my father isn’t man of too many words. he isn’t given to grand overtures of sentiment, or overdone gestures and appeasements—a hagfish could be chewing on his hand, teeth sunk in deep, and you wouldn’t know, not unless he wanted you to. he’s good at bearing pain. but Mother’s death changed him, ripped him open. it changed us both. and we’ve never really recovered. i used to believe loss could be healed. that isn’t true. it’s only dulled.

Today marks the one year anniversary that Dishonored was released. Or in other words, it’s official first birthday.
Now I could seriously write a huge sappy story about what Dishonored means to me, but I will try to sum it up as briefly as possible. Dishonored not only was a remarkable, fantastic game that told a phenomenal story with well rounded characters, it also was a door opener for me so to speak. It opened up the door for me to meet a bunch of wonderful people here on Tumblr, people that I was able to connect to and befriend. In other words, Dishonored holds a very special place in my heart and is not just another video game title that I decided to pick up and play.

So thank you, Arkane! Thank you for making this game and sharing it with us. I know I am not the only one who has fallen in love with this universe full of amazing characters and fantastic places. So once again, thank you and happy birthday to Dishonored and the Dishonored fandom!