Part of my problem is my absolute inability to express my emotional needs with people. I have so many walls up and I trapped inside of them. I am someone who is very romantic, and soft, and emotional, and sensitive, someone who thinks about love every single day, and wonders why I’ve never found it and it makes me so desperately sad. But I cannot admit this to literally anyone in my life. I do come across as sensitive and emotional but I also act tough and distant and disinterested in love and relationships and everything, and I constantly say it doesn’t matter to me and I’m good alone and I want to be alone, and I’m never going to find anyone and that’s ok and I’m fine with being alone.

But I’m not. I’m a fucking liar. And I always have been. I lie to myself, and to everyone else. Because I am so starved for affection and intimacy and love I feel like I’m dying sometimes and I can’t even get out of bed.

But I’ll never tell anyone that, not in real life, only here, where I can remain anonymous. And my walls are still up. And idk how they’ll ever come down.

Gumball is describing his own made up dictionary.
  • Gumball: Not to be outdone by that no-talent schwa sound, the Wattersonian Dictionary features several gutteral utterances, or, you guessed it, “gutterances”, that are used to express complete disinterest in specific people.
  • Gumball: There’s the “pffgh!” sound for Coach.
  • Coach: Hey, Watterson! Wanna hear about my glory days on the field?
  • Gumball: Pffgh!
  • Gumball: The “aungh!” sound for Mr. Small.
  • Mr. Small: Wanna hear my cover of “Glory Days”?
  • Gumball: Aungh!
  • Gumball: And of course, the ever popular "graaauuughnck!!“ sound for you-know-who.
  • Alan: Talk?
  • Gumball: Graaauuughnck!!

My favorite part about the Yousana dynamic is that Yousef always manages to say or do something that proves Sana wrong and either makes her go speechless or relent:

During the train ride: she tries hard to act disinterested yet he manages to make her smile.

During the kitchen convo:
“Do you need help?” “Nah.” Then lets him teach her the right way to peel the carrot.

The whole soccer team debate. She goes speechless and recognizes he has a point.

During their FB chat:

When she tried to be smartass about him being hurt that she didn’t respond to his meme and then he told her he didn’t work on Mondays.

Det Beste Fra Islam: after he tells her that he can still be a good person without needing prayer to remind him.

When he gives her flowers, she gives him this little smartass/incredulous smile yet ends up wearing them on her hijab (and keeping them by her bed)

“If religion is so great, why does it split societies?”

Spiller Alene: “I can’t be bothered. Just come and get it.” The she goes and gets it.

She can’t stay mad at him so she eventually smiles.


The trust test
The food debacle
The carrot convo
His entire explanation as to why she really does believe in Allah and how he knows he doesn’t.

Ugh. I miss them.

FANFIC: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow by OvertheRainbow pt 2

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow – By Over The Rainbow

Chapter 3 - Outside the box

As Kayleigh closed the front door, silencing Chloe and Alfie’s raised voices mid-flow and Mandy’s exasperated tones, she took a deep breath before heading off towards the gate. Steve was tinkering as per. The spanner with the spanner. The thought almost made her smile. She braced herself for this morning’s “hilarious” repartee. It didn’t take long. “He’s not here yet Cinderella. Your very own Prince Charming”. Noticing her expression of disinterest, Steve persisted, “He with his bright red carriage. Come to sweep you off your feet….and into aisle 7”. He threw his head back and laughed with gusto. She couldn’t even muster the energy to fight back. Not this morning. She simply lowered her head and kept walking. Maybe it was the silence that did it. The absence of a comeback. No, “Get stuffed!” or “Stick your bike up your arse!” Nothing. Steve stopped mid chuckle, as he noticed Kayleigh was heading off. On her own. “Ay up! Where you goin?! You’re not gonna leave him in the lurch are ya!? He’s most likely got stuck in traffic. He’s regular as clockwork is your John. Check your phone. He’d never leave ya hangin that lad.” Inwardly she replied, “You think!?” She wasn’t even going to allow herself to consider the phrase “Your John”. Outwardly though, she simply turned slowly and looked at Steve.

