dislocated hips

Joint dislocations...
  • Doctor: and which joints is it that dislocate?
  • Me: Knees, hips, wrist, shoulders, ankle, elbow, jaw, ribs...
  • Doctor: would it be easier to ask which joints don't dislocate?!

There are a number of reasons to pick apart DePalma’s skeletal reconstruction of Dakotaraptor. No belly ribs, dislocated hip, and so on.

But my favourite part of the whole thing is the severely out-of-date skull modelled after those old carnosaur-style Deinonychus skulls.

General awkwardness aside, notice the teeny-tiny sclerotic ring crammed into that misshapen orbit.

Now that looks sort of okay on the skull, but remember that the actual eyeball was only visible through that little hole in the middle.

Which means that DePalma et al. were straight up implying that Dakotaraptor would have looked something like this:  

Does anyone else with chronic pain / chronic fatigue have a hard time feeling sympathy or empathy for people who miss some hours of sleep or have a temporary illness/injury? I’m a VERY sympathetic person, but lately – after dealing with so many spoonie issues – it’s hard for me to feel for people who will undoubtably get better.

People will call in to my job for a sore throat or a twisted ankle and I’m just sitting here like I’ve been working on a dislocated/subluxed hip for six weeks now, have gone in feeling like I’m going to pass out before, have gone in after 2 hours of sleep on top of CFS before, and have gone in with 8/10 pain before.

I don’t hold anything against anyone, because I know they normally feel “great!”, but I wish I could stop feeling so cynical(?) about other people because their struggles are just as valid even if they’ll get better…

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Hi there, just a question on your last post you made. You said how dogs were being seriously neglected, saying this is abuse, and the dogs had serious injury. I'm just wondering that if any of this is in regards to raisingopal, how is any of that true in her case? An accidental pregnancy isn't ideal, of course, but if her dog and the pups are healthy and cared for, and the pups find good homes how is this abuse, neglect, or harm to the dog at all? Just looking for clarification is all.

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Fun fact the hospital where I was born is responsible for me having major hip problems that require me to have a cesarean. They neglected to do a standard hip check on me as a newborn and as a result I was in agony with dislocated hips for nearly 6 months before my parents insisted something was wrong and they check me. I spent two years in a plaster cast and didn’t walk until I was 3. They messed up my surgery too and I had to have extra. I have massive scars on my hips and can’t move my legs in certain positions.

We sued them when I was small but our lawyer was inexperienced and we only got £5000, which for their neglect was laughable.

Now I’m double angry because I feel like they’ve robbed me of the chance to have one of those really calm home births. I would have loved that. I’m honestly so bitter that I have to have more traumatic surgery even now as an adult because they fucked up what takes a few seconds and is meant to be protocol.

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Imagine accidentally hurting Bucky during a session of wild and passionate sex... the injury you ask? He dislocated his hip! He recovers quickly bc of the serum, but not quick enough for Sam to catch wind of what happened. "Sooo... you broke your hip? The old man broke his hip?!" Pretty soon the whole tower knows 😂

omfg poor bucky hahahah he begged you not to take him to bruce to fix it 

Sinful Sunday™

You Can’t Fix What Ain’t Broke part 2

A/N: Holy crap you guys!!! I did not expect that much love from any one (i barely expected 10 ppl to read this thing) Thank you sososososososoooooo much. I’m sorry this part took so long to publish…my laptop decided to die and I am without a personal computer. I almost lost the whole thing. T^T Without further ado, here’s part two! I hope you like it~

You Can’t Fix What Ain’t Broke part 2

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,264

Warnings: a lil smidge of angst. fluff. sad bucky, angry bucky, frustrated bucky. 

Part 1

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**“Mission report.” Longing. “No please stop…” Rusted. *screams* Seventeen. “Bucky no!!” Daybreak. “Sargent Barnes” Furnace. “the process has already started” Nine. “You are to be the new fist…” Benign. “I’m with you…” Homecoming. “til the end of the line.” One. “of HYDRA”**


Bucky shot up in his bed, drenched in sweat..his chest heaving. He looked over to the clock 2:32 am. Another nightmare. Another sleepless night. The faces of all those he’d ever tortured, murdered…burned into his memories forever. Coming back in his sleep to remind him of all the death that he was responsible for.

