Good to see rationality and logic rising up and winning again against tumblr tyranny and the usual childish high school level dramatic bullies pretending to speak for the Dishonored fandom, folks, I appreciate your kind messages of agreement and understanding. Until the next case of their childishness pops up, I’m going back to normal blogging.

Just a reminder: the “Dishonored 2 poll, Emily or Corvo first?” is still ongoing! 

I will collect the results in four days, so there’s still plenty of time left to contribute! 

There are 2,312 of you, and at the time of writing, only 180 responses =( It would be really really cool if everyone replied =) I will attempt to answer everyone who writes a comment or reply, in the results post!

Also, how is the schedule for posts for this blog? It’s currently set to two post a day with five hours in between, how does this work for everyone, is it okay? Would anyone like posts earlier, or perhaps later in the day? (I am aware that you are all scattered across different time zones!)

Emily: y’all you’re so fucking rich. Why? How??

Daud: I’m gonna be really real with you for a second.

Daud: I completed the “enough to Disappear” achievement on my Brigmore Witches playthrough.



Emily: respect