She contemplated lying. Coming up with some cock and bull story about him changing shifts, or changing stores, or leaving the country…but she couldn’t face it and in a monotone she barely recognised as her own voice said, “We’re not Car Sharing anymore….We decided it was for the best”. That was only a partial distortion of the truth. Steve looked at her for a second. The remnants of his jollity fading slowly into a serious expression, as he processed what she’d said. She waited for a rendition of “Another One Bites The Dust”, or some cutting remark….but to her surprise, none came. He considered her silently for a few seconds then simply said, “I’m sorry to hear that. I liked him. He seemed like a decent bloke.” “Appearances can be deceptive”, she replied but almost immediately regretted it. Steve stood up suddenly and looked alarmed, “What ya mean? He didn’t hurt you did he? I know we’re not exactly mates but if he hurt ya….” “No Steve”, she replied in a calming tone, “He didn’t hurt me….at least not like that”. The pain in those final five words was evident, even to the usually clueless Steve. “Whatever’s happened, you can sort it…the pair of you…surely?” “I don’t think so Steve. We just want different things”. “He wants you”. The comment shocked Kayleigh, “He doesn’t”. “Listen. I don’t know what he said to ya in the heat of the moment but he wants you. I’m a bloke, I know”. “You know nothing!” “I know more than ya think. I know he drives miles out his way to sit in a bloody car with you every day. I know it pisses him off when I tease ya. I know that he looks at you like you hung the moon, then went back and painted the stars and I know that since he’s been pickin you up, you’ve been happier than I’ve seen you in years”. She wished he’d stop. She was going to cry again and she’d promised herself she wouldn’t, if only to save her make up. She could feel the pressure building. Then suddenly, like a volcano, it exploded and no amount of effort could stop it. “He doesn’t want me ok! He doesn’t love me! He made that perfectly clear. You’ll be delighted to know that I made a complete fool of myself yesterday, spilled my guts and he just looked at me like I was a crazy woman and you know what!? I am. I am crazy. I’m 36 years old and I live in my sister’s box room. I’ve never had a relationship that didn’t end in disaster. Or known a bloke who didn’t rip my heart out and stamp on it just for shit and giggles. I’m like some poor sod on the streets, with my nose pressed up against the window, looking at someone else’s dinner! I have no life! I borrow yours. I get to watch yours and I thought for one lousy moment that it was my turn. My turn to live. My turn to share my life with someone. To be the whole world to one person and for him to be the whole wide world to me….but it’s never my turn is it? I’m stuck in a bloody box and I’m never getting out. You were right about Cinderella and John was right about me. My life is a friggin fairy-tale. A fantasy, where the Prince never shows up, or just can’t be arsed. I don’t get to share someone’s life. I’ll never be that important. I just share their car. I’m Kayleigh Kitson, a daft cow, with daft ideas. Good for a punchline. Some poor mare who no one notices, except to feel sorry for or take the piss. I mean, Christ! I even get paid to stand there all day, smile politely and be ignored…..well you know what? I’m done with that, I’m done with all this….I’m done”. With that, she turned and left, leaving Steve as stunned as he’d ever been in his life.

He stood there for a moment, processing, before going to the gate and calling out “Kayleigh!” but she was already half way down the road and didn’t look back. He knew she was fiery like her sister. Had a temper on her for sure, but he felt strangely troubled by what she’d said and almost more so by how she’d said it. He felt uneasy. Like he’d had a glimpse of the world through her eyes. She seemed defeated. Now he felt like a prize shit. At that moment Mandy’s voice pierced the silence, “Oy, I can’t find the car keys and we’re late. These two have been kicking off again. Honestly Steve, we need to talk about this. You need to step up and do some bloody parenting. I’m sick of….what’s wrong?” Throughout her tirade Steve had continued to watch Kayleigh until she was out of sight. Only now did Mandy notice her sister’s disappearing form rounding the corner at the end of the road. “Why’s our Kayleigh walkin? Where’s her John?” “I don’t think he is "her John” anymore", replied Steve with an uncharacteristic air of sadness that struck Mandy and at once it all fell into place. Kayleigh’s early night, her behaviour this morning. “Aw, frigadig. She really liked him too. I thought we had a winner this time”. “So did she”. After a moment Steve looked at Mandy and said, “I think you should talk to her Mand”. “She’ll be fine Steve. A family sized box of Kleenex, her heartbreak songs playlist, her Dirty Dancing DVD and half a tonne of Thorntons Classics and she’ll be right as rain”. “I don’t think so sweetheart. Something’s not right”. “What do you mean "not right”?