“Damnit…” he whispered as he dragged his hand down his face. Swinging his legs off the bed, he got up and walked to his bathroom. He switched on the light and turned on the cold water to splash onto his face. As he looked up he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. A broken soul. Missing pieces. Impossible to put back together.  There was no question that Bucky was relieved to no longer under the control of Hydra. But it was more of a question of did he deserve to even exist anymore.

You shouldn’t be here.

It was going to be a long day.

“Let’s go Buck come on,” Steve encouraged “just one more set.”

Since coming to the Avenger’s base, it was Steve’s mission to help Bucky get back into the swing of things. It was Sam’s mission to keep Bucky on his toes.

“Come on man, my grandmother can bench press more than this!”

“You know, for a guy who’s life I saved from a teenage spider, you sure do talk a lot of smack.” Bucky spat back as he pushed the bar from his chest.

“Less talk more lift dinosaur.”  laughed Sam.

As much as they bickered and teased each other, Steve knew that his two closest friends were getting along. He was so grateful to have met Sam, and even more so to have Bucky back in his life.

After heavy lifting and a 10k run (one which they gave Sam a 30 minute head start…and he still finished last), Steve and Bucky took it to the ring to practice sparring.

“I’m not going easy on you, Punk.”

“I never needed you to, Jerk.”

Bucky and Steve were equals in the ring so this fight was bound to last forever. 5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes…Sam was getting bored. He looked over and nodded to Steve when an idea popped into his head.

“Hey Barnes, you better step up your game if you ever want Y/N to notice you!” Sam cried out.

“What?” Bucky looked over to Sam who had a wicked smile on his face. Distracted, Steve landed a punch to Bucky’s stomach.

“Yeahhhh I see the way you looking at her. All coy and shit.”

“Stop distracting me Wilson!” Bucky dodged Steve’s right cross and pushed Steve back to the ropes. He knew that Sam was only messing with him, but it was working. 

“I’m just saying man, a girl like Y/N isn’t gonna stay single for long. You know she used to fix motorcycles before she got here? Woo wheee~”

Steve howled with laughter and pushed Bucky to the ropes, “it’s true Buck, you gotta make a move sometime. Or else Sam might beat you to it” Sam over exaggerated a wink to Bucky who exhaled deeply.. 

Bucky reached his hand between his body and Steve’s face and put him in a choke hold. “I hate you guys….”   

After what felt like forever, Steve was able to get Bucky in a grappling hold with his metal arm behind his back. On instinct, Bucky flipped Steve over and slammed him onto the floor. With Steve on his back, Bucky pinned him to ground with his knee, putting all of his body weight onto Steve’s chest. The two exhausted, Steve decided to throw in the towel.

“That’s you going easy?”

“Well I figured two septuagenarians shouldn’t risk dislocating a hip.” Bucky chuckled.

“What the hell is this bromance?” called out Sam.

The three laughed. Bucky got up and held out his left hand to help pull up Steve. As Steve reached out to get it, Bucky’s arm started spazzing. “WOAH! What the hell…AH!” His arm jerked and slammed the ground next to Steve’s head. Two inches over, and Captain America would’ve had his teeth broke in.

Steve rolled over to the opposite side and sat up “Woah Buck! you okay?”

“I don’t know what’s going on…” Bucky struggled to keep his arm from moving. It swung nearly missing Sam’s face.

“Watch the merchandise!”

Bucky grabbed onto the ropes to steady himself. He stared at his metal hand. Broken. He gritted his teeth, trying to control himself. “Buck?” Missing pieces. “Hey cyborg you alright there?” Impossible to put back together. He screamed.

Bucky came into the lab accompanied Steve and Sam. You turned to smile at them, when you saw Bucky holding his arm in place. His face irritated, angry…nothing like the man you saw the week before. He avoided any eye contact with you.  You looked to Steve, who’s face was full of concern for Bucky. “What happened?” you asked worriedly.

“We were in the middle of training when it started going crazy! He damn near punched a hole through Steve’s face. ” Sam exclaimed, earning a stern look from Steve. “I think it’s short circuiting; he’s having a hard time keeping control of it.” Steve explained. You walked over with your tool tray and picked up the handheld scanner. After examining his arm, you noticed a few wires out of place that was the source of the short circuit. Bucky looked more on edge than usual, his jaw clenched. His body so tense trying to keep the synthetic limb in control. You could see the two exposed wires that were sparking off.  “Think you can fix it Y/N?” Steve asked. You walked over to the tool kit, “Shouldn’t be a problem…Bucky?” your voice shy and quiet. He looked at you before returning his gaze to the floor.  He was shaking. “I’m going to need to remove a panel to get to the wires okay?” Bucky sighed deeply and nodded silently. You applied an electric disk to disable the arm. You began to remove the panel, working slowly, when Bucky’s arm suddenly whirred and smashed into the table, putting a dent into the metal surface. You jumped back from Bucky who was visibly shaken. He looked at you with a fear in his eyes and then back at his metal appendage.

