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how to know you’ve been into the sims 2 too long
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  • everyone using those loft windows from AL and nothing else
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  • even older: american high school ii from modthesims
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  • simbology inteenimator
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  • hair recolours that don’t match any other known textures
  • bodyshapes
  • the launcher still fucking working
  • “my disk got scratched”
  • pre-pets or post-pets
  • collection files having to go into the collections folder
  • “joined union”
  • uberhoods
  • livejournal. everyone had a fucking livejournal. or dreamwidth
  • rosesims2 centaur mesh

Imma blow your mind real quick if nobody’s already brought this up:

We know Hussie used photoshop for homestuck. In one of the recaps you can see scribble-mode Hussie tapping really fast on a keyboard and the photoshop animation timeline is shown below the frame.

In Photoshop (and other Adobe products), a Scratch Disk is the space where temporary resources (beta kids, universe) are held to work on a project that is currently open (alpha kids, universe). Once the project (universe) is saved and closed (endgame), the resources are scratched (removed) to free up space.

“You also love Natalie? You become even more awesome after ever new post you make. Which Katie character would you ship with which Natalie character and why? Which of their characters would hate each other the most?” - (anon)

Yes! I love my two queens oh so very much. The fact that they are so close is a bonus. So as requested, let us discuss ships/aus and rivaling characters shall we?

For ships, rather than having a winded explanation as to why, I thought I would do more of a summary into my thoughts of what the ship would be like. Think: potential fic summaries! Here we go.

The Rambling Thinky Thoughts of Brittane Presents: A Ship Storm - Katie McGrath/Natalie Dormer Edition

Hold onto your pants everyone!

Margaery Tyrell/Lena Luthor

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Rival CEOs, turned friends, turned lovers. OR! Consider an AU where Lena is still CEO of L-Corp and Margaery is either her attorney or head of PR. They begin seeing each other and Margaery insists they keep it quiet in order to maintain their integrity/credibility and that of L-Corp’s in the public eye. Margaery would believe that it is also important to keep Lena’s love life out of the tabloids. Secret lovers are always fun!

They are both kind, yet cunning, and care deeply about trying to make a difference for everyone in the city. They would definitely make a great team! Hey! Imagine Lena filling Margaery’s office with flowers or vice versa! Or both. Both would be good.

Jamie Moriarty/Gloria Miller

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Elementary AU!! Gloria is a young FBI agent that is obsessed with cases surrounding the mysterious Moriarty. She eventually discovers that she is on the notorious criminal’s trail. Little does she know that Moriarty has been keeping tabs and leaving strategically placed bread crumbs to get closer to the very intriguing and attractive agent. She enjoys playing games. A very tense face-to-face meeting leaves Gloria feeling shocked after learning Moriarty’s identity (#OHNOSHESHOT). Gloria continues to work her case but still lacks evidence as Moriarty is too careful and never gives her all the answers she needs during their increasingly frequent rendezvous. Things grow even more complicated when they develop feelings for one another that both loathe to admit to. Will Gloria go rogue? Will Moriarty step back from her criminal dynasty?? Will anything change at all??? Who knows???? (*freeze frame* *disk scratch* Hi…. someone feel free to write this. I want it. I will love you forever!)

More after the cut! It gets better. At least I think it does! 

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Title: Mixtape Vol. VIII - Preview

Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

Summary: A story in which Jungkook finds a mixtape during their trip in America. What happens then?

Note: Italic dialogues = Hangul 

Hyung,” he groaned, allowing the older man to drag him inside the small shop, a bell from the door ringing subtly as they entered. 

Jungkook, I promise this is worth it,” Taehyung cheerfully said, taking a step further inside the shop. 

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Alison : “Come on, guys. You need to be more excited!”

Helena : “…”

Cosima : “Whatever, been here done this”

Sarah : “What the bloody hell is this, Al?!”