“I mean it’s different. She’s not even angry at him. She’s angrier at herself. It’s like she just accepts it”. “Well, maybe that’s a good thing! Maybe she knows she made a mistake. Maybe he didn’t mean that much to her. He’s hardly heartthrob material now is he?!” For a moment Steve just looked at Mandy. He wasn’t exactly adept at finding the right thing to say at the right moment but there were times when he was charm personified compared to her. He loved Mandy, always had, always would but sometimes he didn’t like her very much. This was one of those moments. She seemed to register his disapproval, “Sorry….that was cruel”. “Yeah, it was. You know, maybe I’m not the best judge of character but he seemed sound. He seemed like a good bloke…and he liked her Mandy, I know he did. I think he loved her”. “What do you think happened”? “From what I can gather, she told him how she felt and he let her down…I don’t get it…but it’s hurt her Mand…badly and you need to talk to her. That much I do know.” She kissed his cheek. This was the Steve she loved. “You can be a sensitive soul when you want to be, can’t you? I’ll call her, maybe we’ll go out for a bite to eat later….make sure she’s ok….give you a chance to deal with the terrible twosome for a bit”. With that, he reached into the pocket of his work trousers and handed her the car keys. Mandy paused as she got into the driver’s seat. Looking back at Steve who had turned his attention to the bike once again, her resolve suddenly strengthened, “I’ll call her after I leave these two off…”. “Yeah, you should”, Steve replied, wiping engine oil on his shirt. Mandy pondered; sometimes he could be a total enigma.

The journey to work was every bit as long and tiring as she remembered but it did give her time to think. She’d dodged Mandy’s call. She couldn’t face it right now. She was all talked out this morning. Normally she’d feel embarrassed about the thought that Steve knew anything about her, let alone something so personal but it felt strangely good to get it off her chest and she’d been surprised by his sympathetic reaction. She was beginning to feel at peace with herself somehow. Like a weight had been lifted. She couldn’t go on like this. She knew that being at work would be excruciating today of all days but she also knew she had to go, if only to pull the sticking plaster off the wound as quickly as possible. As she’d sat on the bus, she’d Googled “BrighterDayCareers.com” and scrolled through the job opportunities, more in hope than expectation. It was with curiosity that she’d clicked on a job vacancy in Preston. Promotions reps for a cosmetics firm. Travel around the region would be required and a company car provided. “Seeking enthusiastic, committed individuals, with drive and ambition”. Was that her? Why the Hell not! Why shouldn’t it be her? Sod it. She was going to apply. She could feel the excitement building and the adrenaline pumping. They could only say no and she’d had that a lot lately. Nothing could hurt her now. She was immune to pain. She’d been hurt so much she felt numb. Besides…they might just say yes! She sent an email enquiry. By tea break, she had a reply, by lunchtime, she’d sent a copy of her CV and by 3pm, she had an interview the following afternoon in Preston. She’d gone to see Cath Hilton and asked for leave, for a “personal matter”, apologising for the short notice. Cath had granted it. She’d then told her that she was no longer participating in the Car Share scheme. While she looked momentarily surprised, Cath was discrete, unlike some. She never pried into personal matters, offering advice only if asked but she was there for support when it was needed. Kayleigh merely explained that, since her recent move, the distance from her sister’s home in Bury to the store, was too great and that while John had been kind enough to continue with their buddy arrangement, she knew that it wasn’t practical for him and she felt it should end. If Cath suspected any other motivation, to her credit, she didn’t let it show. She accepted her explanation, asking only if John agreed. “He knows my feelings. I don’t think he’ll object”, she replied. Cath would send an email confirming the end of the arrangement, by close of business and asked only that they both sign it and return it to her when they got a chance. Kayleigh’s said she would, thanked Cath and left.

The Gods had been smiling on her. She hadn’t seen him all day. She’d heard some background chatter that he’d decided, on a whim, to do a stock take in non-foods and that he was in foul form. She overheard some smart arse commenting that he’d arrived on his own this morning and that there must be “trouble in paradise”. When the reply came that “Rachel’s been sniffing round him all day, like a bitch in heat”, Kayleigh had decided she’d heard enough. By 5pm, as promised, she’d received the email confirming the end of their Car Share. She’d printed it off, signed it, and left it back with Cath in HR, as requested. Done. She was exhausted physically and emotionally and she still had that long journey ahead. Walking in court shoes wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Neither was standing room only on a crowded tram. She could only hope her bus was on time and she didn’t have to add a wait in a cold, damp bus shelter to her adventures in travel. Still, the day was over and she could do this. She’d remember her iPod in future. It would provide some distraction. She’d wear her trainers maybe. Do a bit of power walking. She was excited about tomorrow; it would be her first interview in years. Experience if nothing else, she thought and so it was with a spring in her step that she’d left for home.

