Leonhard Thurneisser - Astrolabium, “The Archidoxa”, 1569.

The Archidoxa, a collection of ideas and astrological predictions, is one of the most famous works of Leonhard Thurneisser, whose participation in alchemy led to the condemnation of some of his fellow scientists. The astrolabe is spinning disk showing constellations and other features of heaven; its purpose was to determine the course of the planets and their influences. In theory, it allowed the user to predict its destination or natural disasters.
This book was used to create individual horoscopes with the help of volvelles (circular letters). Each sheet has a large diagram of the horoscope as its central feature, surrounded by a detailed and intricate decoration that presents the attributes and chemical equipment with a shield on each side of the top of the diagram, depicting images related with the planet involved.