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You once told me Billie Lurk was your finest pupil. Fast and strong, with a sharp mind, it’s no accident she was the only woman you ever trained.

First was Noble/Peasant AU

Next we have: Online Relationship (I’m sorry, okay? I work on these things in the wee hours of the morning when I get slap-happy. And it kept growing. They’re college-ish fanboys? Regular timeline otherwise. Props to redsector-a for Clint’s pick up line!)

seven_007 has signed on.

shot_thru_the_<3: iron man v. cap

seven_007: What?

shot_thru_the_<3: dont u what me. u know the drill. make ur case.

seven_007: Who the hell is Iron Man?

shot_thru_the_<3: dude! have u not been watching the news? *shakes head in shame*

seven_007: The guy in the suit of armor?

shot_thru_the_<3: the FLYING suit of armor.

shot_thru_the_<3: and srsly man, its fucking tony stark, dude. how awesome is that? another real deal superhero

seven_007: Flight capabilities aren’t going to give him much of an advantage in a fight against Cap.

shot_thru_the_<3: ofc ur on cap’s side

seven_007: Wasn’t that the whole reason you posed the question in the first place?

shot_thru_the_<3: maybe :P

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