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Why is everybody hating Zootopia!? Please tell me!!!!

Can somebody please explain to me why people are so pissed that Zootopia won the Oscars? They are all upset because Moana didn’t win. But weren’t we saying that we really wanted Zootopia to win because it deserves it? I cried when Zootopia won because I was so proud! It is the very first non-princess movie that made so many people loved! This movie talked so much about so many things. It talked about bullying, it talked about not giving up, it talked about chasing your dreams, it talked about to not judge others, and it talked about to treat others equally and not to have stereotypes from others. Moana was a good movie, but it was just another princess movie which we all knew it was going to be good because again, it’s a princess movie. All princess movies do good, but cant we be happy that it was nominated for an Oscar? Why do we have to hate for the one who won? Just a couple of weeks ago we were saying that Zootopia better win, but now that it won we are all hating on it. If it was the other way around, we would all be hating Moana, we would all be saying Zootopia should have won, and we would all say that it was not a good movie. And all of that is happening right now for Zootopia. So what I have to say is cant we just be happy that this beautiful movie, who has inspired so many people, including me to not give up and go after your dreams and to not let others tell you what you can’t or can do, won an award? Because, it totally deserved it and I am so happy that it won!

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