• Friend: is there a way to never lose a Tumblr argument
  • Me: yes
  • Friend: how?
  • Me: don't say anything you can't defend
  • Friend: but that's so vague
  • Me: listen man, it doesn't matter what the majority of opinions say
  • Me: when you have someone backed into a corner and they have nothing else to say, they're either not responding or they're desperately repeating the same argument over and over like a chant
  • Me: then you've won
  • Me: there are plenty of arguments that are impossible to fight with LOGIC
  • Me: like
  • Me: racism
  • Me: that's one another like you can only defend with bullshit
  • Friend: but not all arguments are that easy
  • Me: so don't argue on Tumblr
  • Friend: that's what you do though
  • Me: what's your point
  • Friend: so has no one won an argument with you?
  • Me: no ones been brave enough to maintain a sustained argument with me for more than two reblogs

5x19 High Heat  Joan Watson, Detective.

Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a man Sherlock considered one of New York’s worst private investigators.  As Sherlock stews over being beaten by Shinwell, he decides to take out his aggression by dismantling a local organization of private investigators.
[Dan Lauria, Jordan Gelber returns as ME Hawes]

A Few Rambling Thoughts on Sailor Moon S

Even with the Monsters of the Day, I’m impressed with how well Sailor Moon S’s structure has held up during this rewatch. Pretty much every episode either introduces a new major character, an important fact about a new character, reveals something new about an old character, or deepens an important relationship (*coughChibiusaandHotaru*).

After the Talismans and the Holy Grail are revealed in 110/111 (and even more so after Hotaru is formally introduced in the next episode), the tension builds steadily toward the climax.

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If I could change one thing about this season, I would have placed just a little more emphasis on Rei’s visions. It’s so close—this plot point is brought up just enough times for it to have an impact—and Rei does act distant, distracted, and uncharacteristically nice to Usagi in a few episodes due to her visions of the approaching Silence.

But then there are episodes where she slips back into her old characterization, and when Setsuna finally reveals that Rei has been having these visions for months, Rei’s reaction is just sort of “hmm, well.” Meanwhile, everyone else is like, “Wha? Oh, OK.” It would’ve been nice if they’d leaned into that moment a bit more: made it more of a “ah, so that’s why she’s been acting different lately” moment.

Basically, I want the anime to import Manga!Rei for this season is what I’m getting at.

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Meanwhile, the budding friendship between Chibiusa and Hotaru is just about perfect (which, to its credit, I’d say the same thing about Crystal as well). Look, this is the season that made me care about Chibiusa. And I’ve already said on this blog that Hotaru is kind of my favorite. These are not unrelated.

Hotaru is so, so relatable for me. She’s a sickly, depressed, somewhat self-loathing young teen who has been isolated from her peers because of her father’s job, her mother’s death, her odd appearance, her shyness, and her violent outbursts (I’m not going to say which one of these things I relate to, but it is more than two of them). We learn in a later season that she’s also preternaturally smart, which doesn’t help with the social isolation.

When Chibiusa first meets Hotaru, and throughout the course of their friendship, Hotaru is resistant to trust herself around Chibiusa, and yet at the same time she’s drawn to this cheery pink-haired girl’s warmth.

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And Chibiusa—gosh, I love her so much in this season. Yeah, as a senshi-in-training she’s kind of silly and useless, but I kind of love that about her. She’s like Kitty Pryde in her first appearance: more earnestness than skill, and still trying way too hard to be Very Grown Up.

It’s her friendship with Hotaru, though, that really makes me love her. We know that Chibiusa was lonely in Crystal Tokyo. Her arc in R was about coming to terms with her parents, but it didn’t resolve her feelings of loneliness and isolation from her peers (this is more of a manga thing than in the anime, but enough of it crosses over that I’m gonna run with it). We also know that her mother, Neo Queen Serenity, sent her back to the 20th century in part for Chibiusa to train as a senshi, but more importantly—and this is an explicit instruction from the queen in Chibiusa’s introductory episode—Serenity wants Chibiusa to make friends.

Serenity wants her daughter to make one friend in particular, but we don’t know that just yet.

Anyway, Chibiusa meets Hotaru for the first time, and she immediately understands this pale, awkward girl. Chibiusa sees the same loneliness in Hotaru that she, herself, has felt all her life. Remember the Wicked Lady bit? Yeah, that.

And the more Hotaru tries to push her away, the more she learns about Hotaru’s strange illness, her painful home life, her crippling loneliness, the more Chibiusa reaches out to offer love and support.