“Watch it!” yelled Sam.

“No no it’s okay, it was an accident Sam. I’m okay” you assured him.

Bucky however was definitely not okay. He let out a frustrated growl and buried his face in his flesh hand. Steve moved closer to his friend. “Bucky you alright?”

“Here, let me try that again” you said. Bucky looked at you from behind the strands of hair that was now covering his face. “I’m going to add another disk to help keep it in place okay?” He didn’t respond, only stared at you as you place the second disk on him. “It’s okay Bucky, it’ll be a quick fix. I promise” You moved faster this time, removing the panel from his arm. Bucky was struggling to control his breathing. You took out your soldering iron and quickly mended the two wires back together. With the procedure done in less than 5 minutes, you exhaled in relief and was about to replace the panel when all of a sudden, Bucky yelled out. “Y/N move!!!” You barely had any time to get out of the way before Bucky’s metal arm swung out. You fell backwards onto the floor. He knocked over your tool tray before Steve and Sam rushed over to hold Bucky down.

“Woah! Get it together man! You almost knocked the living day lights out of Y/N!” Sam scolded.

Bucky was hyperventilating when he saw to you. Your tools were all over the floor surrounding you, your scanner broken. Then he saw you holding your hand in pain, his eyes widened in terror. You inhaled sharply through your teeth and revealed that the soldering wand had burned you. You looked at it on the floor, “must’ve still been hot when it grazed me.” You stood up and Steve walked over to you. “Are you alright Y/N?” “Yeah, I’m okay. Damn it. Stings like a bitch though.” You tried to laugh it off, but no one was fooled by your smile. Steve smiled sadly at you as he observed the burn. You cleared your throat, “Tis but a flesh wound, I’ll be alright.” You moved to pick the panel back up. “Let me put this back on for you” you said to Bucky.

“No” he said sternly.

“Bucky” you chuckled “it was an accident. I’m okay. I burn myself on the stove all the time. I’m a quick healer.”

“Get away from me Y/N” He couldn’t even look at you.

“I’m only trying to help…” your voice getting quiet.

His head shot up and he glared “Well it’s not helping. So do me a favor, and just leave me alone.” You put down the panel onto the table. Steve tried to calm his friend down. “She was just trying to help put it back Buck.”  “Help? Steve look at me! Do you think that I’m something that can be fixed with a couple of nuts and bolts?!” Steve looked down.  “Hey man, chill out” Sam shot back. Bucky screamed at the top of his lungs, “Chill out? Chill out?! I spent more than half my life in a glass tube chilling out. And THAT didn’t fix me either. So forgive me if I don’t exactly want to chill out.” He got up from the table, irritable. He was mumbling to himself when he picked panel and replaced it himself, his back towards the three of you.

You looked at Bucky in shock, but then something inside snapped. Your shock turned into disbelief.  He might be the Winter Soldier, but that was no reason to treat his friends that way.

“Hey, don’t take it out on them.”


“You heard me. Now take it back.”

Bucky turned around and walked up to you. He towered above you but you stood tall and tough. Steve and Sam watched you unsure if they needed to step in to save you or to save Bucky. If working at biker shop taught you anything, it was how to hold your own.

“Now I don’t care if you’re the Winter Soldier or not. You don’t intimidate me. And I said, take it back.”

Bucky looked down at you, his stature proud but his eyes sad. He was at a loss for words. He’d never seen you angry before.  

“Steve, Sam, even Tony, all of us brought you here for one reason. And that was to help you get better. Because we thought that it’d be better for you to heal here, amongst friends rather than leaving you amongst scientists.”

“Stop Y/N.” Bucky said through his teeth.

“Bucky, I can only imagine what you’ve been through. But i’m here aren’t I? Sam’s here, Steve’s here, we’re all here because we WANT to help you. We WANT to understand. And you think we’re just gonna let you push us away?”

“You should really stop talking Y/N.”

