This year has been amazing with DE. Played with some of my favourite bands and even opened for Machinae Supremacy at Academy 3 and been blown away by every reaction we’ve had. To anyone that has supported us in any way shape or form thank you, I love you and your support means the fucking world. 2015 is gonna be our bitch and I can’t wait. #dismemberedelement #deep #keepersofthedj0nt

Should be good this. First show of the year and we’re headlining retro bar. Last time we headlined there I went crowd surfing… Definitely hoping for that again.. #dismemberedelement

Throwback to our headliner in December cause that gig was the fucking shit. Hopefully confirming a fucking killer in the next day or two, 2015 looks to be a good one. #dismemberedelement

This month can just fuck off so I can be back on stage in February and just let go of all the shit bringing me down lately.
Have no idea what I’d do without a band now a days. #dismemberedelement