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Letters: #0 The crash [NCT Yuta scenario]


This wasn’t requested but I saw a similar idea to this elsewhere and suddenly found the inspiration to write it! This is a 7-part series called Letters and it features Yuta as the main character. Other members are mentioned but they don’t all now each other in this series - it’s basically a little like an AU…kinda. Anyway, I’ll just explain what the general gist of the series is.

Yuta’s girlfriend (aka you) is unfortunately killed in a car accident [don’t worry it’s not all sad and angsty, but this chapter is lol] Yuta is given her belongings after the crash and finds 6 letters that she has written addressed to “the one whom I love”. Each letter has its own chapter (not this one) and therir flashbacks and a bit of dialogue etc. There isn’t really a story to this apart from the fact that Yuta wants to find out why you wrote these letters and when. Which will all be discovered in the final chapter as well as a big plot twist lmfao

I hope you do enjoy this series, don’t let it flop on me lol. Tell me what you think about it and what you think the plot twist might be - I might actually change it if someone says a good one lol. Anyway, enjoy and sorry for the angst in this chapter ! :)

Word count: 2,844

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this gif has nothing to do with the actual thing but oh well i’ll make one later

Letters series

  • Letters: #0 The crash
  • Letters: #1 Open now
  • Letters: #3 Open when you miss me
  • Letters: #2 Open when you feel like giving up
  • Letters: #4 Open when you need some optimism
  • Letters: #5 Open when you’ve achieved your dreams
  • Letters: #6 Open when you need a reminder of how much I love you

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Joint dislocations...
  • Doctor: and which joints is it that dislocate?
  • Me: Knees, hips, wrist, shoulders, ankle, elbow, jaw, ribs...
  • Doctor: would it be easier to ask which joints don't dislocate?!

There are a number of reasons to pick apart DePalma’s skeletal reconstruction of Dakotaraptor. No belly ribs, dislocated hip, and so on.

But my favourite part of the whole thing is the severely out-of-date skull modelled after those old carnosaur-style Deinonychus skulls.

General awkwardness aside, notice the teeny-tiny sclerotic ring crammed into that misshapen orbit.

Now that looks sort of okay on the skull, but remember that the actual eyeball was only visible through that little hole in the middle.

Which means that DePalma et al. were straight up implying that Dakotaraptor would have looked something like this:  

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So a character in a cocaine rush, very high. He dashes throught a balcony and falls to the ground. One or two floors maximum. Is it survivable? Does something happen to his blood pressure or anything? Is there any difference in rescue in this case? If he falls to one side, will he get injuries only in that side? Can he fall and not hit his head? Thanks aunt. You're awesome. Your brazilian fan, A.

Bom dia @friedeggsandcheese!  

So your character is in a bit of trouble. Actually quite a bit of trouble. Unless by “balcony” you mean “porch,” i.e. the ground floor. 

So significant – i.e. potentially life-threatening – musculoskeletal trauma from a fall typically starts from falls at about 2x their height. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll call this 12′ / 4m. The average height of the floor of one story above the ground – what we in the US would call a second floor (not sure how it’s counted in Brazil; I know in the UK and I believe France this would be the “first floor”) – is about that same height. Plus the three or so feet high that it takes to clear the railing makes the height of the fall about 5m/15′. 

Note that we don’t hit 50% mortality until it’s about 4-5 stories up, but that doesn’t mean your character can’t, say, break their neck from a 1-2 story fall. 

Let’s put this in some context, though. A single-story fall doesn’t sound that bad, right? I mean, it’s not that big a deal, is it? 

It is that big a deal. According to The Splat Calculator, a fall of 5m has an impact speed of 35 km/h, or 22 miles an hour. If you got hit by a car going 22 miles an hour, you would be in bad shape. You would not want this. At two stories (15m), that makes it about 30 miles an hour, or +- 50km/hr. 

These velocities are enough to break bones. Enough to cause internal hemorrhage. Enough to break spines, if you’re unlucky. 

So what kind of injuries should we expect from a 1-2 story fall? 

There are a few things that could happen, and a lot of factors upon which they depend on. Such as: 

  • What part of the character’s body hit the ground first? 
  • What object(s) did they hit on the way down? 
  • What object(s) do they strike on impact? 
  • What surface are they falling onto? Dirt? Stone? 
  • Is your character elderly, or have any kind of bone disease? 

So let’s make a short list of possible complications! 