“Or what? You’re gonna push me away too?” you choked.

He paused. You were the last person he wanted to push away. Your breathing became heavy and your heart full of anger and frustration. Bucky bit his lip choosing his words carefully.

“You don’t know anything about me Y/N.”

“Well I WOULD if you would just trust me and open up once in awhile” your voice on the verge of cracking. You hated being this heated, you could barely keep the tears at bay. But you knew he could see how your eyes watered up. You weren’t afraid to cry, but you weren’t about to let him see how strongly you felt for him.

“And why…would I…ever…open up…to you? How could you…even begin…to understand me?” he said slowly, as if he was forcing the words to come out of his mouth. He didn’t mean it, he knew that. But if he had to lie to keep you safe out of harm’s way…his way…then so be it. He couldn’t risk hurting you.

You searched him for a sign, any sort of sign that he cared. That everything he was saying was out of frustration. That he didn’t mean any of it. You thought you saw the briefest glimmer of regret in his eyes when he looked to the floor and away from you. You had to get out of there, before you lost it.

“Forget this.” you took off your lab coat and shoved it at his chest. “Let me know when you’re ready to stop being the Winter Soldier and start being a damn human being.”

You knew that hurt. And for a second you couldn’t believe those words came out of your mouth. But you were angry. And you wanted to hurt him the way you hurt. You shoved past him, and stomped out of the lab, grabbing your leather jacket from the coat rack. You couldn’t let him, or the other guys, see you lose your shit. As you turned to get into the elevator you saw Bucky holding your lab coat and slightly turn his head to watch you walk away. You kept your eyes on his, the elevator doors closing just as you lost hold of your tears.

“Damn.” Sam broke the silence.

Bucky exhaled deeply.

“What the hell Bucky?” scolded Steve

“Shut up Steve.”

“Man you shut up.” shot Sam “Be mad at me, be mad at Steve. But that was no reason to talk to Y/N like that. She’s only ever helped you.”

Bucky placed your lab coat down on the table. He caught sight of his reflection in the screen of the computer, the image of a man who even he didn’t recognize. He wasn’t proud of his outburst. But all he could think about is how he was unable to control his arm…how it controlled him instead. How for all these years, he was unable to control himself. His decisions never his, control. He flashed back to the past, the faces of people he “sacrificed for the greater good”, the history that he helped shape. He looked at his reflection and saw the Winter Soldier staring back at him.

The lab doors opened, Tony walked in staring at his phone. “Hey Y/N, I had some ideas for….what the hell happened here?”

Steve and Sam looked at each other. Bucky walked past Tony out of the lab. Tony watched as he walked past him, “You know what…never mind I don’t want to know. Where is Y/N?”

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Hospital update:
Dislocated hip is no longer dislocated hip and just really fucking painful hip.
Peeing lying downs goes contrary to ones biological instincts and is thus really difficult
Also like skilfully difficult I’ve had a lot of wet legs
Hospital food is gross going down and grosser coming back up
Morphine is a great sedative
I can now say fuck without my mum flinching
Old people really like to talk and do so exceptionally loudly at 10pm
Ceilings are really boring to look at

*Dislocates hip*

Doctor: So you dislocated your hip, but I can see that it’s already back in place.
Me: Yes, I popped it back again.
Doctor: ..By yourself? How did you manage to dislocated it in the first place? Some serious physical training? An accident?
Me: I shifted position while sitting.
Doctor: …
Doctor: …
Doctor: Are we talking yoga?

Okay, like, yes, Bill Cosby’s past work is completely ruined for me now because he’s a rapist and that’s hard because I loved The Cosby Show a lot but what are you going to do?  I see a clip now and think, “Run, Raven Symone!  Run away!  I know you’re only four years old, but run!  Run, Keisha!  Run, Tempestt!  Run, Lisa!  Run, Sabrina!  You, Phylicia Rashad!  Run!  Get away from him!  No, no, don’t drink his coffee!”  It makes for a very fraught viewing experience.

Anyway, my point is not that I can’t watch The Cosby Show anymore because I’m in the majority, there.  Pretty much everyone feels disgusted and horrified that we adored a serial rapist for all these years.

My point is, why do I seem to be the only person who can’t watch Milk or Dead Man Walking?  Sean Penn turns my stomach just to look at.  He beat Madonna so often that she thought she would literally die at his hands.  He beat Princess Buttercup, you guys.  You fucking love Robin Wright when she’s Princess Buttercup, but you find out her husband beat the shit out of her for years and you turn your heads and go watch I Am Sam.

