yet. Disney XD seems to do the best in variety for cartoon based networks, especially in early mornings and afternoons, which is primarily the time before kids leave for school and after kids come home from school. So props to them.


DARKWING EPISODE GUIDE for first-time watchers. I know this isn’t perfect because this was created by me, and I am only of one opinion on what are the “best” episodes.

I guarantee you I forgot/overlooked/ignored episodes that other folks LOVE. So don’t accept this is as being the ultimate one-truth powerpoint or anything.

In fact, if you feel that I forgot something, I totally encourage you to reblog with your own recommendations on episodes that first-timers should definitely get around to watching!

FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT, my initial powerpoint: An intro to Darkwing Duck