  • Concussion 
  • Epidural hematoma 
  • Subdural hematoma 
  • Skull fracture 
  • Other form of traumatic brain injury 
  • Broken arm 
  • Broken clavicle 
  • Dislocated shoulder (probably a posterior dislocation) 
  • Neck injury, including sprain, strain, fracture 
  • Spinal cord injury including partial or total paralysis, typically with spinal fracture 
  • Internal bleeding in the abdomen due to blood vessel rupture 

If they tried to land feet first, they’ll be prone to a particular constellation of injuries known as Don Juan syndrome: 

  • Heel fractures 
  • Lower leg fractures 
  • Knee dislocation 
  • Hip fractures
  • Compression fractures of the lumbar spine 

Note that this is a lost of possible injuries; only the Don Juan Syndrome injuries actually “go together” as a common injury pattern. 

The safest way to land a fall like this, and Do Not Try This Shit At Home, is for your character to land on the balls of their feet with their knees slightly flexed and allow themselves to “continue the fall”, by rolling or letting the fall become a squat. From one story this is probably something they can walk away from uninjured, but I would get very skeptical from two stories. 

The thing about that is, it doesn’t seem to match your character. He’s falling after vaulting a balcony as part of a “cocaine rush,” which doesn’t suggest a lot of premeditation to me. 

The other way to make his fall less injurious is to have him land in a pool, or on a mound of soft earth (not leaves, but perhaps dirt that had been turned up for some kind of digging project). (If they land in a pool, you could also have them land mostly in the pool – and have one outstretched limb hit the concrete walkway around the pool. So you can take a multitrauma and make it a singular fracture, but still have the event have consequences.) 

Hope this gave you some delicious ideas! 

xoxo, Tia Scripty


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Fun fact the hospital where I was born is responsible for me having major hip problems that require me to have a cesarean. They neglected to do a standard hip check on me as a newborn and as a result I was in agony with dislocated hips for nearly 6 months before my parents insisted something was wrong and they check me. I spent two years in a plaster cast and didn’t walk until I was 3. They messed up my surgery too and I had to have extra. I have massive scars on my hips and can’t move my legs in certain positions.

We sued them when I was small but our lawyer was inexperienced and we only got £5000, which for their neglect was laughable.

Now I’m double angry because I feel like they’ve robbed me of the chance to have one of those really calm home births. I would have loved that. I’m honestly so bitter that I have to have more traumatic surgery even now as an adult because they fucked up what takes a few seconds and is meant to be protocol.

“how will you ever find fulfillment if you don’t have kids??????”

idk man have you ever seen my girlfriend when she bites into a piece of homemade fried chicken bc i don’t even have to dislocate my hips for that

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Okay so my lovely gf and I went on our first date in awhile tonight (she dislocated her shoulder playing soccer and has had to take it easy) so we went to see Wonder Woman and we were driving home at about 10:45. We were both tired and ready to get home and lay down together, it was pouring rain outside. And suddenly she slams on the brakes and gets out of the car. I was so confused I was like "babe where tf are you going" and I see her jog down into this ditch that's more like a creek (1/2)

And she leans down into knee deep water and at this point I’m getting out of the car and chasing after her. I can’t see her very well because it’s raining so hard and it’s dark but then she’s calling for me and I move towards her and she’s covered in water and mud (Note: She’s wearing a vry expensive baseball jersey that is like her prized possession and it’s soaked and dirty and I can’t believe she would be willing to do such a thing in this jersey (2/4) ps Im guessing on numbers at this point

And she’s lifting up a plank of wood that’s fallen over into the water and she’s like “Help me move this” and I’m like “babe what the fuck you’re gonna hurt your shoulder worse” and she’s just like “just help me I’ll be alright” so I do and we set the plank aside and then I see it. There’s a German shepherd stuck in the water and my gf doesnt hesitate to reach down into the water and lift the dog out. It kinda whimpers but she just whispers trying to calm it down & carries it to the car (¾)

She gets in the backseat and lays the dog against her in a way that’s obviously going to be painful for her and she starts quietly singing Hallelujah (her favorite song) to it and petting it. And she gives me directions to the emergency animal clinic and I look in the rear mirror and I see the way she’s looking at this dog and I just go “Hey babe? I’m in love with you.” And she smiles real wide and says “I was in love with you first.” (4/4) Ps the dog has a dislocated hip but should be okay

