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  • Bioware: How will we deal with the players' decisions in the next installment? How can we respect their choices without descending into an endless number of permutations we can't feasibly program, or making the lore prohibitive to new players? What if the Warden did the ritual? How do we make that important without cutting off players who didn't? If a Shepard falls in the forest and no one is around to hear, does -
  • Bethesda: I recognize the player has made a decision, but given it's a stupid-ass decision, I have elected to ignore it.

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• resident evil
• fallout
• dragon age
• bioshock
• mass effect
• dishonored
• assassin’s creed
• until dawn
• life is strange
• telltale games (the walking dead game, tales from the borderlands, the wolf among us, etc.)
• silent hill
• really just games in general

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Beyond: Two Souls

Bioshock Infinite


Dragon Age

Horizon Zero Dawn

Life Is Strange



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so in case you didn’t know

Alexandria Hypatia in the game Dishonored 2

is named after Hypatia of Alexandria

a greek scientist/mathematician and lived around 350-415

she was the head of the neoplatonic school in Alexandria where she taught astronomy and philosophy

since she wasn’t part of the Christian majority and taught non-Christian philosophy she was assumably murdered by Christian zealots after she was said to be part of a conflict between the govenor and bishop of Alexandria (which she wasn’t)