Low chaos Corvo. Hugging people to sleep. So assassin. Much deadly. Wow.

Corvo, put Windham and Darion down. Put them down now. CorvooO!

The world needs more games, where you can go around rough-housing/hugging people from behind instead of killing them.


Dishonored a wallpaper for your viewing pleasure.

High-res: Happy, Dunwallish. (you’ll need to zoom in to see the full size)

Flapjacked Loyalists coming next (might take a while to figure the designs out, though).

- - -

All I own is the effort put into dishonoring all the assets I used: flapjack wallpaper, Dunwall concept. Flapjack and Dishonored are not my property.

The glorious Outsider whale design belongs to: toastjern.


Pendleton’s drinking problem, there might be more than one reason for it.

Corvo is rescuing Dunwall from the plague in all ways possible. Eat them rats, Corvo, plenty of protein, mana too. Also pest control. Very pro-social.

I didn’t like Treavor at first, but now he is growing on me.

Corvo Attano has special eyes.

A little warm-up before more complicated stuff. I’m on sick leave till the end of the week, so more dishonorable fanart coming. Speaking of which, I need two victims for the next picture. So far I think it will be an Overseer and a Guardsman, but if the public wants someone else to suffer (from embarrassment, mind you, I’m low chaos for life), let me know. I will go open my ask box for that.


What if Daud got the power to summon Whalers, before he even recruited any…? XD That would explain where they got all those uniforms. XD

Sorry for sketchiness, it’s a quicky.


If you bathe in the canal before the Boyle party…

Not only are you dressed like that most wanted free hugs guy “assassin”, but you leave puddles of water, algae and the occasional hagfish in your wake. Also somebody signed the guest book as Corvo Attano, dripping muddy water all over the table. Now, who could THAT be?

Just another party at the Boyle mansion.

I enjoy imagining Samuel’s expression, when Corvo just drops off into the water casually, forgetting he is going to a party. Luckily they are in a video game.

Mute Corvo has to turn to puppy eyes once more. This time it’s less effective.Puppy eyes appears to be the man’s special talent judging from the wanted posters and concept art. Very useful for a mute assassin.

Apparently not so much when on a diplomatic mission to the other isles.

Inspired by these lovely Darion/Windham fics: fic 1, fic 2.

And THE SEXIEST VIDEO EVER (aka “100% Samuel”).

I would also like to thank you all for the lovely feedback! I treasure every word or syllable I get.And I check your tags and find them fascinating. Think of me as your private Outsider.


You think this fandom was Dishonored before I came around, think twice. Nothing is sacred.

I regret nothing. Sokolov should have drawn a portrait for him, when Pendleton asked him sober. Now Pendleton’s drinking problem is more than just Wallace’s problem. In fact alcoholism is spreading among the Loyalists at a frightening rate.


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I promised a long musical number and so I deliver: a Dishonored interpretation of “Dream a Little Harder” from Starkid’s Twisted - “Worship the Outsider”.

Before you read, please, I beg of you, acquaint yourselves with the song, so the lyrics and dialogues I parodied would not appear completely random. XD It is the first song in the musical, so you won’t spoil Twisted for yourselves.

You can also play the song and read along with it (mind the fact I changed some lyrics).

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My dishonorable Dishonored OTP: mute Corvo + Samuel. My headcanon is that Corvo is actually mute, because, come on, he says nothing throughout the game and wouldn’t it be cool (and occasionally hilarious) to imagine? If you have a hard time imagining it, I’m more than ready to help. ;D

I am new to this fandom, but I have many ships. Should be good for an island empire, no?

I will be posting further mute!Corvo adventures with Samuel and without tagging them with “dishonoreded”, so if you don’t want me spamming you with fanart for just the MOST AMAZING GAME OF 2012, feel free to put that into your tumblr savior.

Happy New Year, everyone?


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Heathen-Go-Lucky: Part 15

Wilbur Rowe, sir, you tease! It’s not nice. It makes noseless Overseers try to hide behind a cup of tea and it’s really not a very good hiding place.

When Wilbur and Sebastian met for the first time, the Overseer was a sneering snobbish unkempt zealot. As they toiled through the Plague together, slowly Renard grew to respect Rowe. And then the Plague ended and the mustache happened and Renard has been reduced to a swooning blushing awkward zealot. At least as long as Wilbur is around.

Wilbur Rowe belongs to luffik.

Overseer mask/hood idea outrageously stolen from heronscry. Such a good explanation of how their fabric masks work!

Next strip will be up by July 20. Some major canon characters will make an appearance. Thanks for reading and for waiting! :O


beguilingblackness said: well at some point I think you could illustrate that scene from Young Prince of Tyvia and Corvo’s or Daud’s reaction to it…

- - -

There goes Corvo’s reaction. I’m afraid I won’t draw Daud, cause that’d be like 30 frames of book-dropping and checking on which page it opens and then hunting down the Whaler who reads on the job (so obsessively too).

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

I’m sorry the Christmas Special is late, it will be here before New Year, I hope. In the meantime have some inexplicable Royal Christmas decorating.

The motif of Christmas in Dishonored fanart (considering Christianity doesn’t exist in the setting) always bugged me. Although I love the Christmasy art people draw. It’s just each time I see it a little voice in my head goes “HERESY HERESY HERESY”… oh, there he goes again…


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Now we’ve got Micino’s abridged backstory told, Overseer Renard’s introduction is coming next and boy will there be many panels, also MUSIC!

Tell me what you think of this, in tags if you like. You know I read your tags, you can’t hide from me. Btw much love to all the lovely people who wrote sweet things in tags on the previous comic and other posts.

Next part will be in two weeks sadly, because it will be huge.