dishonored fan character

Trying to get the hang of drawing Emily, because’s she’s the most My Type character I’ve ever freakin seen

I love her. I love Dishonored

I just beat it 100% nonlethal and now I’m going back for some BLOODSHED. Gotta say, there’s something extra hot about Emily in Murder Mode. Her inner monologue is vicious.

I’ll draw Delilah and the Outsider eventually, because I love them too. 


Commissions are officially open! Reblogs appreciated!

Will Do: Gore, nsfw (ask me about specifics!), furries/fursonas, ocs, fan characters, characters from existing works.

Won’t Do: Mecha, hate art, complex backgrounds, certain kinks (mostly the obvious gross stuff like pedophilia and scat).

  Extra characters/creatures are +70% of the original price! (+35% if the character/creature is simple: i.e. Kirby, ditto, Hello Kitty, anything that looks it could be made of shapes with no detailed hands/feet/features.)

  -20% off for art with the following themes/subjects:

  • Dishonored/Dishonored 2 (game)
  • Bloodborne
  • Deer
  • Whales
  • Bulbasaur

Examples of where you would get the discount or where you wouldn’t under the cut.

 If you’re interested in a commission send me an email at or message me on here via chat!

  • Visual references only please! 
  • Mention what you would like when you contact me: i.e. if you would like a certain pose or emotion/mood.
  • Payments via paypal! Let me know what your paypal address is so I can send you an invoice! 
  • Payment required before I start drawing!
  • I will send you work in progress pictures if you decide to get something more complex than a sketch!
  • It may take me anywhere from a week to months to complete a commission depending on the subject and complexity!
  • No refunds unless I cannot complete the piece!
  • If you need the piece completed by a certain date please let me know when you first message me!

More examples of my artwork can be found throughout this blog!!

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ehehehe more silly dishonored oc doodles

one day ill actually do a decent ref sheet for them or something maybe

so heres my big, grouchy, scruffy looking overseer Warren Delaney

Fun facts about Warren!
-Hails from Morley
-Very adept with a sword. He spends time practicing when stressed (which is often)
-He’s farsighted, but hates to wear reading glasses because he thinks they look silly (or hes wearing his overseer mask) and hes surprisingly self conscious about certain things, so reading fine print usually involves a lot of squinting and cursing.
-He has a hound named Fortuna and he loves her more than anything.
-while he’s a true believer in the strictures, he has little faith in the Abbey and its leaders
-His attitude toward life fluctuates between wanting to not care and do as he pleases, to beating himself up for compromising his own moral standards. (hence the grouchy attitude)
-He frequently comes of as sounding like a self-righteous dick.
-Takes himself too seriously


I am absolutely in love with Dishonored + all its DLCs. When I saw Cry was playing it I wanted to make something to mark the occasion…So here’s my attempt at fan art/possible thumbnail art!

Have fun with your newfound powers, cry o__o)♥ and know that I will be watching with great interest. ●__●)


Let me introduce you to Micino Marzo (I apologize in advance to any Italian-speaking viewers or fans of google translate), a young Serkonan man, who came to Dunwall after the events of Dishonored (low chaos happy ending).


Heathen-Go-Lucky” is a fan comic for Dishonored, featuring a cast of fan characters and game characters, centering on the misadventures of Micino and his nemesis Overseer Renard (thanks to aliquid-de-magis for telling me about that surname; also thanks to mishas-bby and beguilingblackness for their surname suggestions).

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yeahhh more of my ridiculous dishonored ocs 

seeing as i did some doodles and fun facts about Warren… i figured i would do some for Addy

so fun facts about Addy!

-Hails from Gristol, good ole’ Dunwall infact
-Has never actually been outside of Dunwall (and is a little bitter about that)
-She is a scavenger and a theif, selling her finds as well as her talents for breaking and entering to anyone who will pay.
-She has sold goods or done work for just about every gang in town, though most frequently for the Bottlestreet gang.
-She also works part time as a waitress at a pub, in exchange for living space in the attic.
-Her mother was from Serkonos, her father from Gristol, and she had two older brothers. All of which are now dead.
-She is practically illiterate, but better with numbers (its in her best interest to be good with money). What she lacks in classic knowledge, she makes up for in street smarts and an intricate knowledge of the city itself
-She is quite the chatter box, having a comment for everything, and generally maintaining a nonchalant and cool-headed attitude 
-Thanks to her brothers, she knows how to throw a punch