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And it’s done with such subtlety, too! There’s a scene in one episode (I forget which one) where someone—Hotaru maybe?—makes a casual statement about Hotaru being alone, and the frame pauses for just a moment on Chibiusa looking sad. I completely missed this the first time I watched the series, but on rewatch, I could tell exactly what Chibiusa must’ve been thinking: she was thinking, “Hotaru is my friend. I don’t want her to be alone. I don’t want her to suffer like I did.”

Her friendship with Hotaru becomes so important to Chibiusa that she tells Sailor Pluto—Puu, her one friend in all of Crystal Tokyo—that she (Chibiusa) hates her (Sailor Pluto) for threatening her (Hotaru’s) life.

And considering how lonely Pluto was/is/was guarding the Door of Time, that is harsh.

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(Side note: I love how loneliness is a common theme in this show. All of the scouts were lonely before they met Usagi/Chibiusa/each other, as the R movie and the opening arc of Stars makes clear. That series-long theme is the reason why Stars!Anime!Nehellenia and Galaxia are my favorite villains: because they’re such obvious contrasts to Usagi’s light and warmth and effortless ability to make friends.)

But yeah, the Hotaru/Chibiusa friendship is great.

And it’s all more painful and wonderful knowing where all of this is going. I’m still a couple episodes away from the climactic moment, but, oh, we are getting there.

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I like how people give Hanzo flack for ‘killing’ Genji, but they forget that Genji (while in Overwatch) took it on him self to dismantle the entire Shimada Clan with out orders from Overwatch. He killed most the clan by him self. Genji would have killed many family/clan members and the like and trying to stop the organized crime. (Granted it stated that the clan found its way back.)

So if we could stop ignoring this fact about Genji that would be great.

Those of us who stand outside the circle of this society’s definition of acceptable women; those of us who have been forged in the crucibles of difference – those of us who are poor, who are lesbians, who are Black, who are older – know that survival is not an academic skill. It is learning how to take our differences and make them strengths. For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. And this fact is only threatening to those women who still define the master’s house as their only source of support.
—  Audre Lorde

anonymous asked:

Hey Riley I'm going to need you to go and dismantle capitalism and the state really quickly ok thanks

I need a little help

the sky comes down,

touches the blue hips of the mountains

steaming with the somber hues of evening

I reach out, to feel myself here

somewhere beneath the purple shadow of the kestrel

that crosses the yellow data of wildflowers

in sweeps of gorse and reckless paths of wickwar flame

all that may be found, of what little life that may be alive

repeatedly, with instinct

the quiet effort of a dismantled life amongst the virulent green

plains, in holding with the grey light of enveloping rain

that never withdraws from this part of the world

in the subtlety of its peering breast

the soul peeks out from

the mindless company of light that bends in your hands

the disastrous, precious gift of a true name, violated and left


neither here, nor there

dissolving, as something that does not exist in the declining

scrutiny of facts

the days continue, the seasons list themselves

the letter never comes

Universities aren’t bereft of conservatives and Evangelicals because of a vast left-wing conspiracy. They’re bereft of those people because people committed to those world views so rarely have anything to offer to an open-minded, inquiring, growing community. Universities are lacking in conservatives and fundamentalist Christians because the amount of education that it takes to become a professor is likely to expose Evangelicals and conservatives to enough good ideas that they’re no longer fundamentalist or conservative.

Intolerant Liberals, by Tucker FitzGerald (x)

“Postscript: I’m a straight, white, male. I have a Master of Divinity from a Christian seminary. I voted for W both times. I was a conservative, Evangelical Christian, I’m speaking from experience. And of course I have dear friends who are exceptions to my critique of Evangelical Christianity. And yes I am deeply, painfully aware of the Left’s failures. Of Hillary’s disappointing limitations. But the overall movement for dismantling kyriarchy, for human dignity, for restorative justice, is so stifled by so much bullshit misdirection and gaslighting.”

This whole article is excellent. I urge you to click on that link (here it is again), and read the whole thing. Seriously.

@ men: your masculinity makes you fragile

@ women: your femininity is used to control you

Break away from these social constructs, you do you, don’t abide to gendered concepts. You’re neither masculine nor feminine, you’re just a person with your own mind, your own interests. Realise that, and dismantle these two concepts.

My assessment of the Power Rangers
  • Jason: troubled cinnamon roll, too young to be having an existential crisis
  • Kimberly: sassy boss ass bitch with a mean streak
  • Zac: caring and crazy son of a gun
  • Trini: smol angry lesbian bean
  • Billy: protect my son at all costs