In trying to convey to a friend the different body types between Domhnall Gleeson and Adam Driver I flapped about saying, “…one’s like…like a red heron okay? And the other a black eagle! Those aren’t even things but…that!”

It turns out those are actually things. AND MY POINT IS MADE.


(Thank you @consultingsmartass for telling me that’s actually a scarlet ibis (Google, you lied to me!) though the point remains. Ish. It remains-ish!)

The Ward....

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Request - Reader is one of Ned’s ward’s is secretly in love with Jon but doesn’t know that Robb, Jon and Theon are all fawning over her. 

Pairing - Jon Snow X Female Reader

Wordcount - 5.431

Warnings - Normal Game of Thrones type scenarios. 

A/N - I could do a part two to this

Ned Stark had always been a very kind and gentle man. On a particularly rough stormy night where the wind was so powerful and people struggled to walk through it, Ned was just returning home from a particularly long travel to a place where the disputes had turned from aggressive confrontation to bloody and gruesome battles, Ned had been instructed by King Robert to dissolve the quarrel and quickly, when he had heard the wails of a baby. Ned suddenly became more alert to his surroundings.  As he dismounted his horse, he began to search for the cause for the sound. Ned soon located the sound to find the small baby wrapped very scarcely in a couple of woven blankets. How could anyone leave a baby like this? Ned thought as he scooped the baby into his arms, holding it close to himself in an attempt, to share his warmth. Ned mounted his horse and continued the rest of his short journey home, praying to the old God’s that the baby would survive the cold until he could reach the warmth of the castle.
The God’s have blessed this child, Ned thought as he entered his chambers where his wife laid waiting for him, wrapped in warm furs.

“Ned is that another one of your bastard children that you insist on tormenting me with.” Catelyn snapped at her husband as she pushed the furs away from her body, whether it was to inspect the child further or to injure Ned, he couldn’t be quite sure.  

“Relax my love, this baby is not mine, I found the baby nearby abandoned in the snow. I couldn’t leave it there to suffer and die. The baby is strong, near death and still made it all the way here.” Ned laid the baby down on the furs, it’s skin with a blue tint. Yet as cold as the baby was, it was still curious looking around the room at the strange people. Catelyn, got out of bed, walking over to the baby, the baby turned out to be a little girl, with bright Y/C/E, Catelyn’s gaze melted at the sight. She had always wanted a girl, there was no doubt that Ned and herself would have more children, yet Catelyn was not going to give up the opportunity to have a little girl sooner.

“She certainly is strong, why don’t we take her in as a ward? Let’s call her Y/N, I’ve always thought it was a beautiful name.” Catelyn, picked up the newly named little girl, holding her tightly to her chest.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, my love. Y/N it is”

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Listen to this track and imagine this…

Imagine Aelin and her court returning to Terrasen, battle-weary but victorious, Erawan and Maeve both destroyed.

Imagine them all entering Orynth on horseback, Aelin in the lead with Rowan and Aedion flanking her on either side while the rest trail behind them.

Imagine that as they ride through the city streets, the citizens turn to see who is approaching and stop dead in their tracks.

Imagine Aelin watching them all as she passes, not knowing whether they fear her for her power or hate her for abandoning them for all those years while she killed and reveled in their enemy’s kingdom.

Imagine her fear and dread turning to awe as one by one the citizens of Orynth form a crowd behind her court, following their horses as they approach the palace.

Imagine Aelin and her court reaching the palace gates. She dismounts her mare and slowly, so slowly, moves to step before the crowd, Rowan and Aedion still at her sides, Lysandra, Elide, Lorcan, Gavriel, and Fenrys behind them.

Imagine that she stands before her people in a city she’s seeing for the first time in ten years. A city no longer ravaged, but rebuilding. There is a pause as Aelin looks out among her people and her people stare back at their long-lost queen. Imagine Aelin holding her breath, waiting for them shout and jeer, condemn her as a traitor, surge for her and beat her until she is nothing but dust under their feet.

And imagine those citizens standing in the front of the crowd nearest to her sinking into low bows. And then the crowd ripples like a wave as they all move to kneel before her.

Imagine voices raising, calling out her name and chanting, “Long live the queen!” Narrok’s vision come true at last.

And imagine that as tears stream down Aelin’s face, Rowan takes his mate’s hand and squeezes gently, and never in her life has she ever been as happy as she is in this moment.

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How to have a conversation about a topic you’re not interested in or don’t know anything about:

  1. Listen to what the other person has to say about the topic.
  2. Ask a question about what they said. Asking them to clarify or explain something you don’t understand is great, but any question will do. All else fails, ask them to explain what they like about some part of the topic.
  3. Listen to their responses and go back to step 2.
  4. Do this until 5-15 minutes has passed, then change the subject to a topic of your interest, unless you are actually interested in learning more on this subject, in which case, go on for as long as you like.
  5. Sometimes, they will say something like “I’m sorry to blather on about [topic].” This is an attempt at a conversational dismount. You can either say “no, it was fascinating, thanks” and then bring up your own topic, or you can say “no, it’s fascinating, please keep going” if you want to keep hearing about their topic. Note the tense difference (past -> moving on, present -> keep going).

I just thought I’d write a script for this, because someone who can’t / won’t do this came up in a Captain Awkward column, and listening about topics you have no interest in is a really useful skill to have and not often explicitly taught, particularly to boys and men.


Trinity Thomas training a toe on full+van leeuwen and a FTDLO dismount.

My husband is playing Minecraft and his horse refuses to get the fuck out of the ocean. It’s been there for weeks. He has to build a landbridge out to it every time he wants to ride, and as soon as he dismounts again, the horse goes back to sea.

He’s named him Gerald.


Katelyn- BHS-BHS-Layout 1/1, Switch Ring + Beat Jump, BHS-LOSO-Full Twist Dismount
Madison- Front Aerial + Sheep Jump, Side Aerial, Double Twist Dismount
Peng Peng- 3 Flying Flairs, BHS-Back Pike, Double Turn + Beat Jump