ismain-padilla  asked:

Hello sorry forma my questions but i km cunfused. I love so mich your art ¿You are disigner? ¿Your experience is for to much work and study? ¿You hace a tablet graphic? Thanks so much i hope you are so great and do what do you love?

I’m just a dude with a pencil (and a tablet). I’ve studied and practiced drawing for a many years and I want to draw professionally full-time someday. Thanks for being a fan!

anonymous asked:

Is that the new look for summer? They look very good! I hope you don't mind me asking but, what happened to the old disign? Did something happen? You don't hafta answer that it you don't want to... I hope you're doing okay!! I love your art and you are one of my favourite artists! ~from an anon who tries to be friendly and polite

yup, those are summer and winter’s new designs! (i made a ref for winter, i gotta make one for summer still pff). thank you very much tho, i’m glad you like her design! :D

as far as why winter and summer’s designs needed to be changed, there was a switch in the ownership of onasy back in november. i actually made a post about it, so if you want a lil more detail, you can head on over here!

and thank you polite anon! your words made me smile c:

Vriska has strings of broken gems hanging from the ceilings of her ship like bead curtains, Sollux’s ability to sense broken gems leaves him terrified as he’s being pulled around in the darkness of this crystalline hell. Perhaps what is more concerning is the monstrous combination of a mindless cluster of gems and a sapphire who has warped herself with the energy of the gem shards she’s fused with.

I finished it finally. this thing was hell to paint.