does anyone else associate school subjects with colors? like for me, english is orange, history is brown, literature is yellow, physics is blue, biology is green, chemistry is purple, math is either purple or blue depending on what kind of math it is, art is red, etc and then I tend to get school supplies for each subject in their disignated color

hitory-ayanee  asked:

How did you come up with the idea for the uniforms? Did it take you long to disign the uniform or not? Sorry for bad english btw

I designed the uniforms over time. I went with the most pragmatical approaches here to be honest. So it did take quite a while, since the uniforms developed with the setting and the technic


More from our bestst photos of kigurumis from different anime/manga/game/cartoon series and even movies ^^

Our Kigurumis are cute even from the back! They have oneofaking embroideries on the hoods and original disigns which are made especially for them and for your order! ^____^ They all are made to order products! ^^v

But we can do every one 2nd and 3rd time ^^

And also can make any of a character we havent sewed before! *w*

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I’m back okay

I’m back here for a year AND I WILL LEARN HOW TO DRAW YEAAAAH 

This is Liya. And this is funny story with her and Doremy. Yeah, about their disignes. First sketch with Liya disigne was before LOLC demo (end of april 2015 idk) and Doremy. And when I see it - oh, that was funny. But they’re friends and this friendzone is theme of maaaany jokes in my company. (Have I written this before? Don’t remember)

Also Liya was born in september, 2014, and most of my FCs live in very distant future. Anyway idk how long yokais can live but whatever