dishonored squawks

And there we go, the Woolly bear caterpillar pokemon, Woolarc, and its evos -v-

So much blue and orange rip

Woolarc are about 5" long and would rather do nothing but chill on your shoulder while nomming on a snack. Their soft fur also have flexible spines mixed in for self defense, so don’t mindlessly start petting them or you’ll certainly be in for a surprise.

Are Pyrrcoons named for their massive fur clump or their habit of squeaking and purring or both? Who a know. They’re very sedentary, which also makes them pretty heavy for their size, which is roughly a square foot of bristly fur. Their antennae help it detect weather and temperature accurately, which makes it a favorite among meteorologists.

Isbelloths are quick and zippy. Finally free to fly around, they’re energetic and really tough to handle. They can use their wings to blow chilling gusts in addition to using them to shed ice scales that pellet foes like hail. But at the end of the day, they like nothing more than to snuggle up on a tree (or their trainer) and sleep. Isbelloths have a 3ft wingspan.

Not entirely happy with the result but whatever I’m done messing with it

Ethan ‘Wedgetail Eagle’ Adler

Wedgy tries to look and act tough, but he’s nothing more than a vain neatfreak with a lot of opinions. He does, however, look up to his older brother and has always tried to emulate him. The tattoo and his fashion sense were the results of such emulation. The one habit he cannot tolerate is smoking, and he makes a frequent habit of putting out other people’s smokes without warning.

I’m putting him in the prey base because he would probably get himself killed otherwise.

So yeah…I hope this is okay….waah ;v;

I tried to emulate the digistyle and idk if it worked or not. But yeah Ricky and Lunabimon. Ricky is the youngest in the group at 10 years old woop way to go you punk ass little shit.

I gave up shading cuz it’s too hot in here and I’m getting a headache

I’ll draw the many stages of Lunabimon tomorrow or something

Her stages are: Calmomon > Lunabimon > Yukeshimon > Celestimon > ShineCelestimon > Elysiamon