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keep this Chelsea ♡

Ok wow, what a difference they made in Chelsea in only two episodes. Episodes 1-5 she was too dumb, almost annoyingly stupid, episode 6 she was dumb, but just dumb enough, kinda like the Chelsea we all know but episode 7, my god!!!! I loved her in this episode!! Finally they are showing a Chelsea who is able to take care of things without destroying them, who is being an adult and who is being responsible. She was amazing. She didn’t say one stupid thing but it was in my opinion still the best episode, funny yet (very) important and valuable. Finally they are showing that Chelsea can help Rae as much as Rae is helping her. That is what was lacking in the previous episodes, she just felt like a burden, until now. She took care of the kids, the dance and Raven. Sure she can say some dumb stuff every now and then because that’s who she is but keep this mature and responsible Chelsea. I mean it was still her, some puns here and there, still so kindhearted, everything was her except the dumb stuff she says and I am so fine with that tbh I would have no problems if they kept her this way. I loved it. I could easily get used to this Chelsea.