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Imagine accidentally hurting Bucky during a session of wild and passionate sex... the injury you ask? He dislocated his hip! He recovers quickly bc of the serum, but not quick enough for Sam to catch wind of what happened. "Sooo... you broke your hip? The old man broke his hip?!" Pretty soon the whole tower knows 😂

omfg poor bucky hahahah he begged you not to take him to bruce to fix it 

Sinful Sunday™

You Can’t Fix What Ain’t Broke part 2

A/N: Holy crap you guys!!! I did not expect that much love from any one (i barely expected 10 ppl to read this thing) Thank you sososososososoooooo much. I’m sorry this part took so long to publish…my laptop decided to die and I am without a personal computer. I almost lost the whole thing. T^T Without further ado, here’s part two! I hope you like it~

You Can’t Fix What Ain’t Broke part 2

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,264

Warnings: a lil smidge of angst. fluff. sad bucky, angry bucky, frustrated bucky. 

Part 1

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**“Mission report.” Longing. “No please stop…” Rusted. *screams* Seventeen. “Bucky no!!” Daybreak. “Sargent Barnes” Furnace. “the process has already started” Nine. “You are to be the new fist…” Benign. “I’m with you…” Homecoming. “til the end of the line.” One. “of HYDRA”**


Bucky shot up in his bed, drenched in sweat..his chest heaving. He looked over to the clock 2:32 am. Another nightmare. Another sleepless night. The faces of all those he’d ever tortured, murdered…burned into his memories forever. Coming back in his sleep to remind him of all the death that he was responsible for.

“Damnit…” he whispered as he dragged his hand down his face. Swinging his legs off the bed, he got up and walked to his bathroom. He switched on the light and turned on the cold water to splash onto his face. As he looked up he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. A broken soul. Missing pieces. Impossible to put back together.  There was no question that Bucky was relieved to no longer under the control of Hydra. But it was more of a question of did he deserve to even exist anymore.

You shouldn’t be here.

It was going to be a long day.

“Let’s go Buck come on,” Steve encouraged “just one more set.”

Since coming to the Avenger’s base, it was Steve’s mission to help Bucky get back into the swing of things. It was Sam’s mission to keep Bucky on his toes.

“Come on man, my grandmother can bench press more than this!”

“You know, for a guy who’s life I saved from a teenage spider, you sure do talk a lot of smack.” Bucky spat back as he pushed the bar from his chest.

“Less talk more lift dinosaur.”  laughed Sam.

As much as they bickered and teased each other, Steve knew that his two closest friends were getting along. He was so grateful to have met Sam, and even more so to have Bucky back in his life.

After heavy lifting and a 10k run (one which they gave Sam a 30 minute head start…and he still finished last), Steve and Bucky took it to the ring to practice sparring.

“I’m not going easy on you, Punk.”

“I never needed you to, Jerk.”

Bucky and Steve were equals in the ring so this fight was bound to last forever. 5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes…Sam was getting bored. He looked over and nodded to Steve when an idea popped into his head.

“Hey Barnes, you better step up your game if you ever want Y/N to notice you!” Sam cried out.

“What?” Bucky looked over to Sam who had a wicked smile on his face. Distracted, Steve landed a punch to Bucky’s stomach.

“Yeahhhh I see the way you looking at her. All coy and shit.”

“Stop distracting me Wilson!” Bucky dodged Steve’s right cross and pushed Steve back to the ropes. He knew that Sam was only messing with him, but it was working. 

“I’m just saying man, a girl like Y/N isn’t gonna stay single for long. You know she used to fix motorcycles before she got here? Woo wheee~”

Steve howled with laughter and pushed Bucky to the ropes, “it’s true Buck, you gotta make a move sometime. Or else Sam might beat you to it” Sam over exaggerated a wink to Bucky who exhaled deeply.. 

Bucky reached his hand between his body and Steve’s face and put him in a choke hold. “I hate you guys….”   

After what felt like forever, Steve was able to get Bucky in a grappling hold with his metal arm behind his back. On instinct, Bucky flipped Steve over and slammed him onto the floor. With Steve on his back, Bucky pinned him to ground with his knee, putting all of his body weight onto Steve’s chest. The two exhausted, Steve decided to throw in the towel.

“That’s you going easy?”

“Well I figured two septuagenarians shouldn’t risk dislocating a hip.” Bucky chuckled.

“What the hell is this bromance?” called out Sam.