How can you coo over Michael Fassbender, knowing that he’s so violent he once dislocated an ex-girlfriend’s hip?  Why do you boycott Chris Brown but treat John Lennon like an actual saint?

These are rhetorical questions.  I know the answer.  Talented black men are immediately monsters the moment they do something terrible.  Talented white men?

Well, it’s hard to be a genius, after all, and if the women involved were actually being hurt, why didn’t they leave?  Any abusive relationship is abusive from both sides, you know.  And that’s if the relationship was even really abusive in the first place, which it probably wasn’t.  She’s probably lying.  She was just a kid at the time, so how can we trust her memories?  And that woman’s an actress, actresses are known to be high strung.  Actresses lie for a living!  She probably just overreacted to one little thing and just and wanted attention from the press.  Those hospital records are probably faked, too.

The paragraph above is 100% bullshit, just in case you were wondering.  But you’ve heard those arguments too, haven’t you?  I could have been serious instead of parroting back bullshit I’ve read to justify why people still worship serial child rapist Woody Allen.  The level of racism and misogyny I’ve seen lately from women who purport to hate both racism and misogyny is blowing my fucking mind.

I can’t even explain the feeling of Endo in your body. It’s glass shards in your pelvis. It’s dislocated hips. It’s tingling nerves and no nerves at all. It’s concentrating hard to hear, and at the same time wondering whether you’re going to vomit at any second. It’s the bitterness of codeine and retching at the attempt to swallow massive pills and the pounding heart and breathlessness that comes. That wide eye look as you try to breathe and the stuttering heartbeat through the adrenaline of pills. The feeling of wondering if you’re even actually in the body but knowing you are solidly anchored by the pole shoved through your gut. The tears that don’t stop cos they’re started by exhaustion and pain and morphine, and the hazy eyes that struggle to focus. The dreadful depression of dreading tomorrow morning’s pain, and the writhing of the unbearable animal dying inside you. Cracked lips and empty stomach and spending so long on the toilet waiting for nothing that you slump over and faint or sleep, you’re not sure which it was. The shuddering limbs and the clenched fists and muted panting and wails. The weakness and inability to make decisions and communicating is the hardest thing ever and more pills than you should but seriously why won’t anything make the pain stop and desperation that desperation desperation desperation

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rfa + v + saeran MC gets kidnapped and they find them beaten up/unconscious (if ur comfortable)


  • Yoosung had just gotten home from a long day at school and was ready to play LOLOL with you curled up in his lap
  • When he’d arrived home though, you weren’t there.
  • He called you but instead of being greeted with your sweet voice he was met with that of a man’s. A deep, stone on stone sort of rasp
  • They’d taken you, and they were demanding a sum of money that a college student wouldn’t be able to pay, hell Jumin was the only person he knew who could!
  • He called the police obviously, but they couldn’t seem to track you.
  • What was their purpose if they couldn’t find you?
  • He was going insane without you, he was going insane thinking about what those people could be doing to you
  • He’d called Seven just after he had found out the police couldn’t find you, he knew Seven could, it’s what he specialized in
  • And he did find you. In an alley, unconscious, bloody, and bruised
  •  The two got you to a hospital and through that Yoosung had gone mute
  • He couldn’t do anything aside hold your hand and pray that you would be okay
  • They’d said your vitals were low and you’d lost a lot of blood, that you might remain unconscious for a few months
  •  How was he supposed to survive without you for a month? He hardly survived the two weeks you’d been missing
  • He stopped playing LOLOL because he couldn’t seem to stay focused on anything
  •  He stopped attending school all together and he was binge eating because he couldn’t think of anything else to do because what’s the point if you’re gone