She saw him almost as soon as she opened the back door and her traitorous heart began to beat faster, just like it always did. He was talking to Rachel; or rather Rachel was talking to him and giggling like a schoolgirl. From her glance he seemed distracted. He had that expression on his face that he used when he was pretending to listen but was miles away. She’d seen that one, more than a few times. Just as she looked away his eyes caught hers. He’d been leaning against the car and he suddenly appeared to stand up straighter. His gaze locked with hers, deep and serious, until it burned to the point of pain and she looked away. Rachel had obviously realised that he was distracted and no longer paying attention, if he ever was. Kayleigh could feel both sets of eyes on her as she made her way round the side of the building and off towards the tram station. As she reached the first set of traffic lights she thought, “I’ve done it! I’ve done it! I saw him and I’m ok, it’s done!” It felt good, for a few seconds until the emptiness and regret began to set in once again and it suddenly felt like a hollow victory. That little voice in her head said, “See Kayleigh. You really did mean nothing to him. Look how easily he let you go. Hasn’t even tried to call you has he? Look at Rachel. You couldn’t compete, could you? Blonde. They always love a blonde don’t they? Blondes have more fun”. This time though, she wouldn’t give in to those thoughts. The voices of her stronger and better angels took over. What had he said to her once, “Women come and women go”. Well, she was gone. Good luck to Rachel. Not his type, my eye. Maybe she was just what he needed. Someone who was in it for what she could get. A mutually beneficial arrangement. Yeah, good luck to them both. She spent the rest of her journey Googling “Fresh Face Cosmetics”, ethical products, from sustainable sources – Future-proof your look. By the time she reached Bury, she knew more about the environmental evils of micro-beads than she ever imagined possible.

Mandy was sitting on the stairs when she got home. “We’re going out for a Chinese” she announced, without preamble. “What? Now?!” “Yep, now. You’ve got twenty minutes to get changed before the taxi rocks up, so you’d best get a wriggle on”. “Maannnddd…I’m knackered” “Don’t Maannnddd me, you’re not 12 anymore. Get up those stairs. There’s a Kung Po with your name on it”. Kayleigh laughed for the first time in days and realised resistance was futile. Besides, she wanted to tell her sister about the interview….and other things. Although she suspected from Mandy’s sudden enthusiasm for eating out on a week night, that Steve already had the “other things” covered. She was proved right. Still, by the time she’d had her three courses and half a bottle of Prosecco, the edge had worn off. Mandy listened to her tale of woe and offered her usual sage advice, “Screw him! He isn’t worth it. He’s a coward Leelee.” She hadn’t been called that since Kieran left for Cyprus. It had been her childhood nickname. A throwback to her first efforts to pronounce her name. “Onwards and upwards. We’re Kitson’s you can’t keep us down.” Mandy was well passed “fluffy drunk”. Before she’d hit “comfortably numb” Kayleigh had told her about the interview and more importantly, about her desire to move on. If this opportunity didn’t pan out, she still thought it was time for a change. She needed to find herself somewhere else to live. She’d saved a few quid from staying with Mandy and Steve. Enough to cover the first three months’ rent, she just needed to find somewhere that would allow her to keep Misty. She was grateful and always would be but it was time. They both got teary when Mandy offered her some extra money from her savings to buy a few bits and pieces. Kayleigh thanked her but thought she’d be ok. As both women stumbled upstairs later, after a taxi journey home that had seen a random assortment of Alanis and S Club 7 belted out with enthusiasm, Kayleigh stopped, slumped down on the stair and in her very best effort to string a sentence together said, “I…I don’t know Mand…what’s wrong with me? Why can’t he love me? I love him…soooooo muuuccchhh. I miss him sooooo muuuccchhh Mand”. Mandy looked at her sister’s sad face and said with heartfelt sincerity, “There’s nothing wrong with you sis. There’s no better woman in the land Kayleigh Kitson and you better believe it”. “He doesn’t”. “Well, more fool him I say. Let’s get you to bed kiddo. You’ve got a big day tomorrow.” As she put her arm around her sister’s shoulder and walked her to her room, Mandy remembered their childhood. How Kayleigh was always this relentless bundle of fun. How she longed for happiness, with a never ending sense of hopefulness. It felt as though that hopefulness was dying in front of her. She could kill John Redmond for that alone.