The three laughed. Bucky got up and held out his left hand to help pull up Steve. As Steve reached out to get it, Bucky’s arm started spazzing. “WOAH! What the hell…AH!” His arm jerked and slammed the ground next to Steve’s head. Two inches over, and Captain America would’ve had his teeth broke in.

Steve rolled over to the opposite side and sat up “Woah Buck! you okay?”

“I don’t know what’s going on…” Bucky struggled to keep his arm from moving. It swung nearly missing Sam’s face.

“Watch the merchandise!”

Bucky grabbed onto the ropes to steady himself. He stared at his metal hand. Broken. He gritted his teeth, trying to control himself. “Buck?” Missing pieces. “Hey cyborg you alright there?” Impossible to put back together. He screamed.

Bucky came into the lab accompanied Steve and Sam. You turned to smile at them, when you saw Bucky holding his arm in place. His face irritated, angry…nothing like the man you saw the week before. He avoided any eye contact with you.  You looked to Steve, who’s face was full of concern for Bucky. “What happened?” you asked worriedly.

“We were in the middle of training when it started going crazy! He damn near punched a hole through Steve’s face. ” Sam exclaimed, earning a stern look from Steve. “I think it’s short circuiting; he’s having a hard time keeping control of it.” Steve explained. You walked over with your tool tray and picked up the handheld scanner. After examining his arm, you noticed a few wires out of place that was the source of the short circuit. Bucky looked more on edge than usual, his jaw clenched. His body so tense trying to keep the synthetic limb in control. You could see the two exposed wires that were sparking off.  “Think you can fix it Y/N?” Steve asked. You walked over to the tool kit, “Shouldn’t be a problem…Bucky?” your voice shy and quiet. He looked at you before returning his gaze to the floor.  He was shaking. “I’m going to need to remove a panel to get to the wires okay?” Bucky sighed deeply and nodded silently. You applied an electric disk to disable the arm. You began to remove the panel, working slowly, when Bucky’s arm suddenly whirred and smashed into the table, putting a dent into the metal surface. You jumped back from Bucky who was visibly shaken. He looked at you with a fear in his eyes and then back at his metal appendage.

“Watch it!” yelled Sam.

“No no it’s okay, it was an accident Sam. I’m okay” you assured him.

Bucky however was definitely not okay. He let out a frustrated growl and buried his face in his flesh hand. Steve moved closer to his friend. “Bucky you alright?”

“Here, let me try that again” you said. Bucky looked at you from behind the strands of hair that was now covering his face. “I’m going to add another disk to help keep it in place okay?” He didn’t respond, only stared at you as you place the second disk on him. “It’s okay Bucky, it’ll be a quick fix. I promise” You moved faster this time, removing the panel from his arm. Bucky was struggling to control his breathing. You took out your soldering iron and quickly mended the two wires back together. With the procedure done in less than 5 minutes, you exhaled in relief and was about to replace the panel when all of a sudden, Bucky yelled out. “Y/N move!!!” You barely had any time to get out of the way before Bucky’s metal arm swung out. You fell backwards onto the floor. He knocked over your tool tray before Steve and Sam rushed over to hold Bucky down.

“Woah! Get it together man! You almost knocked the living day lights out of Y/N!” Sam scolded.

Bucky was hyperventilating when he saw to you. Your tools were all over the floor surrounding you, your scanner broken. Then he saw you holding your hand in pain, his eyes widened in terror. You inhaled sharply through your teeth and revealed that the soldering wand had burned you. You looked at it on the floor, “must’ve still been hot when it grazed me.” You stood up and Steve walked over to you. “Are you alright Y/N?” “Yeah, I’m okay. Damn it. Stings like a bitch though.” You tried to laugh it off, but no one was fooled by your smile. Steve smiled sadly at you as he observed the burn. You cleared your throat, “Tis but a flesh wound, I’ll be alright.” You moved to pick the panel back up. “Let me put this back on for you” you said to Bucky.

“No” he said sternly.

“Bucky” you chuckled “it was an accident. I’m okay. I burn myself on the stove all the time. I’m a quick healer.”

“Get away from me Y/N” He couldn’t even look at you.

“I’m only trying to help…” your voice getting quiet.

