Duel Disk update, for those interested~
Remodelled the body for the new screen module I got late last year, so I printed out a face plate test to make sure everything lined up! I was a few millimetres off on several aspects, so I’ve fixed that on the model and will try another print tomorrow.
It was my biggest print to date, taking up almost the whole width of my printing plate, so I’m glad it turned out alright! I posed with it next to my arm to show that no regular-sized 14 year old could wear it comfortably 😛

I’ll be keeping you posted as it comes together!

‘Let Go - Avril Lavigne’ DataPlay disk (2002)

“DataPlay was an optical disk format for audio and data storage, introduced in 2002 (the company went out of business later that same year). It used a very small 32mm diameter disc with a capacity of 500 MB enclosed in a protective cartridge. DataPlay was used for portable music playback, and a small number of pre-recorded albums were released. They were recordable, but only write-once like CD-R.”