The morning came too soon and the little box room was awash with light through the thin curtains. Kayleigh was grateful that the interview was in the afternoon. A brass band was playing loudly in her head and they were on their second encore by the time she took a shower. She dug out her favourite suit and her best handbag and shoes. Her hair was sitting well and her make-up was perfect. She was pleased with the overall effect. She put on some background Beyoncé for motivation and felt she could take on the world. Some last minute revision about the company and their products and she was on her way. It was Mandy’s day off and she drove her the 50 minutes to Preston. The interview started on time at 2pm. Kayleigh was finished by 2.45pm and while she felt pretty positive, she had no real idea if they “liked” her or not. An hour later, they were sitting in a Costa Coffee having paused en route back to Bury, as Mandy made positive yet conciliatory noises. Mostly they seemed to come from the big book of job interview clichés, “I’m sure they loved you”, “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be” (she’d heard that one before) “Well, you gave it a go. That’s the most important thing”. Suddenly, mid flow, Kayleigh’s phone rang, taking a deep breath and noting the number, she sighed, “Well, here goes nothing”, she answered the call. It was Fresh Face…and they loved her. She was exactly what they were looking for. The job was hers if she wanted it…..her brain was speeding and before she could fully process, she found herself saying, “Yes. Yes, please”. Mandy embraced her and Kayleigh realised that tears were running down her face. She’d done it! They wanted her! They loved her! No more two for one on Dairylee Dunkers and Mini Cheddars! No more dressing like a Blackcurrant for national f'in jam week. She’d give in her one month’s notice in the morning, then confirm her start date. She’d need to get looking for a place to live. She could commute for a bit but best to get it sorted soon. Preston. She knew some people at the store there. She’d get info on good places to live. Quiet, safe. Not too far from the office. Find out the best shops, restaurants, takeaways, get a gym sorted. She was so excited……then it hit her…..oh God, he’s announcing the Christmas Team tomorrow…….

The Zodiac Signs in an Uncomfortable Conversation

Remains polite but has shifty eyes: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Pisces

Makes their disinterest in the other person obvious (faces away, gives one word answers): Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius

brighter than fire (m)

Summary: There’s quite possibly nothing you hate more than Min Yoongi and his stupid, stupid face—and the stupid, stupid way he makes you feel.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut, Camp Counselor AU
Word Count: 11,371
Author’s Note: What better way to celebrate the summer than to mix Min Yoongi and camp counseling? Also, this is my first time getting to write really sarcastic Yoongi and I was really living. And to @minsvga – hEY thanks for encouraging sarcastic Yoongi in the first place, and lots of sinning; this is all your fault. 


As soon as you step off the bus at the top of the mountain, surrounded by trees and forest and the fresh smell of pine, miles and miles away from your family and the troubles of everyday life—there is without a doubt in your mind that you’re reached your home. The sun is bright, hitting your eyes as soon as you depart from the vehicle, which only serves as a benchmark for what the next few weeks would consist of. And for the most part, you cannot wait to bask in the freedom and the responsibility and the adventure of resuming your counselor position at Camp Bulletproof for the fourth year in a row.

There’s an endearing aspect of being a regular at Camp Bulletproof, one that comes with smiles and waves exchanged with counselors who share the same experience as you, ones you’ve known for many years and have a friendship that can transcend the fact that you all didn’t see each other a lot more than you actually saw each other but that doesn’t stop any of you from spending hours on end supplying backstories for stories or sharing tales from school. It’s a gesture that is done very willingly given that some of these people have plagued your childhood and some of your most fond memories. For the most part, you can’t wait until after hours so the counselors could all have some time to catch up.

For the most part.

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How NTs show disinterest ;
  • <p> <b>ENTP:</b> the `wild mad scientist' glint in their eyes die out and is replaced by normal human ones.<p/><b>ENTJ:</b> the air around them changes suddenly even though their face stays polite and you are wise to stay clear.<p/><b>INTJ:</b> cold cutting sarcasm that will wrap up the conversation in no time.<p/><b>INTP:</b> they will have a DEAD zombie look that will give a strong impression one is talking to a sack of meat rather than a human....which, unfortunately, many ignore and continue speaking to themselves and INTPs have to resort to grunting like half-wits at appropriate moments.
Humans are Space Orcs

I jumped onto the train for awhile now but now I have to contribute to it in some way.