His head shot up and he glared “Well it’s not helping. So do me a favor, and just leave me alone.” You put down the panel onto the table. Steve tried to calm his friend down. “She was just trying to help put it back Buck.”  “Help? Steve look at me! Do you think that I’m something that can be fixed with a couple of nuts and bolts?!” Steve looked down.  “Hey man, chill out” Sam shot back. Bucky screamed at the top of his lungs, “Chill out? Chill out?! I spent more than half my life in a glass tube chilling out. And THAT didn’t fix me either. So forgive me if I don’t exactly want to chill out.” He got up from the table, irritable. He was mumbling to himself when he picked panel and replaced it himself, his back towards the three of you.

You looked at Bucky in shock, but then something inside snapped. Your shock turned into disbelief.  He might be the Winter Soldier, but that was no reason to treat his friends that way.

“Hey, don’t take it out on them.”


“You heard me. Now take it back.”

Bucky turned around and walked up to you. He towered above you but you stood tall and tough. Steve and Sam watched you unsure if they needed to step in to save you or to save Bucky. If working at biker shop taught you anything, it was how to hold your own.

“Now I don’t care if you’re the Winter Soldier or not. You don’t intimidate me. And I said, take it back.”

Bucky looked down at you, his stature proud but his eyes sad. He was at a loss for words. He’d never seen you angry before.  

“Steve, Sam, even Tony, all of us brought you here for one reason. And that was to help you get better. Because we thought that it’d be better for you to heal here, amongst friends rather than leaving you amongst scientists.”

“Stop Y/N.” Bucky said through his teeth.

“Bucky, I can only imagine what you’ve been through. But i’m here aren’t I? Sam’s here, Steve’s here, we’re all here because we WANT to help you. We WANT to understand. And you think we’re just gonna let you push us away?”

“You should really stop talking Y/N.”

“Or what? You’re gonna push me away too?” you choked.

He paused. You were the last person he wanted to push away. Your breathing became heavy and your heart full of anger and frustration. Bucky bit his lip choosing his words carefully.

“You don’t know anything about me Y/N.”

“Well I WOULD if you would just trust me and open up once in awhile” your voice on the verge of cracking. You hated being this heated, you could barely keep the tears at bay. But you knew he could see how your eyes watered up. You weren’t afraid to cry, but you weren’t about to let him see how strongly you felt for him.

“And why…would I…ever…open up…to you? How could you…even begin…to understand me?” he said slowly, as if he was forcing the words to come out of his mouth. He didn’t mean it, he knew that. But if he had to lie to keep you safe out of harm’s way…his way…then so be it. He couldn’t risk hurting you.

You searched him for a sign, any sort of sign that he cared. That everything he was saying was out of frustration. That he didn’t mean any of it. You thought you saw the briefest glimmer of regret in his eyes when he looked to the floor and away from you. You had to get out of there, before you lost it.

“Forget this.” you took off your lab coat and shoved it at his chest. “Let me know when you’re ready to stop being the Winter Soldier and start being a damn human being.”

You knew that hurt. And for a second you couldn’t believe those words came out of your mouth. But you were angry. And you wanted to hurt him the way you hurt. You shoved past him, and stomped out of the lab, grabbing your leather jacket from the coat rack. You couldn’t let him, or the other guys, see you lose your shit. As you turned to get into the elevator you saw Bucky holding your lab coat and slightly turn his head to watch you walk away. You kept your eyes on his, the elevator doors closing just as you lost hold of your tears.

“Damn.” Sam broke the silence.

Bucky exhaled deeply.

“What the hell Bucky?” scolded Steve

“Shut up Steve.”

“Man you shut up.” shot Sam “Be mad at me, be mad at Steve. But that was no reason to talk to Y/N like that. She’s only ever helped you.”

Bucky placed your lab coat down on the table. He caught sight of his reflection in the screen of the computer, the image of a man who even he didn’t recognize. He wasn’t proud of his outburst. But all he could think about is how he was unable to control his arm…how it controlled him instead. How for all these years, he was unable to control himself. His decisions never his, control. He flashed back to the past, the faces of people he “sacrificed for the greater good”, the history that he helped shape. He looked at his reflection and saw the Winter Soldier staring back at him.

The lab doors opened, Tony walked in staring at his phone. “Hey Y/N, I had some ideas for….what the hell happened here?”

Steve and Sam looked at each other. Bucky walked past Tony out of the lab. Tony watched as he walked past him, “You know what…never mind I don’t want to know. Where is Y/N?”

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i’ve got guns in my head (and they won’t go)

summary: After surviving Scarif, Jyn struggles with life in the Rebellion.

