dishonored: the tales from dunwall


Dishonored: Tales From Dunwall [2/4]


Dishonored: The Tales From Dunwall || Chapter 1 - The Awakening

“His name was Edmond Roseburrow, and Dunwall was his last hope. He had dedicated his life to knowledge and progress, but throughout the isles no one would listen. The Whale Yards were no place for a natural philosopher, but he had no where else to go. The poor and hungry gathered there hoping for a few scraps, and Roseburrow wondered if he would soon share their fate. But then he saw something. Something that made him realize his entire life’s work was a waste, and it brought a smile to his face. Roseburrow’s discovery breathed new life into Dunwall. It made him rich beyond his wildest dreams, but he never took his success for granted. So when young Anton Sokolov came to him with a radical new idea, he couldn’t help but give him a chance. Sokolov’s ideas ushered Dunwall to a new era of technology, but over time Roseburrow learned that sometimes progress comes too great a cost. It’s a funny thing, ambition. It can take one to sublime heights or harrowing depths, and sometimes they’re one and the same. Roseburrow learned that lesson all too well.”