Please tell me this is something lance would soo do xD (Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU)


All it takes is a little courage to set it free! by Andrew Carter

Tea and Time
  • Mad Hatter: [to Time] Is it true that you heal all wounds?
  • March Hare: [sits next to Time and elbows him] Time is on my side!
  • Mad Hatter: Why is it that you wait for no man?
  • Mallymkun: [covers one eye] I just can't find the time!
  • [Cheshire appears behind Time]
  • Mallymkun: Cheshire! Where have you been? You're late.
  • Cheshire Cat: [lands on Time's shoulders] Actually, I'm right on time.
  • [Cheshire disappears]
  • Mad Hatter: [grabs Time's hand] I have time on my hand!
  • Time: [losing patience] You silly nitwits really think that I've not heard these cheap jabs before? Your attempts at mockery fall flat.
  • Mad Hatter: [plays with Time's shoulder pads] Look! Time is flying!
  • Time: [stands up furiously] Enough! No more wasting me!
  • Mad Hatter: [nervously] I'm having the time of my life?
  • ~Alice Through The Looking Glass

• your first impression of jisoo was wOWO I LIKE THIS BOY LOOK HOW GENTLEMANLY HE IS W EVERYONE AW
• believe it or not, his first impression of you was oh no they’re looking my way, gotta gooooo!!!!!!!
• jisoo would seem hella nervous about asking you out. he’d take a full three hours just to prepare himself with the members, getting his hair styled, getting given a pep talk, stuff like that. And being the gentleman that he is, he’d probably ask you out all traditional like. yanno like going up to you with a HUGE bouquet of flowers in front of a fairly big crowd and like proclaim it out loud like how Chad asked Taylor to prom during HSM3 lolol
• heck, he’d probably get down on his knees and present the flowers to you bc JOSH NEEDS THIS TO BE PERFECTION
• “Y/N!! Will you please do me the honours in going on a date with me?”
• then ofc you say yes, bc duh and everyone starts clapping as you take the flowers from him. but he doesn’t move lol he’s kinda just collapsed on the ground taking deep as breaths bc HE JUST DID THAT, THE MEMBERS WOULD B SO PROUD OF HIM.
• now comes the date that everyone dreams of with hong jisoo !!
• he’s def going to take you to the beach bc guys come on, he always says it’s his dream date and your his dream girl/boy so it should work out perfectly :)) you guys just walked along the shore and got to know each other really well, like all the little things and you kinda just have a feeling that he’ll remember your little secrets and habits forever. eventually you or jisoo will like push the other into the ocean, then you end up having a massive water fight and you try run away from him but nop hong jisoo too fast and catches you easy and like lifts you up and spins in circles aw.
• don’t really think you two would be the type to have cutesy pet names, but he does call you babe from time to time ;;_;;
• YOU INITIATED THE FIRST KISS BC POOR JOSHY TOO SHY. like it was both on your minds, it was obvious by the way he was as red as beetroot and by the way he’d like take quick glances at your lips. sometimes he actually looks like he’s about to kiss you, like he leans in and your lips are always so close but at the FREAKING LAST MINUTE THIS BOI CHICKENS OUT AND LEAVES U THERE LIKE DYING BC U CNT BREATHE !!1!!
• then one day you just got really sick of him doing that bc soon ur gonna pass out. when he was doing his usual kiss but jk move, you didn’t let him jk, you pushed your head forward AND YOU GUYS KISSED AND JISOO WAS SOSOSOSO FLUSTERED AND RED HE WASNT EXPECTING IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME HES SO HAPPY YOU GUYS FINALLY KISSED ??
• jisoo wouldn’t be the type to show too much skinship in public. he’d be all shy about it, but he’d do whatever is necessary to show people that yes, he might not like to show much public skin ship, but you are his. he wouldn’t mind holding hands, but ofc will get all bushy about it aw.
• he has a habit of getting lost into the music, one time you were showing him all the songs you liked and there was this one song that you were addicted to and you were going ON AND ON about it but you noticed he wasn’t listening, he was making that face he makes when too he’s into the music HAINXIANDIWNDJE DISN
• you kinda had to like shake him off of his trance, LIKE BEB WEK UP
• can’t you just imagine him freaking doing that bc I do and I feel like crying
• his hugs would be the tightest hugs in the world, like he doesn’t want to let you go. he probably won’t, unless you feel uncomfortable (WHICH WILL PROBABLY B NEVER)
• when jisoo wants affection, he wouldn’t whine, he’d just initiate himself wHICH IS SO SURPRISING OMG LIKE HES A NEW PERSON,
• “why are you doing this all of a sudden?”
• “am I not allowed to hug my jagi?”
• he really likes to watch anime, and he always drags you to the couch so the both of you could watch it
• he’d probably spend most of that time like looking at you and making sure you understand and explaining everything bc he’s probably watched that episode one million type bc he’s a little dork ;;-;;
• he’s gonna shed tears at the sad parts aw
• “are you… are you crying?”
• “what??? nooooo, I just have something in my eye..”