I ain’t talking about the stereotypical teens that adults always talk about, I’m talking about the dorks that still laugh at the iCUP joke.
But like…aliens don’t know how teens are because all they have heard from adults is how stupid and immature teens could be.
“Their rebellious and they won’t appreciate a single thing you do for them.” Human Rachel growled. “I wouldn’t want them as part of the crew.”
“But were you not a ‘teen’ once yourself?” Srytx gurgle, slightly confused.
“Exactly.” She huffed. “So I know how they work. Take it from me, teens aren’t what you want Srtyx.”
From the little warnings the adult humans have given the aliens makes them all worry as inevitably they are forced to harbor the human teens as well.
There were many things Gypr was afraid of, but this had his pelt flash blue in worry. If the humans were warning them about their own kin was not something that stirred well in his glands.
He shook his head and walked into the room that harbored the teens and two adults.
Some were as small as 4 ft while others simply towered over most adults. They all seemed dissinterested, some of the females talking in a corner while the males were being annoyingly loud. There were groups of mixed genders and others with only a single gender.
Gypr let our a shrill whistle between his fangs causing the humans present to turn to him. The two adults looked severely unconfortable which was understandable, his species did not give off peaceful vibes they were predatory by nature.
“Welcome humans,” Gypr announced. “Human adults will you please go in through that door they have a conference there for the human adults alone. Many of our other humans have said it is best to seperate the youth from them.”
The two adults nodded and turned to give biting glares at the teens. Some payed close attention while the other sniffed and turned away.
“Don’t cause trouble.” The human male growled before they both walked off into the room.
Gypr was slightly confused, they were not very friendly with each other.
As soon as the door closed, Gypr was able to see something…odd.
The loud teens from before continued to make and Crack jokes which eased some of the teens within the group. They positioned themselves to be more of a circle rather than the scattered mess they were in before.
The girls glanced around almost disinterested, but Gypr could see that they were looking for something.
Two teens stepped forward, one a male and the other a female.
The male bowed while the female gave a nod of her head.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” The male smiled when he rose.
“Sup dude.” The female echoed. “I’m Angel and this is my friend Stan, we were informed that you’d be helping us out till we moved onto another ship?”
“Yes of Course I am Gypr,” the alien hummed. “I was told by several humans that you do not obey simple rules, I must inform you that anyone that breaks the rules will be punished by the other humans as the captain sees fit.”
“Oh the adults told you that hu?” Human Angel snorted. “Of course they would, stupid ass adults don’t know what the hell their talking about.”
“What my friend means,” Stan interjected. “Is that we understand the implications given, and I assure you no one in our crew will step out of line.”
Gypr, slightly confused, nodded. He started to walk, knowing that the humans would follow.
“Hey Gypr,” Human angel raced to stand next to him. “I have a few questions, and I was hoping you’d be able to answer them.”
“Of course anything you need Human angel.”
Angel stood in front of him stopping them from moving any further.
“You are going to show us our rooms right?”
“That was the plan Human angel.”
“Are we going to be situated with any of the adults?”
“Yes unfortunately we do not have rooms for every single person, so we Andre forced to compromise. Their are ten people to a room Human angel.”
“Are we allowed to choose who we go with and who goes with the adults?”
“The captain nor the humans malentioned any rooming arrangements so I assume it is fine, unless situated otherwise. There are 30 of you we have two open rooms for 10 each but the others will be scattered with human adults.”
Gypr was expecting anger and fighting amongst the group. But Human angel and human Stan only nodded.
“Okay that’s good,” Human Stan grinned. “Are we forced to do any activities with adults?”
“No, adults mentioned that they would not get any work done with younglings like yourself in the immediate vicinity, so you will not interact with any adults unless you so desire.”
Gypr was surprised when about eight of the teens sobbed in relief, earning pats and hugs from their other humans. Gypr surprise and confusion must have shown as Human Stan came to explain.
“Some of us have had bad run in with adults, they treat us like kids and in turn brush us aside, however their are a few of us who have been wronged by adults and we wish to keep them as far apart as possible.” Human Stan explained. “Adults categorize us a certain way because they believe that they know what is best despite us being perfectly capable of making our own decisions. Not all of us are like that, but in my group we try our bests. Please exuse me and angel as we wish to comfort our friends.”
Human Stan bowed again before racing off to hold one of his shaking male friends.
“Human Angel, I was unaware that Human Adults did not treat all you’d fairly.” Gypr was slightly horrified.
Angel shrugged.
“Trust us, some of us were the same way. It took forever to realize what’s wrong with our crew, and we can’t really do much about it either. There are a lot of humans that do not understand the precious life that we hold and will often abuse it as they wish. It is not only human adults who do this, but Human elderly, teens and children as well.” Human Angel sighed miserably, a sound that Gypr was told teens do not make. “Everything is so jacked up Gypr, but we learn to deal with what we have. I promise you we will try our best to not cause any trouble but please note that if push comes to shove we will probably be yelling at the other human adults aboard. It is not out of rebellion but we are all tired of the way we are treated arena as such arguments happen.”
Gypr stood staring at her with his three eyes, he would need to update the manual on human teens.
He stood staring as the human teens eventually calmed each other down and we’re ready to start moving once again.
“You have not mentioned to called you only by name Human Angel and Human Stan, most other Humans are irritated by being called Human before their name.” Gypr rumbled as they stopped for lunch.
“Not all of us are like that.” Human Stan supplied. “But if it makes you feel more comfortable calling us that way, by all means go ahead. Just remember some human won’t always appreciate the way you speak.”
Gypr looked down as his meal, his pelt flashing green as he calmed himself.
Human teens were most mesmerizing.

