Just to clarify: the word ‘‘radical’‘ in radical feminism is not meant to imply violence or anarchy or chaos. It derives from the latin word radix which means ‘’root’’. ‘‘Radical’‘ is then supposed to imply going to the root of patriarchy, finding the deeper structure of systems of oppression and dismantling them from the inside out. Apparently, for some ppl this is synonymous with ‘‘scary’‘ and ‘‘extreme’‘

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You think Sakura is a good mom? Sarada questions her and she punches the house down to scare her child into silence. She is a coward in that sense. She puts her own photo on front of Karin because she felt so threatened by a girl who actually LOVED sasuke and helped deliver her kid. Man your fandom is just shit

Yeah this isn’t worth my time so I won’t go into detail. The mere fact that you actually think she punched the ground to scare her speaks volumes. You also probably think that Sarada’s tears after that were due to Sakura’s actions right? And not due to Sasuke’s absence, which was the entire point of the conversation in the first place.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin the dismantlement of your ridiculous other comment, since you actually seem to believe that’s the reason Sakura used that Taka photo. It obviously had nothing to do with creating a family portrait, which would come full circle at the end once they make the authentic one, no of course not. It was solely because Sakura felt “threatened”. Geez man, where do you guys concoct these ideas from?

But hey, at least you acknowledge the fact that Sarada is indeed Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter and that Karin helped deliver her. That shows that at least your silliness doesn’t go so far as to formulate “critical theories” on questions that have already been answered. But the fact that you’re probably in the minority in this regard, really signifies that you’re really in no position to be calling any fandom shit.

Scandal - TV Suicide
  • Scandal - TV Suicide
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@eaudrey35​ submittedthinking abt all that Mellie and Marcus bs and Olivia and Jake makes me think Shonda Rhimes really doesn’t understand how TV works.  Any show No matter what u have to have a reason to draw ur audience back n episode after episode.  There has to b a reason u go back and stay interested.  For Scandal that was Olivia Fitz and Olitz separate and together.  They were her draw.  U can’t destroy them then put what made them the draw on to other couples and think it going to work cause it won’t.  Ur fans won’t fall for ur fans will leave and u ratings will drop and that what has happen to Scandal.  How someone with her suppose intelligence doesn’t get that.  How many yrs has she been n TV.  To dismantle the reason ur show is popular is TV suicide.  Ur thoughts.

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I think some of the IH's have finally snapped. I'm beginning to think that their tag must be seriously dead if they're always wandering into the IR one. Like they have canon. They have it. Why are they stalking other people in a sad attempt to make other people accept it. It's like they can't enjoy it unless everyone else agrees with it. Which is sad. If a person doesn't like the ending, then they don't like it. Why do they think it's their job to go around telling people that they should?

They want superiority over a greater part of this fandom but the fact is IchiRuki still remains the more popular ship as a whole. IchiHime went up in popularity at the end but nowhere near the amount in popularity Ichiruki did. And that’s always going to be a great laugh. The ship that Kubo fucked over after trying to dismantle it still remained stronger than ever and saw right through his bullshit.

Trump to nominate Carson to lead U.S. housing, urban policy
Carson does not have specific experience with the activities of HUD, which manages low-income housing assistance, facilitates financing for homeownership and administers fair-housing programs. But he has a documented position on fair-housing policies that has advocates nervous about what protections a Trump administration might dismantle — particularly for racial desegregation.


Ben Carson’s failed presidential made it clear that he espouses some absolutely baffling and offensive views some of which raise serious concerns about what he would do in this role. Let’s recall how he suggested separate bathrooms for transgender individuals. Equally troubling though is his utter lack of experience in the world of urban policy. Surely there are other more qualified Republican candidates which raises questions as to why he was picked…you know, aside from having grown up “in the inner city” and being black.

But, seriously, Ben Carson is a worrying nominee. Having referred to fair-housing policy as a “mandated social-engineering scheme” it seems likely that his leadership could dismantle some fundamental safeguards for fair housing and will only contribute to the Trump administration’s goal of dismantling social services and supports.

Another BvS complaint I’d like to dismantle: how Lex designed the logos for each metahuman. Besides being a stupid ass nitpick (where are all the people complaining about how the Flash tv show names its metas? Because that’s more on the nose annoying than anything) it’s one that’s kinda answered easily: he designed the logos based on what was there. Those “W"s for Wonder Woman? Around her waist on her costume. The Aquaman stylized "A”? Both Arthur and Mera have it on their costumes, it’s not a stretch to see where he got it from. Barry, the dude that has lightning follow him when he runs? Gee, I can’t guess where Lex got the idea for a lightning bolt logo, maybe it’s where every Flash got the idea too. The only logo that will have to wait is Cyborg’s, as we don’t know if Lex saw his complete form, but even that’s not a hard guess: his red glowing eye with a “C” for Cyborg around it. None of these are a stretch of the imagination, and all they do is provide visual differentiation between files.

This post may seem like it contradicts this, but it’s really not that deep. Don’t go looking for stupid things to come at when you really don’t need to.

Time for Krampus Nacht! Diy holiday outfit for my fave Xmas party in LA held by @leagueofsteam at Red Lion Tavern!
Dress: dismantled bridesmaid dress from @sheynef ’s wedding
Stole: vintage
Headdress: wreath from Michael’s crafts
Belt: headdress from Claire’s


#xmas #losangeles
#ootd #styling #fashion #christmas #krampus #krampusnacht2016 #redliontavern #beauty #makeup #updo #hairstyle (at The Red Lion Tavern)

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[♡] "Yer assumin' tha' 'm gunna be tryin' t' do somethin', crazy hun. I jus' wan' him aroun', so he ain' left out. Aftah all, he mattahs too, an' excludin' him woul' be wron'." Deep pants are released onto the back of the boys ear, arms looping around under his loves for easy access to his chest. Clawed fingers trail along the boys muscles and bones, while a knuckle rubs itself against his loves adam's apple. "Please help m' darlin'." He pants, hot breath hitting the back of the bitten ear.

        Oh no. His resolve is so easily rended by the other boy, it’s 
        shameful. Why does he have such a problem with giving in
        to whatever it is Edge wants? Warm tide of breath and nails
        scraping against his skin are all it takes to dismantle his 
        composure, leaving him a red-faced mess of a boy. He’s
        laughably WEAK when it comes to Edge, and he notes then
        that he desperately needs to learn some tolerance against the
        other boy’s unfair tactics. 

            “F-f—FINE. But ya gotta give ‘im his space, okay?”