Rachel : This is the last time that I said ‘bored’

Krystal : “This is sooo… weird”

* * * * *


Finally, the Dave Strider fansong I promised you all ages ago! The third installment in a set of four Homestuck songs I’m doing, one for each of the beta kids. Jade and Rose have already been done.

This song was a bit different in the vocal style for most of the other songs I’ve done before, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out! ABSOLUTELY WEAR HEADPHONES FOR THE FULL HELLA RAD EFFECT.
Time is on my side but I don’t know which side I’m on, you see ‘cause
I do not abide by rules that don’t agree with me, you see

But what if I’m the rule-maker, rule-breaker, rule-maker, or some future deity?
Maybe I’m a world-creator, tool-breaker, sword-taker from all these dead bodies?

I guess I’m finding life is turning on a dime
I’d reach for the stars but it’s too high a climb
I’m a paradox abomination, a most ironic crime
‘cause I’m the god of clockwork and I’m running out of time.

I was born on rock and raised on top of clocks and fire-sea
now here we are on this dead star on some new messed Odyssey

But what if there is more to it, more to it, fuck; screw it, we’re now nearly halfway there.
What if I got left behind, in my mind, back in time, and now I’m just hot air?

I’m running out of time, and I’m running far away
and I would give a lifetime if I could live another day
and I’d be worth a thousand words if I’d something left to say
I guess the world is now my playground, but I don’t want to play

because I’m running out of answers and I’m running out of rhymes
and I’m running out of comebacks, and different ways to die
so if you ever need me, I’ll be on the other side
because I’m the god of clockwork, and I’m running out of time.

Red blood and red sleeves and flash floods and light thieves
Time scratch and disk hacks and timelines and white lies
(Sear my mind, seer mind – paint my heart black as dark
day and night, Knight and Page, Heir and Witch, Prince and Maid)
(And off and on and off again I hope this sick beat never ends
then maybe I can get some sleep, though I can never again dream)

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Filters | Blend Modes | Want more Undos? | Deleting Brushes Easily

Tired of only having 20 undos in photoshop? Why not increase it to 30, 50, or even 100?

Here’s a quick how-to; simply follow the steps above. For PC users, you will find performance under edit. However, try not to have a too large number of undos, or it might compromise performance by taking up too much scratch disk space. You know your computer best, so try to make the most of it!

Pretty Lady (Chen) - Part Three

This part is mostly backstory kind of stuff, but it’s pretty vital and I hope I did it justice and most importantly, I hope you enjoy it~! ♥

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five /Part Six

Kim Jongdae had the innocence of a child, but the secrets of a locked diary.

The next morning, Luhan drags you immediately to the side as you arrive at dance class. He twirls you as you stumble, yourself falling into a very confused Kim Minseok, who shakes your hand and bows.

“I don’t think we’ve properly met.” He smiles, “I’m Minseok, and the tall one is Tao. He looks scary, but he’s not that bad.” The taller boy turns at the mention of his name, smiling like a panther.

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When Delsin holds in his video powers for too long, it messes with his vision. Smoke tends to make him sluggish and feverish and Neon has him racing around with too much energy. But video has him like scratched disk. His vision gets static-y, like there’s a lot of noise and it’s hard to see. And his voice ends up like a broken records, similar to this. Like he’s a glitched game. (That and often when passing by TVs it messes up their signal)

So it becomes easy to tell when Delsin is suffering, even though he doesn’t like to show it.


Happy Birthday Annie!

the-glyn-hole  asked:

She did not have time to scratch the disk (on screen). I am so pumped for this hate snog.

Update thoughts time, 1/7/15! Under the cut. LOTS TO COVER, and here’s a summary:

  • Unscratched Disc 2
  • The “you don’t need him.” death sentence?
  • Remaining scarf changes and jumps
  • Implications of “him.” getting eliminated
  • Leaving the saving Vriska ideas to past!Terezi
  • Doc Scratch’s single cashed-in prank
  • “Don’t turn your back on the body.”

Let’s get started…

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