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition

How To Win A Boy: Fumbling Punk Edition | Dan Howell, local punk, and his friends need a new cafe to hang out in, now that Dan has ruined starbucks for them (don’t ask). So they try out the new family business that just opened up a few days ago… and somehow Dan falls in love with the Pastel Goth kid behind the counter who just so happens to be his waiter. Why Phil seems to think disgusting smoothies are going to win Dan over, no one knows, but… well, they do. | Phan | Teen and Up | PastelxPunk | 8,359 Words

Thanks to @botanistlester for the title, and the fic inspiration, not to mention listening to me talk about this fic for the last 3 hours of writing. I apologize for any typos, but screw proofreading, I really want to post already.

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having to apologize for or ask if you’re being too much is the 10th layer of hell tbh

why i don’t think we’re done with Even just yet.

the last clip was a bit confusing, most of us were expecting more from the even’s storyline than we were given in the end. seemingly, the balloon squad and even made up again. so that might have happened of screen. is it satisfying storytelling? no, but it is what it is at this point. but is that going to be the end of it? i don’t think so. let’s see what kind of indications we have gotten to remind us of the even story line.

so it all began with this image, in which we were clued into the relationship between even and sana’s new love interest yousef: they were in the same friend group at bakka. 

next thing you know we get the confirmation that even and sana have been acquaintances from before. she knows that he isn’t really involved with her brother and his friends anymore, but she clearly sees that even misses his old friends a lot: he asks after her brother. 

now here is where it gets.. interesting. when asked why he doesn’t believe in allah anymore, yousef specifically focuses on the incident with even: according to yousef, his friend was so conflicted about his sexuality and his friend group’s main religion that he tried to do something horrible to himself. the way yousef frames this story is that even is the sole reason why he thinks religion creates anxiety and fear in people. yousef himself is portrayed as a very compassionate guy, very understanding and very loving. and i certainly don’t dispute that he is.. but what is fascinating to me is that he is constantly framed as a really nice guy who is pretty much perfect. elias even says so:

and that might be so. but considering yousef’s reaction to even’s name and seeing even in the karaoke bar – there has to have been something between these two that happened that doesn’t feel too good to yousef. 

in the first one, yousef is the one most affected by even’s name. in the second one, he almost seems like the only one who’s actually a bit angry about seeing even there? as if he feels a bit betrayed by seeing even there after he told sana about him. now, today’s clip is interesting bc it mentions that yousef felt like something was off between him and sana, bc of facebook. 

she blocked him on facebook and he took that as sana’s disinterest. now, it is significant that this incident is mentioned yet again bc which picture is the one picture that we haven’t seen from that facebook yet? 

this one! in which a fight between even and yousef back at bakka is made explicit. but since sana had blocked him weeks ago she would not have been able to see it. in this clip, however, the connection between yousef and sana is re-established, and it might be a very symbolic move for sana to add yousef on facebook again, in which case she is going to see this picture and might be taken aback by this. it can’t all be smooth sailing for these two in the next two episodes. moreover, it makes sense since through more ‘subliminal messages” we keep on being reminded of even and his mental illness. 

the amount of times “crazy” or “psycho” or something relating to suicide has been brought up has been upped a lot more in comparison to previous seasons. 

are there plotholes in this storyline? yes. do i think everything will get resolved or explained? no. but what i do guess is that the incident at bakka will be the final ‘storyline’ for sana to get through to end up with yousef. and in this case, i feel like even is the only one who can tell her the actual truth about yousef and him, bc i feel it is very deliberate that we have heard two sides to his story already that don’t really seem to add up. yousef needs to have some faults, basically (and since cengiz has mentioned that his most difficult dramatic scene hasn’t aired yet? i think this confrontation might be it.)

in the trailer, even was both the first as well as the last person to be hit (in reverse and in normal): in this case, even was “hit” by the storyline way before he went to nissen in the first place, and i think he is the one who will resolve the final storyline (of yousef), i bet. he’s woven in throughout the season: we still need a pay-off. 

unfortunately, this story plays the long game. i could be totally wrong, of course. but i just think this might not be the end of it yet. let’s just say: keep an eye out if sana adds yousef on facebook again.

the signs when approached

Aries: it might almost seem like they’re the ones approaching you.. not ones to let their guard down. They’ll seem spring-loaded and ready to react to you. Propose anything, and they’ll go with it or against it full-force.