Zen                                                         ·       

  • You were always cooking dinner by the time he got home, and if not that you were taking a nap on the couch·        
  • After realizing you hadn’t been cooking he searched around the house to find where you had fallen asleep·        
  • When he didn’t find you he’d immediately thought that you’d broken up with him, but wouldn’t you have left him a note if you had?·        
  • He tried calling you and received no answer, so he spammed your phone only to continue being ignored·        
  • Exactly one week later he got a letter in the mail with pictures of you tied up, bloody and bruised with tear stained cheeks. Why would they do this to you of all people?·        
  • The only thing that came with it were the words, ‘Aren’t they pretty?” written on the back·        
  • He immediately called the cops and Seven because he knew he’d probably find you faster but he needed these people punished·       
  • It took three weeks for them to throw you out, they’d driven by Zen’s house and simply thrown you out of the back of a car ·        
  • At the hospital Zen sang you lullabies and pet your hair, he told you about his day and how if you had been there it would’ve been so much better·        
  • He couldn’t eat, sleep, or work. He’d been turned down three roles because of this fiasco but he didn’t care because you were still out of it·        
  • He was furious with himself, if only he had been able to protect you. Hell, if he had gone through the same thing he would’ve healed by now and you’d both be okay ·        
  • “When you wake up, we should get married. I love you MC.”


  • She heard every second of the kidnapping, after you called the police you had phoned her and as soon as Jaehee heard your sobbing she was rushing home
  • But nor her or the police were fast enough because when they had gotten there you were gone and all that was left was a small pool of blood on the floor
  • Immediate mental breakdown
  • You were gone
  • Actually gone and Jaehee couldn’t cope. You were supposed to always be there, she could rely on you
  • She actually blamed herself, you were supposed to be able to rely on her too but when you truly needed her she couldn’t help you
  • Instead of letting the police lead an investigation she put the Choi twins on your case immediately
  • They found you fast, faster than the police would’ve
  • The two also volunteered to go and retrieve you and after much debate Jaehee agreed to stay behind
  • As you lay unconscious in the hospital Jaehee paced and spoke quickly to herself, and if not that she would crawl onto the hospital bed with you and do her best to hold you
  • “I’m so sorry MC, but you’ve got to wake up for me.”
  • Her hand would rest above your heart to see if it would speed up when she spoke
  • And it did, and that meant you could hear her and that’s all that mattered


  • He normally could take calls anywhere and everywhere but some places just didn’t have service, and to his dismay this was one of them
  • He’d had to spend two weeks without hearing your voice and honestly he was going to fight the next person that even looked at him because he was ready to go home and lay with you
  • When his phone finally regained service he saw an alarming amount of voicemails from you
  • The first one was sweet, you’d basically told him how much you missed him and how you couldn’t wait for him to get home and that you loved him
  • The second one was like that too. But then he heard the other five
  • “I already called the police but I’m so scared and I just wanted to hear your voice. Why do you have to be gone? Jumin I love you.” You were crying and your voice was trembling
  • You were whispering through every message and Jumin thought maybe you were just overreacting to something, or that the police had gotten there and saved you from whatever was happening
  • Still he called you, and was greeted only with the prerecorded voicemail tone. So he called again, and texted, and then phoned you from one of his guards’ phones in case you’d been ignoring him
  • All hope was lost and he urged Driver Kim to go faster
  • When he received a call from you he calmed only the slightest answering immediately and choking out a hello
  • He became even more worried than before though, when he heard a woman’s voice on the other side of the phone
  • “5 Million. Two weeks.” The line then went dead and Jumin was sat in shock
  • He couldn’t move, the only thing that he could do was cry, and he barely did that. Only two tears falling down his face
  • You thought this kid went crazy when Elizabeth went missing
  • He was ready to give up that money as soon as he’d heard the words but everyone had advised him against it, and his father had him on lock down until they found you
  • And then they did find you, hip dislocated, body covered in infected cuts, and surrounded in a pool of your own blood
  • Jumin couldn’t even look at you for the first couple days because every time he did he broke down
  • When he could finally look at you without self destructing he wouldn’t leave your side, he was always there and even through the nights he fell asleep in those uncomfortable hospital chairs just in case you woke up in the middle of the night
  • And you did
  • “Where am I?”
  • “MC you’re okay, I thought I lost you.”
  • “Um, I’m sorry, but, who are you?”


