Disney movie moments that get me every time

  • When wall-e is lonely and by himself and holds his own hand while watching hello dolly because he longs for companionship and someone to love.
  • The beast letting Belle go and when the servants ask why he says “because I love her” and as he watches her ride away he roars because his heart is breaking.
  • Mulan bringing back gifts for her father to honor the family because she knows she dishonored them by what she did but he tosses them aside and tells her that the greatest gift and honor is having her for a daughter. 
  • When Gaston is about to kill the beast and he just gives up but then he hears Belle calling him and sees she’s come back and it gives him the strength to fight.
  • In Coco when Miguel is singing Remember Me to Coco in desperate hope that she’ll remember Hector because if she doesn’t then he’ll be gone for good.
  • Ariel running down the stairs after hearing she’s getting married and it turns out it’s not her but Vanessa and you can see the heartbreak in her eyes.
  • When Rapunzel is scrambling to sing to a dying Flynn and trying to put her hair on him even though it’s cut and she can no longer heal him but she does it anyways in a desperate attempt to save his life. 
  • In Onward when Ian has the rope around his waist but it falls off and Barley just keeps telling him to move and look forward with tears in his eyes because he knows if Ian looks back and sees the rope’s undone he’ll fall to his death. 
  • Bob finding out about Syndrome’s plan and seeing that all of his friends were killed by Syndrome’s robots and you can see the horror of finally discovering the truth in his eyes. 
  • King Candy ripping Vanellope’s file out of the game’s memory and you just see it there floating in the darkness nearby, lost and alone. 
  • Bob not wanting his family to help him fight Syndrome and his robot and when Helen asks why he tells her that he can’t lose them again since he thought he did when the plane got blown up. 
  • In brave when Merida thinks shes lost her mother forever and that she was too late in fixing the tapestry.
  • When Marlin goes down and finds the one, lone egg and it’s so eerily empty and still as you realize he’s lost everyone.
  • When Sully says goodbye to Boo and she gets out of bed to open her closet door because she thinks they’re just playing a game but when she opens it he’s not there and it’s just a closet.  
  • Dory’s parents having multiple trails of shells leading to their home because even after all the years they continued to do something that their daughter would recognize so that she would be reunited with them again.
  • In Lilo and Stitch when Stitch leaves and is alone in the woods and reads the ugly duckling book and starts crying out “I’m lost!”
  • When Lady gets muzzled. 
  • When Jack Skellington’s sleigh crashes and he’s laying in the arms of the angel gravestone as all his hard work falls and burns around him. 
  • When Joy falls into the pit and is crying over all the lost memories because all she ever wanted to do was make Riley happy.
  • After Ray’s death when you see the second star appear next to Evangeline.
  • When Hiro has to leave Baymax behind in the portal. 
  • When Hercules trades his strength for Meg. 
  • The end of the “When She Loved Me” scene when Jessie think’s Emily is finally going to play with her again only to be abandoned at the same place she and Emily once played at. 
  • When the beast is dying and he cups Belle’s face in his hand/paw and in that moment he doesn’t even care that he’s dying because she came back and to him that’s all that matters and even though he’s going to die at least he got to see her one last time. 
  • When Remy’s dad shows him the dead rats in the store window and tells him “this is what happens when we get too close.” 
  • When Woody finds out he’s famous and he watches the Woody’s Roundup show, shaking his head in disbelief, and you can see the awe and wonder in his expression. 
  • In Up how Carl is always the slower one going up the hill, so when Ellie is the slower one you know something’s wrong. 
  • Anastasia Tremaine learning to be a better person and even though she’s not as pretty as Cinderella she still finds beauty in herself as well as finding love with the baker, someone who loves her for her and who makes her happy.



…Leona trying to impress you. The arrogant prince is used to getting what he wants, oh but not you. You never did submit yourself to him now, did you? No, you had the nerve to stand up to him, to defy him and his rule - you had the nerve to defy the king.

Leona was intrigued to say the least.

Well, irritated as well but still intrigued. For so long everyone has been pretty much there on his beck and call but pretty little you just had to waltz in to his life and screw everything up. You just had to be like this, so stupid, so stubborn, so cute.

You were everything the prince wanted and then some.

It was so fun to rile you up, to see your face turn red with anger and frustration as he teased you. He’d always flick you with his tail, a clear indicator that he was listening but just didn’t bother to speak. It was a little hobby of his, teasing you.

He wouldn’t allow anyone else to take that little privilege from him.

You’ll fall for him, just you wait. This prince has several tricks up his sleeve and you better be prepared because he is not going to give you up.