Taurus: they likely won’t react much, and will look at you expectantly until you say something. Their stillness doesn’t mean disinterest, though, as their attention span is formidable. They can listen (and talk) for hours, and love being given the opportunity to.

Gemini: they’ll look at you curiously and seem a little uneasy. Look them in the eyes, though, and there will be a whimsical twinkle. Cracking a simple joke will let their guard down, and give them an excuse to do the same.

Cancer: generally not one to make the first move, they’ll give their full attention and see what happens. They really want people to feel comfortable talking to them, so they’ll make sure you know they’re listening; they’ll nod their heads in acknowledgement if they don’t feel they have an adequate verbal response.

Leo: they very much respond physically, and may appear almost haughty when approached (though they rarely mean it or think so highly of themselves). They’ll either be intensely forward -possibly flamboyant- or seem like they’re holding back a great intensity. If they’re not talking much or seem unsure it’s likely because they want to give the best possible response.

Virgo: will probably look shocked, with big wide eyes and a stiff stance. They’re for sure analyzing you, but if you give them a smile to show that you mean well, they’ll be more than ready to carry on a friendly conversation

Libra: always ready to make a friend, they’ll be ecstatic. They’ll greet you with a brimming smile and an aura of openness. They want to see the very best in people, so they’ll assume that your intentions are pure.

Scorpio: definitely won’t let you get the upper hand. Whether they’re bubbly and open or somewhat standoffish, they’ll be intense. They can be pretty critical, but deep down they truly want to see the good in the world. If you’re approaching them with sweetness in your heart they’ll recognize that and likely reciprocate. Also, goofy jokes are a sure way to win them over.

Sagittarius: Their metaphorical ears will perk up at the thought of something new and exciting coming their way. Propose nearly anything, and chances are they’ll go along with it just to see where it’ll lead them (they do have some boundaries, though). Probably won’t think it’s strange that you approached them at all.

Capricorn: they’ll give you the most piercing look, whether they mean to or not. However, under this tough exterior they’re always ready for something (or someone) new and exciting to come a long and surprise them. They’ll listen to whatever you have to say with open ears.

Aquarius: they tend to to look upon everybody similarly- as a member of humanity- so they likely won’t be much more shocked being approached by a stranger than somebody they know. They treat everyone like a friend and are always ready to conversate. They may seem to slip into momentary trances, where their eyes glaze and they appear deep in thought; once they realize what they’re doing they’ll quickly snap out of it and return their attention to you.

Pisces: they may nod and smile airily if they’re not quite sure what your on about. If it doesn’t seem like they’re hearing what you’re saying, it’s just because they’re absorbing everything else about the situation- the sites, the emotions, the sounds. They look at every situation with an open mind, so they’ll most likely go a long with whatever you say.

((also look at mercury, moon, and rising))

Don’t Objectify Me!

Summery: Based on this Sinful Sunday Ask

Triggers: Smutty smut, Angry bucky, Dom(ish)!bucky (wasn’t my intention but it happened) Unprotected sex (Before you tap it, wrap it), Masturbation

Word Count: 1600+

A/N: I don’t wanna go to college tomorrow, also the inventor of coursework needs to fight me.


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‘Do you not fucking speak english?!’ You screamed over at Bucky. The two of you were meant to meet for dinner at one of your favourite restaurants after you had finished work. You booked a table there for 6, giving you enough time to get home and change before you got there.

‘Yes, I speak over 30 languages’ Bucky yelled back at you, taking off the gym clothes he wore to meet Steve earlier that day. According to your boyfriend you had said seven so he thought he could finish at the gym at 6;30 giving him half an hour to get ready. Only when he got home you sitting on the bed, all dressed up and fuming from having to wait for him.

‘Ok. I’ll say what I said to you yesterday is Spanish. Seis!’ your hair was pinned back and styled so you took it out, facing the mirror but you could still see his reflection.

‘You said seven!’ He was now taking off his hoodie and shirt. You were so mad at him but he looked so good.

‘I said six!’

‘No, you didn’t’

‘Why would I book a table at six then tell you seven? What, you think I want to spend quality time with my glass of fucking water’ you finally turned to look him in the eye, but he couldn’t look at you. For a second you weren’t sure if he was angry or upset. But then you heard the metallic whirring of his arm, it was very distinctive when he was angry 

‘I’m not doing this right now’ He turned away from you, his hands in the air. Then stormed off into the bathroom, slamming the door hard behind him.

‘Good. Fuck off then’

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