dishwashing gloves

Did you know that James Cameron was in the drawing scene in Titanic? Those are his hands doing the actual drawing. Yes, the tasteful PG-13 nude was by Mr. Avatar himself.

Mel Gibson also got his hands metaphorically dirty with an appearance in The Passion Of The Christ, when he decided that he should be the one driving the nails into Jesus’ crucified palms. His line for the scene, “Hands up, Jesus!” was left on the cutting room floor.

Ridley Scott is another director who sneakily got his frisky digits an IMDb credit, in this case in a scene in Alien. It was Scott’s hands creating the fluttery movement in the alien egg, right before John Hurt gets his face impregnated. And once you know that the effect was simply Sir Ridley making bird-shaped shadow puppets in a pair of dishwashing gloves, you’ll never unsee it.

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tafw your dishwashing gloves get a hole in them but you can’t take the feeling of slimy plates/wet food on your hands so you let the dishes pile up and that leads to a domino effect until your whole living space is filthy so you just try to disassociate yourself As Hard As You Can and tackle the dishes but it isn’t hard enough so you just break down and sit on the floor cause everything is filthy and you can’t do anything about it


Did I ever tell you guys that it took me well over a year of staring to figure out that in this drawing by minuiko Ernest was wearing Bucky gloves, and not dishwashing gloves? Like, it never even really registered for me that a superhero pulling on dishwashing gloves would be odd because this is Ernest West Wright we’re talking about. Never has a more domestic soul graced your screens.

Anyways, yeah that’s an embarrassing story that tells you way too much about me.