• dislikes the colour green !!! one time he saw you wearing it, but he didn’t want to be rude about it so he constantly offered if you wanted to wear his jacket bc it was ‘cold’, but in reality he didn’t want to see that colour, even IF you pulled it off quite well
• has a secret talent, which is cooking. one morning he woke you up with breakfast in bed because you were sick the night before AND IT WAS SO GOOD, CHEF JISOO IS THE BEST.
• “I prepared this especially for you, eat up and get well. saranghae~”
• jisoo has an addiction to guitars obviously. but it’s serious, he is literally addicted to guitars. sometimes, you have to get the guitar off of him so that he would FOCUS.
• then he’d get all pouty bc !!
• but one time you did that, he grabbed the nearest thing to him, which was your hand started strumming it like a guitar and you couldn’t stop laughing and giggling bc it tickles. so now Joshua always does it to make you happier, bc he loves seeing you smile <333
• he also has an addiction to chocolate and sweets, he probably has a sweet tooth or something hidden in his mouth bc he jUST EATS SO MUCH CHOCOLATE
• this one time, he bought you a huge box of chocolates but he ended up eating more than half of it
• one day you two were shopping in a convenience store and you saw these matching shirts and literally started squealing over them. jisoo on the other hand looked incredibly sick like wtf man I don’t want this,
• “I mean, sure.. if you want to??”
• poor jisoo lmao
• it would take a lot to get jisoo jealous, the other person probably has to like touch you in a way they shouldn’t be at the role they’re at to get him to be jealous. he doesn’t like to fight or cause misunderstandings, he trusts you.
• but say he DOES get jealous, he will gently pull you further away from them and gently but firmly tell the other person that seeing them do that to you is very uncomfortable and inappropriate, especially since HE was your boyfriend.
• gentleman joshua, always a gentleman even in the toughest situations :))
• pretty much everything makes Joshua flustered when it comes to you, EVERYTHING U DO IS ALWAYS SO PERFECT THAT HE GETS NERVOUS K
• his background for everything is you. that’s how people identify who’s it is lol.
• “who’s is this?.”
• “jisoo’s’”
• “but it’s got a photo of-”
• “it’s jisoo’s.”
• your phone background is of jisoo playing guitar, he was too lost in the music to even notice or hear you take the photo.
• you and jisoo would have hardcore jam sessions at like 2 in the morning. and ppl wonder why you always act like a zombie in the mornings lolol
• “babe, listen to this dude on YouTube, Gabe Bondoc, he’s so good!!”
• and your like banging on a pot while he’s strumming his guitar and he’s singing beautifully and your singing recklessly bc it’s early in the morning, why the heck not ?! once the neighbours complained and banged on your door, telling you to shut up, but you guys only took a break from jam sessions for about a week until jisoo couldn’t handle it and was literally like “screw it” and got his guitar and your pot out again bc you guys are a crazy duo
• but sometimes you fall asleep to the sound of him jamming on his guitar, then he stops and wonders why your not banging on the pot anymore and he sees your adorable sleeping face and he just smiles to himself while putting his guitar away and carrying to bed AWAWAW
• he always bugged you about getting a puppy so like after the 100th time you finally gave in and went with him to the pet store
• but you never ended up getting a puppy, jisoo was too distracted by the bunnies that he asked for them instead and you just rolled your eyes bc this boy…
• “jisoo, stop trying to feed him, you literally gave him food 10 minutes ago.”
• which brings me to how he puts you to sleep, he’d hold you really close to him and bury his face in the crook of your neck and just stay there until he’s certain your asleep.
• even THEN he probably wouldn’t move because he’s comfy the way he is.
• you guys should already know how he wakes you up,
• you all saw it coming
• he’d sing it all the time even if it’s not sunday, and it’s not raining, if there’s even a chance to sing it, he’d do it.
• your first fight with him wasn’t huge, you two were bickering and then he snapped to much and it hurt your feelings, he was honestly so sorry but you were pretty mad so he left you your space. after a few days he came back at night and played the song '20’ from outside your window with a huge box of chocolates, three million I’m sorry cards and a bouquet of flowers.
• “I truly am sorry jagiya, I love you so much and I’m sorry I let the argument get too out of hand, please forgive me?”
• yes, hong jisoo might be a guitar obsessed, shy, overly excited, chocoholic, but he is YOUR guitar obsessed, shy, overly excited, chocoholic who’ll put your needs way before his and will gladly put himself on the line to make sure your okay. he’s not as loud as all the other members of people you know, but you know it what makes him, him. he loves you to absolute pieces that whenever you interact it always feels like it’s the first time you guys have ever done that.
• “Everything you think of
Will become all of me
Look at me and be my lady
You’re my twenties” - jisoo~