Please tell me this is something lance would soo do xD (Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU)

Tea and Time
  • Mad Hatter: [to Time] Is it true that you heal all wounds?
  • March Hare: [sits next to Time and elbows him] Time is on my side!
  • Mad Hatter: Why is it that you wait for no man?
  • Mallymkun: [covers one eye] I just can't find the time!
  • [Cheshire appears behind Time]
  • Mallymkun: Cheshire! Where have you been? You're late.
  • Cheshire Cat: [lands on Time's shoulders] Actually, I'm right on time.
  • [Cheshire disappears]
  • Mad Hatter: [grabs Time's hand] I have time on my hand!
  • Time: [losing patience] You silly nitwits really think that I've not heard these cheap jabs before? Your attempts at mockery fall flat.
  • Mad Hatter: [plays with Time's shoulder pads] Look! Time is flying!
  • Time: [stands up furiously] Enough! No more wasting me!
  • Mad Hatter: [nervously] I'm having the time of my life?
  • ~Alice Through The Looking Glass

Stalia fans didn’t deserve Scott saying that Stiles liked Lydia while he still was in a relationship with Malia.
Stalia fans disn’t deserve that nonsense of a break up.
Stalia fans didn’t deserve Malia being treated so poorly by Stiles.
Stalia fans didn’t deserve Stiles telling Lydia that she loved her during junior year.
Stalia fans disn’t deserve a heartbroken Malia admitting a stronger connection between Stiles and Lydia.

I’m sorry but Stalia/Malia and their fans deserved much better.

I showed up super hungover to lunch today and threw up within 2 minutes of arriving and my grandpa sent me this email. I’m dying at the “considering your appearance today” sjsbskevsusne disn

Last one

So, I bought another figure by mistake a few weeks ago -it was 4am, I was not thinking clearly- but it just arrive today and I really like it ! So I thought I would show it to you guys ! :D

Isn’t he beautiful ? *o*

The quality is really good and I love it ! Plus it only cost like 10€ so I don’t regret it at all ! :D

-mod lili