  • In Seven’s line of work it was a constant worry for him, you getting hurt or killed was always on his mind
  • At first when you didn’t answer him when he called or you weren’t in bed when he thought you’d be he freaked out and began yelling only to find you in the kitchen or asleep on the couch
  • Soon enough he learned that you were probably not kidnapped but that did not mean he didn’t track everywhere you went when you left the house.
  • Just in case
  • He’d done this exact thing when you’d left today, he’d left your GPS on one monitor and continued to work.
  • After three hours he’d noticed that you hadn’t moved an inch
  • It wouldn’t be bad to call you right?
  • You didn’t answer.
  • He could go out and just say he wanted to tag along, that wouldn’t be weird right? hat’s what he did 99% of the time anyway.
  • When he arrived in front of the shop where you’d been shown to be stood he didn’t find you anywhere.
  • He did find your phone laying on the ground though and he felt his heart stop
  • He’d brought his laptop with him and he was instantly working his ass off to find you because this was definitely his fault
  • It took him three days to track you down and low and behold it was a rival agency that had taken you
  • How did they know to take you though? Had he been that careless with you?
  • He didn’t have time to ponder those questions though because he was already speeding to the hideout that he’d found. Ready to do whatever he must to take you back home with him
  • Upon finding you he was stood in shock, you were tied to a chair and your hair had been cut off. Your legs were black, blue, and red meaning you definitely could not walk
  • You were out too, and even as Seven hastily untied you and sprinted from the building with you in his arms you did not wake
  • He whispered prayer after prayer in the car as he drove to a hospital, any hospital. And when they took you in he collapsed in the waiting room shaking and crying
  • This was his fault


  • People knew V was blind, he could hear them mumble about it as the two of you walked past
  • It used to bother him but now it was okay because nothing could reach him with you by his side
  • It was late and the two of you were walking home after a date went long, it was just supposed to be a short walk but then you saw a cute dog and dragged V along because you promised it would be the fluffiest dog he had ever pet in his life
  • At some point your hand had left his so he followed the sound of your voice until abruptly it stopped
  • “MC?” He was laughing, he thought it was a joke. That you were going to try and scare him by jumping up behind him and grabbing him
  • But you didn’t
  • “MC this isn’t funny anymore.”
  • He refused to admit to himself that he’d lost you
  • After too long of a time had passed he called Jumin to pick him up, and maybe find you
  • Maybe you were just so tired you collapsed and Jumin would find you as soon as he got there
  • But when Jumin showed up and searched along with Driver Kim only to come up with nothing, everything finally hit him.
  • You were gone and you had disappeared with him right next to you
  • Jumin actually had to drag V to the car, which was a hassle because V was thrashing and screaming
  • V’s entire life crashed and practically ended. His first girlfriend became the leader of a cult and blinded him, and then you, his new fiance, the true love of his life had been kidnapped
  • It took four months for them to find you.
  • They had been sent a video and V was happy he was blind because he could hear Jumin gagging but the sounds you made had drowned him out.
  • You were screaming, begging for them to stop whatever they had been doing. You were calling for V to save you, for anyone to save you
  • Seven had been put on the case of finding you since day 1 and when he did finally find you, (three weeks after the video had been sent to V) Jumin spared no expense to imprison the people who captured you and to save you.
  • You were almost dead when you’d been hospitalized and when the hospital finally let V visit with you, he didn’t leave your side
  • He whispered to you, held your hand, and kissed your forehead praying that somehow you would come back
  • “Please, MC. I can’t live without you.”


  • Saeran was immensely protective of you, I mean, he’d kind of kidnapped you that first day when he bound you to Rika’s apartment?
  • You were simply too trusting, he could hardly let you out alone by yourself because who knows? You’d be the person to accidentally get kidnapped for the second time because you are way too kind.
  • He hadn’t even been the first one to know. Jaehee had to call him and tell him that you hadn’t been answering any calls, and that when she’d gone over to your house no one had answered
  • This boy, who has always let his dislike for exercise known, booked it back to your home.
  • He was faster than cars at this point due to the traffic but he knew that all of this was in vain
  • If someone had kidnapped you they weren’t going to wait for him to get home
  • Throwing open the door to your home he went searching for anything that he might be able to use to find you, but he didn’t have to look for long because you were on the floor, motionless
  • “No, MC, no.” He collapsed to his knees and started pulling at his hair.
  • “FUCK! I WAS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT YOU. I…promised I’d protect you…”
  • He lifted you into his lap, and that’s when he felt your shallow breaths. That’s when he gained some hope.
  • He called the police and had you taken to a hospital
  • He refused to visit you, even when he was told you were awake. He changed the locks and had to keep himself from running to open the door when he heard Jaehee calling for him, saying she had you. That you were ready to go home.
  • He’d been the reason that you were hurt, the reason you were hospitalized.
  • He didn’t want to ruin your life, and if that meant never seeing you again he’d be okay with it, knowing that you were happy

~Love, Peony

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