10k, mostly hurt/comfort

read it on ao3!

A faint buzzing sound brings her out of the darkness.

“Your father would be proud of you,” Cassian says – and god damn it, she has tears in her eyes and her hands are shaking so she clenches them into fists on her thighs in an attempt to control herself. Cassian’s breathing heavily beside her, his leg at an impossible angle and an arm holding his side and every time he takes a shallow breath she thinks that it’s going to be his last, that he’s going to leave her alone on this beach to die.

She comes back to consciousness in bits and pieces. She hears the buzzing before she can move her fingers, moves her fingers before she can crack open her eyes. Still, she keeps them closed, trying to figure out where she is before alerting anyone that she’s awake.

It’s a trick she learned from Saw. If she’s caught in a bad situation, it’s always better to seem as complacent as possible.

She can hear beeping on her left side. Her body feels heavy and her mind’s still a bit fuzzy. Jyn can only imagine the amount of medication running through her veins. Even with it, it feels as if her body’s been torn apart and stitched back together.

If this is what it feels like to be alive, then she’d much rather be dead.

When she hears footsteps against the tiles, her heart clenches. For a moment, she thinks she’s in prison again, drugged and left to fend for herself after a particularly nasty fight . For a moment, she thinks that her roommate finally got the jump on her, finally decided to try and kill her.

But it’s only for a moment. After the small wave of panic passes, she forces herself to open her eyes.

There’s a bright light, momentarily blinding her, but she adjusts quickly . Her eyes are still crusty from sleep and out of pure reflex, she raises her arm to wipe them away. Well, tries to, anyway. Her right arm lays on the bed beside her, aching and heavy with bandages.

“What – ?” she croaks, trying to sit up in her cot. Stars dance before her eyes, and she swallows a wave of nausea. Her body protests for a second but Jyn pushes through the pain and props herself up.

The medbay she’s in is pristine and blindingly white. There’s curtains surrounding her bed, cutting her off from the rest of the room. While she can hear the sounds of the other patients, she feels horribly and terribly alone.

Just like on Wobani.

She glances down. There’s bandages running up and down her right side, which feels as if it’s been on fire. Her left side, though still throbbing, feels better. She assumes that she has more wounds underneath the thin blanket; she can feel the weight of the bandages on her skin. Despite probably using half the bandages in the medbay, this is hardly the worst injury she’s ever had.

But it’s definitely up there. Top three, maybe.

But he doesn’t. He doesn’t die, not before her, doesn’t leave her alone, and instead gathers her in his arms with what seems like the last of his strength. She holds him just as tightly, hooking her arms around his back, mindful of his injuries. Cassian tucks his head into her shoulder, nose in her hair, and if she thinks she feels wetness on her bare neck, she ignores it.

We did it,” she says softly, both to soothe and to convince. The plans are off to the Alliance and there’s hope. There’s hope because of them, because of what they all did here on Scarif. So she doesn’t bury her head in Cassian’s arms, even though she desperately wants to, to find comfort in him.

If she’s going to die, then she’s going to look Death in the eye on her way out.

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*Dislocates hip*

Doctor: So you dislocated your hip, but I can see that it’s already back in place.
Me: Yes, I popped it back again.
Doctor: ..By yourself? How did you manage to dislocated it in the first place? Some serious physical training? An accident?
Me: I shifted position while sitting.
Doctor: …
Doctor: …
Doctor: Are we talking yoga?


Cw: death, surgery/guts mention, sad :’(
So thursday morning someone in our neighborhood left our back gate open and our dogs got loose. My 1yr old puppy, Courage, ran miles away and was hit by a car. He survived the impact but was severely hurt. Animal Control called us and my sister and i sped there as fast as we could. He had been so happy to see us he was wagging his tail like crazy. AC helped him into my car and we raced to the vet as fast as we could. He ended up with a dislocated hip, ruptured bladder and left kidney, his spleen was chopped in half. The vets removed his kidney and spleen but the internal bleeding had done too much damage. A few hours of waking up from his surgery he went into cardiac arrest. The vets did all they could to bring him back but it was his time to go. My family is devastated. Especially my mom, shes been nonstop crying for days.

The vet bill is $3k, im not asking anyone to donate, since i finally have a job. But im selling my rat hammocks that i originally made for my rats, but i figured id give the money i get to my mom to help with the hefty bill

Rest in peace Courage, i love you so so so so much