disney 1987


Here’s another DuckTales promo, which is actually for the first season in 1987. Notice the original animation at the beginning, where Scrooge gets all meta about the show.

Given Disney’s dismissal of its Disney Afternoon properties when they were released on DVD, we should thank the Internet gods for bringing this promo to light. We wouldn’t have seen it otherwise…


1987 Star Tours commercial


Vintage Disney!

These are from 1987. I’m the shorty with the pigtails and bad posture. ;)

I still remember the song they sang at all the shows and parades. “15 years! We’re having a party! 15 years! The party’s just begun!” Wish you could hear me singing that, it’s a lot more effective than typing it. haha

I took home a Dumbo stuffed toy from that trip. I remember thinking he looked so sad and I wanted to rescue him. I wish I had a picture of me holding him.

Note that Baloo has hold of one of my pigtails. :)